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  1. Cool, so anything that not the default setting file is considered an override/change! How does the system handle multiple sets of changes? EDIT: I also assume you don't need to override everything. So if I just wanted to add another ground station, the file I would create could just contain a RemoteTechSettings and GroundStations/STATION node? Would this kill the default KSC station?
  2. Silly question, but is it possible to change rt settings values via module manager?
  3. I absolutely enjoy this expansion to opm! The binary planets alone are worth the price of admission never mind the polar orbits change o_O Variety is never a bad thing when it comes to ksp!
  4. Uh. Yes? If you check infinite eva fuel in the f12 cheat menu rt ignores planets being in the way when calculating signal path. I'm just wondering if there is a persistant rt settings option to enable this.
  5. Out of curiosity, is there a settings item for enabling the "infinite EVA fuel" debug-like mode without checking that option under cheats?
  6. I did not know that. :/ I'll edit it out I guess.
  7. If I was actually paying attention LOL thanks Just out of curiosity, when it comes to cloning and creating parts with MM, is there a preferred place to put them in the chain of things. I'd assume FINAL, especially when cloning, but maybe FIRST for simple model reuse to prevent excessive patching?
  8. I'm having some problems. I essentially want to create 3 new batteries that use probe core models due to lazyness: +PART[probeStackSmall]:AFTER[PROBELIFESPAN] { @name = bkupCompStackSmall !CrewCapacity = unneeded !vesselType = unneeded @category = Utility @title = Backup Computer, Small Stackable @description = A small, yet stackable, backup computer for probes. Requires connection to a main terminal to function. Essentially extends the life of probes. !MODULE[*] {} !RESOURCE[*] {} RESOURCE { name = LifeSpan amount = 250 maxAmount = 250 } } Unfortunately there are 2 problems I've encountered: the new "batteries" seem to keep their SAS modules, and the patch that I have to apply mechjeb to all unmanned probes also gets applied to them. I've tried using :FINAL, and even splitting the module and resource section from the rest of the +PART into its own @PART[]:FINAL, but it doesn't solve problem a, and actually make it so that the patch I have to apply 1000 lifespan resource to all unmanned probes gets applied so the lifespan hold I add above becomes 1000 in size.
  9. Ouch. Don't leave me hangin' here man!
  10. I've usually considered remote tech as the way of not making probes op when using tac. Just wondering if you maybe had some more "kerbal" ideas about limiting probe use. Like maybe a simple needing of x antennas to use the probe out so far, or some kind of resource like machinery that gives probes a lifespan that's expandable (but not super renewable) and sorta like this ls mod is for kerbals?
  11. Man, this is like the 3rd revision of this post before I actually hit "post" I've poked around a little into the cfgs of this mod, and as nice as it would be to have Ore get expanded on to the point where you have 1 base you get multiple things out of (like Karbonite), I'm kindof digging (pun intended) having multiple resources for different thing. Ore gets you fuel, MetalOre gets you ships. I haven't actually sunk my teeth into this much practically yet, but do ships spawn with fuel? Can they spawn w/o fuel? It would add another facet to Ore>Fuel.... (EDIT: or even rocket parts requiring Ore to make, beyond the "use Ore to smelt" idea you posted earlier) In any case, a big thank you for this mod
  12. Is it possible to change this a little so it uses just the stock Ore. So you would use the stock ISRU to make fuel from ore, and this mod to make rocket parts?
  13. I haven't looked into it too hard, but since OPM no longer uses kittopia, I think some rearranging of files and config changes are needed to include this in 1.7 of OPM. I miss pluron/khato Look forward to a new release
  14. I was gonna add MJ to all command pods for convenience via MM, then I noticed the "MechJebAR202" and "MechJebPod" modules in the part.cfg's.... what are they for, and can I add MJ to all command pods?
  15. Is it bad that I lost track of what stuff I put into orbit for testing? I'll try to do more accurate stuff tomorrow, but it seemed weird that the stock surface thing for discovering the specific ore amount on the ground allowed me to see info on the zoom map. Does the narrow band allow you to see resources on the zoom map even if the active vessel doesn't have it equiped?
  16. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Saw "inactive" in the cfg, but never put 2 and 2 together. Makes sense now LOL. Is there any difference in functionality between the hexagonal narrow band scanner and the surface scanner? Both seem to allow zoomed resource viewing for a given area. Both seem to work on surface and orbit. Maybe change it so the hex one allows zoom view above 70km, and the surface ore scanner below that? EDIT: Oh, and what does the "lock resources to biome", or whatever it's called, do?
  17. So how does the vanilla narrow band scanner work? Put it into a 110km orbit, hit start scan, and nothing. Insta scan is off. Do I need to do a biome scan first?
  18. I removed and replaced the radial chutes on my SSTO that was doing the same thing going out and back into the atmo (when I finally got it to not crash before getting out of the atmo) I've had 2 OOM crashes (from mods, oh well) but I did get the thing there and back fine without lockup (KSP.exe has stopped working) crashes. The base of the SSTO was built in 1.0.0, so maybe some chutes from previous versions don't like the atmo/part changes in 1.0.1&2?
  19. To make the textures not black, ever, go to MagicSmokeIndustries.cfg under GameData\ActiveTextureManagement\ActiveTextureManagerConfigs and change enabled to false, then delete the MagicSmokeIndustries folder in the GameData\ActiveTextureManagement\textureCache folder. EDIT: or not? :/
  20. Got your PM, and just wanted to let you know I downloaded the whole bundle Loving everything about it, especially the inclination of Pluron/Khato The tilted Urlum is pretty sweet too
  21. the current version works for me in 1.0
  22. About the height issues, this was posted in the TR thread: Tried turning slate's height and maps rightside up in GIMP, but then the mod wouldn't load. Reverted them to what came in the zip, and it was fine. I foolishly didn't clear ATMs cache after flipping them tho, and I don't have time tonight for further testing. I'm literally doing this out of curiosity btw, so don't feel like I'm impatient, just relaying stuff I'm trying
  23. Wait, is there anything this can do that KAS can't? I thought this was just a redo of the container side of KAS.....