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  1. Contract: To Ludicrous Speed! Agent: S.A.D. (Spaceballs aerospace division) Task:Escape the sun.
  2. I don't see how it flipping front ways first is a problem, considering your COM was pretty close to the top. You essentially threw a shuttlecock from orbit, it is always going to go that way since COM is a lot further from your wanted forward facing surface. Along with that, don't sound demanding, the developing team puts loads of time and effort into the game, and hell, they've already done absolute buttloads to get the game where it is now. If you have a real problem, get FAR.
  3. I am assuming the game would either crash or calculations would go haywire because orbits are plotted based on "Where will this be at this time?"
  4. Learn from this: As you get farther out or inwards, you will require more and more fuel for braking relative to the planet. In the case of Jool, you save a lot of delta-v aerobraking into an orbit. It's the reason why beginners are not advised to go to Moho or Eeloo first, it's a long braking burn, and very costly too because you don't have an atmosphere to slow down with. Your most efficient bet is to first fix your inclination on a mid-course correction burn by burning Normal or Anti-Normal, and then lower your planet's apoapsis from there using the radials and or pro/retro markers.
  5. It may be that your rover chassis is made of cubic octagonal struts. It could be falling to the wrath of inaccurate floating point calculations because of the bugginess of those objects with physicssignificance=1 (massless).
  6. Put them on a very low kerbol orbit (sun) at about 500km down with lots of radiators.
  7. I don't see what the issue is. I just use a 27 stage ARM asparagus lifter to get off the moon.
  8. 34 m/s will not let the ports attach, you need less than 1 m/s to dock i think. If anything, impact tolerance is lower than 34, so it will still destroy stuff. And if you did manage to hook it, your momentum would change your velocity enough to bring the station out of orbit.
  9. Send them to the very edges of control by the sun in a polar orbit. Leave them there, cold, no solar power, and drifting slowly around the sun
  10. Im kind of arguing to myself between a use for space stations and better aerodynamics.
  11. Those steps include: How did you find out? What did you do when you first downloaded the game? I found out about it through Markiplier's Crashey McSplodey, I watched all he had on the game and moved to the insane rockets division, which quickly got boring, so I then decided to download the game and see what I could do. Naturally, I didn't know what the hell I was doing, so I quickly watched tutorials by, of course, Scott Manley through a quick Youtube search. I remember trying to go to Minmus just by placing my apoapsis at it with no inclination changes or A/D nodes, and orbiting for a year with no encounter. And then my mind exploded with awesome ideas for rockets. Scott Manley then started the IQ series, and I searched the mods he used, and downloaded most of them, and then some more. Now I still use those mods because they are awesome.
  12. What would you do? I would secretly populate the airfield a few kilos out of the runway.
  13. I also have an issue where the shrouding doesn't come off. It works though.
  14. I burn and place my periapsis on a level of the target planet I orbit around a couple of years until I get a close distance points after some plane corrections. I then adjust my orbit to encounter when the nodes are close.