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  1. changing speed has helped out loads with my node planing . Isnt a major problem really.. just alittle annoying
  2. Hi all. Ive noticed that sometimes when i play my ap and pe will bounce wildly. Just wondering why as im useing the same ship every time i fly, yet it only happens some times
  3. yeah i did the math shortly after posting lol. The acceleration i managed to get was really good though. I way make an ultra light electric glider thing and see what speeds i can hit and experiment alittle. Im really not keen on the maths side of things , so im just gonna dive in . Im presuming if i hit the atmo at a certain angle i should beable to catapalt a tiny ship at and stupidly high speed.... the point being none... but its gonna be fun comeing up with a design for a light glider
  4. False alarm. Some weird glitch happened and after i terminated the flight in space centre, bill returned like nothing had happened. My next mission is to go back to jool and set up a refueling depot on one of the moons and send in a few of my micro probes to gather data... maybe once i find out the exact height things go crazy, il send a manned mission low above jool and get some eva and crew reports. I dont know much about gas giants and stuff, so will read up and see how much research i can squeeze outta jool.
  5. on my most recent venture i headed towards moho... This was a tough one.. tougher then i thought it would be. I messed up and had to slingshot around the sun to correct myself and at one point i was low enough to be registered as flying on the surface of the sun. To be honest i was worried id worried id burn up lol. but all was good. I noticed the lower i got the greater my speed was.... it was rocketing up once i went below 10k .... just wondering how low others had got to the sun and also how much speed you managed to boost out of it with? Im tempted to try useing this method to slingshot a heavy as hell science outpost to eeloo without dragging it there in parts lol
  6. Earlier today i learnt the hard way that jool is a planet you cannot land on, but i did get some good science points from the trip and managed to get in to about 3000m from the surface , then back out and return to kerbal. My queston is, has anyone else managed to actually land on jool? or should i just land on one of the moons on my second journey?.. I want to set up a base of sorts to explore the area better.. and someplace to refuel my ship for return to kerbal. I do have a refueling tank in orbit around jool, but have built a mobile refueler to refuel on land, so a nice flat moon would be good if not jool lol Thanks in advance for help n advice
  7. Hi guys n girls. My names vince and im from uk. Ive been playing kerbal a while now, but came on forum looking for info and figured id register. Found the info i wanted , so all good lol. Im playing career mode at mo and just spent hours building, testing and perfecting a low tech rocket to get to planets further out then minmus and mun, Eventually managed to get out there, orbited jool, took some readings and then went to land on jool. All going smoothly till around 1250m , then the pressure pops most my ship like a grape and my remaining command pod is shot out into space at around 6 times the speed of light lol... what a waste of a day and a seasoned kerbal..... RIP Bill
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