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  1. I had troubles getting the original to work post Kopernicus 0.3ish, and the original completely borks 0.5. Nice to have these floating around again, so have all the thank yous!!!!
  2. Ya, this mods cfg files error out with MM and the new EVE release. I like all the clouds so I'm sticking with EVE 7-4 for now LOL. It'll almost be a shame when this gets updated tho, since I don't know if anyone will make duna dust storms a thing again, since it was sort of a one off from what I can gather. 1st world problems, eh?
  3. Ha! I did not know that! You would have to use "steam -applaunch 220200" for windows to launch the game. Translating the sh file to a windows bat or cmd should be fairly simple
  4. 1 - I don't know if this would also be possible in OSX, but depending on how it handles shortcuts/symlinks it should be possible. AFAIK, impossible on windows. 2 - This is more for people who use steam. Sure you can have multiple installs on steam, but then only 1 can use the steam overlay, add to your hours played amount, etc. All I can think is that this might save a minuscule amount of space for non steam people, or maybe be a little more organized? OK, now that that's out of the way, what am I talking about here? I'm talking about using symlinks in linux to have different GameData folders
  5. Edit: nvm, removing remotetech doesn't remove the error from happening.
  6. It's definitely something in the kerbolplus folder that kopernicus doesn't like. I now have a successful install of Trans-K, OPM+Sigma and K+, with everything from the latest zips, using K+'s Kopernicus system.cfg and dll, but using the KerbolPlus folder from the 2.0.5 zip. - - - Updated - - - Just found the problem. Line 53225 of output_log. Exception: "Ganag-Kal" not found. at Kopernicus.Configuration.Loader.Generate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Kopernicus.Injector.Awake () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 UnityEngine.GameObject:Internal_AddComponentWithType(T
  7. I have the same problem. The Kopernicus config loader throws an exception at startup, and I get no planets with the latest Trans-Keptunian and OPM+Sigma. 2.0.5 works fine. In both cases I'm using OPM's Kopernicus system.cfg and dll. Logs: https://www./folder/b4u546vdp761b/Kerbol_Plus_Logs EDIT: hope this helps. I love this mod! EDIT: There is also 1 less MM patch when I switch back to 2.0.5. MOAR EDITS: It also seems Calad is no longer in the latest build?
  8. Super excited that this has been updated for stock!
  9. Not really. I believe the mk2 and 3 parts are mass balanced for fuel. If an lfo tank has 10 tonnes of fuel, the equivalent lf only tank has 10 tonnes of lf in it. And it's not like the intake/lf stuff that have the excuse of having part of their volume taken up by intake equipment.
  10. This works in 1.0.2 but does kill the roids orbiting dres. It's a hard decision between roids with difficult orbits and the dresteroids
  11. Personally, i use tweakable everything, so i love the stuff that stockplus adds the number of fairing splits is my fave right now! It just makes the fairing separation look better
  12. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I realized after watching Scott's vid on the LV-N that the mk1 liquid fuel only tank is WAY underfilled. 150 LF in the same space as 180LF/220OX? Looking at the mk2 parts, the LF only tank has 400LF and the LF/OX has the same 180LF/220OX as the mk1 half tank. Easy MM fix, and it makes the tank actually weigh around the same as the LF/OX one, much like the mk2 parts, which also makes me think this is somewhat of a stock "forgot to carry the 1" type thing... @PART[MK1Fuselage]:FIRST { @RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] { @amount = 400 @maxAmount = 400 } }
  13. Yes, both part are on those probes, and I stumbled upon why I had data from kerbin: I activated the narrow band on that sat, but not the others. I didn't even realize I'd activated the narrow on the kerbin one :/ Crazy bug for sure, but the basic "workaround" is activating the narrow band. Also realized I need the MKS orbital camera (MKS_Antenna part) to zoom in on the other resources, so I tested out the survey scanner with the MKS part. The MM patch for the MKS part doesn't kill the survey's ability to scan those other resources. Active module vs. not?
  14. LOL, sorry for not including that detail There is no Ore % readout on the big map, except for kerbin. Here's the persistent.sfs file. It's far from stock, but maybe it'll help? http://www./download/kj89t6kb5knnp5f/persistent.sfs
  15. Basically, I send up a probe with the stock folding dish scanner at at altitude of 250km, polar orbit, hit start resource scan. Every resource EXCEPT ore shows up. I've got insta scan and biome lock turned OFF. Now, without changing those options, I click perform orbital survey and all the stock overlay and everything shows up for all resources, INCLUDING ore. This is for the Mun and Minmus so far. Kerbin scans fine, which is really weird IMO. I really don't know how to make it clearer? I do have CRP and MKS/OKS installed. Here's an output_log from my latest KSP run: http://www./view/in2zflen
  16. So, I have CRP, MKS/OKS installed, and the stock scanner (NOT the narrow band one) just has 1 resource scan toggle, but it will not show up Ore except on kerbin. I have instascan disabled, but if I "perform orbital survey" it shows up the stock overlay for everything, Ore included. In the VAB/SPH tooltip it has resource as "DefinedResources" or something. ???
  17. It's a small spaceplane. It uses the mk2 cockpit and it's only about 5 cockpits in length, 4 engines wide + the new large delta wings. It has dual vertical tail fins and canards on the front. It's also strutted and has 0 wobble. The whole plane oscillates as one piece without bending
  18. Dynamic Deflection helps, but the pitch oscillates WAY too much that the plane can't keep it's pitch heading at all. I literally have to constantly tap s to keep it going, but then when I hit a certain speed the oscillation blows the plane to bits I think the major problem is that pitch oscillates into the pitch-down range so the nose just keeps dropping. Changing the deflection only decreases the rate of nosing down, and I need it to just not be doing that. Pilot Assistant just causes a major kracken attack....
  19. So, as someone who installed this so I can use Trajectories, and basically not use MechJeb cus it doubles up way to much on what other mods do, what can I do to keep my SAS from freaking out? Like, pitch wobbles from min to max, even with fine controls. Is this a bug, or am I just totally doing it wrong and should just go back to MJ (I don't hate it, just hate its ui mostly....)?
  20. The code does not figure jets taking from all tanks btw. There is 56k dV in this plane, but for some reason it comes up as 1K which is whatever fuel the pylons have. If I add fuel lines it figures it right. https://www./folder/mpl69q8a544zi/KER_Fuel_Routing
  21. Just an FYI, but the MM patch you use to increase the huge remotetech dish's range needs to be :AFTER[RemoteTech], not RemoteTech2. I guess somewhere along the line they changed the dll and/or folder names or something.
  22. I'm trying to create an MM patch to make all dish antennas into omnis just so I don't have to edit all the cfgs LOL: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna]:HAS[#Mode0DishRange[*],#Mode1DishRange[*]]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna] { @Mode0OmniRange = #$Mode0DishRange$ @Mode1OmniRange = #$Mode1DishRange$ !Mode0DishRange = delete !Mode1DishRange = delete } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna]:HAS[~Mode0DishRange[],#Mode1DishRange[*]]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna] { @Mode0OmniRange = 0 @Mode1OmniRange = #$Mode1DishRange$ !Mode1DishRange = delete } } It edits the righ
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