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  1. Here's some shots with the converted to png: Better than before, which I find interesting. Like I said, looking forward to the update
  2. Look forward to 1.7 then I did convert the height dds to PNG and it seemed to render something better. I'll post screens when I get back to my computer....
  3. Even with the DDSLoader included in this mod, and after clearing out ATM's cache (or even without ATM) I get this: It doesn't happen with Pluron/Khato from sigma. Logs: https://www./folder/www9p3ggqwki4/Slate_Logs
  4. I just added .*/MagicSmokeIndustries/Parts/.* { compress = false mipmaps = false scale = 1 max_size = 0 compress_normals = false mipmaps_normals = false make_not_readable = false } to my ATM config under OVERRIDES, cleared the cache, and it seems to have worked for me.
  5. Is DDSLoader still required? I thought it was stock now... I get a bunch of texture load errors on startup: Load(Texture): OPM/KopernicusConfigs/SarnusMoons/Textures/Ovok_map (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 56) Texture load error in 'C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\OPM\KopernicusConfigs\SarnusMoons\Textures\' EDIT: Reinstalled this and now I get the planets, both with and without DDSLoader. I still get load errors on the height map loading though, and hyperediting out to orbit slate, the planet changes from what it's supposed to look like to I don't know what depending on how zoomed in/out I am. EDIT 2: It seems as the loading errors are limited to the *_height.dss files. The ones from sigma's load fine, and zooming doesn't affect how the surface looks (too much). Slate for example goes from its quite varied look to just grey semi-mountainous terrain. None of the mountains or craters seen when zoomed out match anything when zoomed in.
  6. SSTOs will probably be out, if my previous experiments with cupcakes ships and NEAR/FAR were any indication "Mothership" style launch system?
  7. Another thanks for the update I have become so dependent on this for transfers LOL
  8. Well, if this worked with NEAR/FAR this mod should still work similarly in stock after some tweaks to it.
  9. It seems as if the overhaul as of 16hrs ago, x86 release, has created ghost kerbin: On a side note, its nice to see the atmo coloring behind the mountains: Relavent log files from quick run>check tracking station>screenshots run through things: https://www./folder/xgvp2bien3rd2/EVE_Overhaul_Logs_Apr_27_2015
  10. Can also confirm ksp loads and runs in 1.0 Here's hoping for some major work on the overhaul, which looks amazing, but only has clouds on kerbin last time I checked
  11. Noticed it's been almost a couple of months since the last post here. How is this going? From the post above it seems as if the horizon drawing ahead of the mountains is no longer a thing. Less nullrefs than the 7-4 EVE? Plans for post 1.0 KSP release? I guess I could just try this out LOL....
  12. All the parts are back! Thanks again, looking forward to making some stuff that moves
  13. Ah, the ol' kspapiextensions thing. It's been some time since I've had to read a ksp log that I must have breezed by it. It doesn't help that EVE null refs like a mofo :/ I remember it being the cause of many weird things a while back when I had multiple mods that used it. I think parts "disappearing" was one sign of multiple versions or it not being up to date. I'll have to try it the next time I'm at my comp later tho. Thanks for looking into it tho I really dig the work that's been put into this!
  14. EVE has created null refs for a few versions of KSP now..... either way, I remove MSI and my parts are back... Logs from booting w/o MSI: https://www./folder/9pv37nz13ov91/Logs%2C_sans_IR
  15. When I install even just the basic plugin and legacy parts from the download in the OP, all my other parts disappear from the editor, except KIS/KAS, KER, and the Dr.Pepper fuel tank from DasValdez. Logs: https://www./folder/u9427ap71qatd/IR_part_killer_logs All I have do to reproduce is copy the MSI folder from the into my KSP GameData folder.
  16. Does this mod know the system date? The only reason I ask is that nyancat is appearing in my 32 bit loading screen.
  17. Well, right now I'm bingeing on elite dangerous, so i can't really say much LOL. But there are quite a few newbie/casual friendly corps in the game. I tend towords solo mission/exploration content myself though. Obvs there's still the 15$/month, but the great thing now is the skill queue beyond 24 hours. Right now I'm working towords a major upgrade of exploration setup that's literally just sitting in the hanger right now cus i can't actually fly it. So basically I'm taking somewhat of an oppertunity to play other games till that ship is a thing i can do. Either way, I'm sure that when dmp gets stable or the official mp is a thing this mod will be an awesome thing to play
  18. One question I have: how did you do the flashing lights? Or was it just as simple as mashing an action group?
  19. You can also just use -force-opengl. My @ loading screen usage is 1.5GB and I've yet to have an OOM crash. No ATM, full res graphics, and my gamedata folder looks like:. 000_Toolbar ActionGroupManager AmbientLightAdjustment B9_Aerospace BoulderCo Chatterer CollisionFX CrossFeedEnabler CustomAsteroids DDSLoader Diazo DistantObject EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements Firespitter img_viewer IonEngineSounds Jack_O_Lantern JSI KAS KerbalEngineer Kerbaltek KineTechAnimation Klockheed_Martian_Gimbal KronalUtils KSA KWRocketry NASAmission NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicator NavHud Nereid NMB notes parameciumkid PreciseNode Protractor RCSBuildAid RcsSounds Regolith RemoteTech ResGen Romfarer SCANsat SH_mods SmokeScreen Squad TacFuelBalancer TextureReplacer ToadicusTools Trajectories TriggerTech TweakableEverything UmbraSpaceIndustries Virgin Kalactic WheelSounds WorldCup2014 Startup output_log.txt and KSP.log for reference: http://www./folder/zqqsjhabkc9c0
  20. Yep. Totally broken. Would be nice to have if it's not too much trouble
  21. Another idea for the flight comp would be to limit it based on what probe cores you have unlocked in the tech tree. So basically as you unlock stuff things like the stayputnik get "software patches".
  22. Try starting with a mk2 fuel tank then adding stuff symmetrically to both ends. It clumps stuff on one end. The only non octo strut workaround I've found is starting with a pod and switching root parts to get the symmetry needed.
  23. Right now it's something like "Amphib 1-5" or something ambiguous......... Any ideas? I really suck at really creative naming. I think my first orbital capable craft was the "orbito". Things like VTOLCore are about my limit......