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  1. I can't remember if I've thanked you for this mod, so thank you for this mod It's made my latest tour of Jool and its moons way less frustrating when aero braking!
  2. I'm also sorry to hear the series is dead For what it's worth I really do think it's a cool idea! The real bummer is that the save I recorded mine from got corrupted pretty bad and in my frustration I deleted the whole save folder then emptied the recycle bin >_< So, I can't even complete the mission anymore
  3. Well, other than the "can't go to space center from flight" bug that I've had come up in a stock install, quickloading seems to work again even across soi changes. Must have been one of the above (biome, viewer, kerbinside), or maybe rss that I had in there from better atmo? I do think the disappearing ksc is clouds tho, as I only remember it cropping up when I have it installed. Also, the logs from El Kracken are finally up in the folder I linked!
  4. I don't know why it's taking so long to upload the output_log but ksp.log is up. Just reinstalled EVERYTHING except custom biome, vessel viewer, kerbinside and reverted to using the default environmental enhancements 7-4 only adding in dust storms. No texture management and it starts with 2.9gb usage. Gonna test out stuff, wish me luck
  5. Well. I removed kerbinside because I noticed it was only throwing errors during the last quickload I did the last time, and now it's worse. Like 4% throttle on a 1.81 max twr = zoom worse. I don't even know where to go from here. Stock and reinstall engineer maybe? Sigh. Here's the logs from this last cluster: http://www./folder/dzpaxjt4bwi33 Edit: the logs are uploaded now
  6. Uhg. That direct3d bug is probably just my gfx card being stupid. Every so often ksp, and other games will freeze, I get audio static, screen goes black for a second and then comes back. It's been like that forever it seems. I've done a clean reinstall of drivers more than once. I always have the latest driver installed, usually beta :/ Did you notice any particular differences in errors/nullrefs between different quickloads?
  7. Here's the mem use at startup and when the ship disappears: It seems that the ship doesn't render on quickload after changing SOIs. I've only tested QS/QL @ kerbin (works) and QS/QL @ mun after crossing the SOI (ship doesn't show up). Gonna test QS/QL @ mun after returning to the space center first. EDIT: Just rebooted the game, tracking station, flew the ship around the mun, QS/QL works fine. Switched, in map screen, to a ship around kerbin. QS/QL worked. Switched back to mun ship from the map screen: No ship. I did not return to the KSC during any of that, but when I did after, it was there, just unresponsive other than the esc menu. Logs from this edits run thru: http://www./folder/4i3ii6z1q5i37
  8. With atm it never goes much above 3gb whenever I've checked it terms. Startup is around 2.3. I'll boot ksp up after breakfast and check with quickloading tho.
  9. http://www./folder/0mtub8arzk7b4 It seems that when I quickload ships don't render, and every time I return to the KSC it's gone! Requires a complete restart of KSP to fix. The KSC use to bug out occasionally in the past, but this is like ALL THE TIME now. I keep up with all the mod release threads as best I can so everything should be up to date except for the clouds mod. Problem with it is that the overhaul is bugged way out for me. I did update the RSS dll for better atmo, and I don't have the rings/extra stuff installed, just the cloud/rss configs/textures for it. I'm more concerned about the non existent ships on quickload problem..... The steps to reproduce are literally quicksave->quickload
  10. I assume after reading some about the overhaul that the blue dome that obscures the clouds is that way for testing, like the removal of the ocean? My computer dxdiag for spec ref:
  11. I think if you remove "rapier.cfg" it returns the stock stuff to normal, no velocity induced overheat, cooler is an intake with fuel again.
  12. I was thinking of something that could be built on fresh, rather than unmodding a mod sorta thing.
  13. Don't know if it really counts for much but I have my controller tutorial linked in my signature
  14. Name: INSULINt Preview Video: Download Link:!R0cAhK5I!SbB6JEvzlzWY2qFE6SX6K3vDorBphakzuFxYwp83XTU Details: Video is in one part, 53 minutes long. Footage is 1.26GB.
  15. Well, other than reflying the mission which I don't feel like doing its 720 upped to 1080 or naught. My upload speed sucks and the time spent uploading the hour of 1080p footage amounts to 5 hours. Nevermind that the performance hit to record in 1080 isn't worth putting up with. I'd have rather just uploaded in 720 TBH but whatever. Should be actually able to post links to stuff after it's uploaded in a couple of hours from now.
  16. Currently working on upscaleing 1hr of footage. Thing is, the mission's only half done Will hopefully upload everything tomorrow and post. Just kinda made up an idea, hit record, and did my best! Like I said on youtube, this is a really cool idea, and I'm glad you decided to do it
  17. So, I finally got around to starting a career save with this and I can't select a tree. I can only select to disable this mod. Logs: http://www./folder/4dzkdlb31i78a EDIT: Image ->
  18. Any way you can include a cfg for the default tech tree. It would be really useful as a reference
  19. That looks really cool. Maybe a smaller, drone vtol in a vtol? VTOLception! Like a mini scout or something I really need to work on the amphibious vtol I posted a while back. Maybe take 2 on a rocket to Eve.....
  20. Anyone tried this with the mod that adds all the extra runways and landmarks?
  21. You could counteract the extra science not being needed by using the difficulty settings. Hell, that might make the science/day actually matter!
  22. Since this models nuclear reactors and such, has anyone got a config for making the pb-nuk "use" uranium to produce ec?