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  1. MARCH 2015: I don't actually know if this works in 1.0 as it seems they have changed the input stuff quite a bit. There appears to be no separate "docking mode" set of assigns, and WASD is in the alternate column for translation, which leads me to think that assigning gamepad buttons in that column would lead to the gamepad only working in docking mode.... Decided to actually try and edit something decent together to show my controller setup in KSP. Since the full throttle was added in 0.25, and apparently throttle works in docking mode now, no mods are needed for stuff anymore. Since there are less buttons on the controller vs. keyboard things like switching between stage/docking/map and toggling SAS, etc., still have to be done via the keyboard, but I find that with engineer I don't really need to touch my keyboard very much. Anyways, hope someone finds this interesting and helpful! Important stuff from the vid description: Setting image album: What I chaged in settings: Controller images: Staging - Docking - Rover - Kerbal - How to get the trigger axis properly assigned: Settings file changes, in the order they appear in the settings.cfg file: http://www./view/b6lgfqw1d8m0h98 The craft file for the VTOL: http://www./view/metgbph12sqq28o and the rover: http://www./view/owvbp2pubpq92of (stock) http://www./view/4mba1ua9p1blakx (needs Shimmy's wingback chair mod - ) (oh, and I derped the yaw direction for east. It's the other left )
  2. Have you ever thought of making an amphibious VTOL? It has a REALLY bad habit of bouncing when you hit the ocean and knocking out the engines, but if you get it right, about 1/3rd throttle and pitch totally fwd gets some boat action going on. Made a few changes since the screenshot, but here it is if anyone wants it: http://www./view/9m8khtv8w3skgcb (EDIT: the only non standard action group is 1 for toggling engines. It's set for around a 2 TWR, so 1/2 throttle is "hover") Also, school > everything else so don't feel bad disappearing LOL Good luck and all that
  3. A big +1 here! Kinda makes me wish planet factory worked
  4. I actually delete everything from gamedata (at the very least) and verify files with steam everytime there is a ksp update for this very reason. It also allows me to backup a compleatly stock version to copy to confirm individual mod issues if need be.
  5. Works right out of the zip for me. I don't have the Jool asteroid or ring parts installed though....... Edit: or the sun texture
  6. The docking camera works for me, so I imagine the rest does as well
  7. I've noticed that all of the upgrade points seem to be defined in the part configs. Would it be possible to reposition the upgrades with an mm patch?
  8. If I replace the Tweakscale dlls in this with the new .25 compiled version is there any issues?
  9. So. Here is all the extra image files from the PF, PW, PP and SP+ mods, as well as the Stock V.4, stock sp+ and extras that just has the retractable gear bay: http://www./download/e454a544cfne1qe I've included a KerbPaint.cfg because some of the stuff in it was either duped in stock v.4 or model replaced in .25 by the addition of the sp+ mod in stock. I've also deleted the same in stock v.4 and edited down the sp+ in favor of the definitions in the stock sp+ config. none of the image files from the base mod are here, only extras. There are some unused at this point, but since ksp doesn't load them at start I figured it's fine. Just extract and replace files when prompted, which if you clean install this whole mod should only be the KerbPaint.cfg. Hopefully including an cleaned up version of this doesn't break some law or something. I've kept all the cfgs separate in case you have all of them, and this will just prevent module duplication while not requiring a total delete->install process.
  10. it works for me in .25...... I don't have near/far installed btw. or mechjeb.
  11. I prefer to see how many patches are applied. It helps to see that it's A) working and when I add/mess with something I can see quickly if it's applying at least. Also bragging rights?
  12. Well considering that if you set the alt to in atmo it puts you in a circular orbit at that alt. Which means lot of speed in a friction environment. Never tried it with FAR, but I'm pretty sure "High Dynamic Pressure" is the phrase
  13. Can you use it to reposition nodes? There are like 8 hidden. Even with treeloader you can't combine trees from different mods, so no real diff, unless you need way more nodes.......
  14. Cool. I don't use proc parts in my current install but it'll be nice to have. As for combobing everything, I might do that today. Assuming it's allowed.......
  15. And apparently I underestimated it's getting into spaceness. It's quite unstable, but if you can keep to prograde just above the horizon between 15-30km, then point 45* up till the engines flame out it takes about 1/2 the oxidizer to get to ~75x~75km. Just tested this with the oxy drained from the 2 centerline adapters. Crazy. It won't get to the mun, but damn..... Not bad for a first cobbled together design..... Anyways, hope you enjoy. If you use NEAR/FAR it prolly won't do well above 10km, but hey, that's what the astronaut complex is for..... right?
  16. Sure: http://www./folder/lh7r8kaoade0e when I loaded up the stealth version to add a description the paint job was a little borked. Just the adaptors. All the main fuselage parts are black primary and tertiary, green secondary. I wonder if its because the sp+ parts have the same name as the old and there's a problem with duplication between the mm scripts........ Instruction are in the description. Well, except for how to launch: SAS -> throttle full -> 1 -> wait until lift off, pitch/yaw/roll in the direction you wanna go, use 2 for a boost when needed. The chutes on the stealth version are pretty much 1 use, unless you can somehow get the camera to the right angle clipped into the ship to repack the back ones. I turned them upside down cus the paint thing for them leaves the cap white. Unfortunately the only way to get the right click menu to show is to click the cap. You can't just click on the bottom of the chute body If you want a better starting TWR for the jet engines you can clear the oxidizer out of the 2 adapters on the front/back of the docking port. This will reduce the boost to around 2min total. The docking port is basically there for nav ball fiddling. I haven't taken the design above 6km to test yet, so I don't know what kind of angle you can stick the thing in the mid atmo and not fall but it's basically there to give you a better nav ball "camera angle" if you're prograde is way off to the side. It's definitely not an ssto though. not by a long shot. Alright, so I really just included basic instructions in the craft file 100% inspired by Cupcake Landers: Quick edit: Restarting ksp and loading up the craft file posted above seems to be fine. There are MM @part dupes tho, even in the kerbpaint.cfg from the main mod!
  17. Personally I don't use x64 on windows because of it's instability. I instead keep it simple and torture the heck out of my linux install of ksp I might just boot up x64 win just to see nyan cat tho. Thanks sarbian!
  18. KerbPaint and the new parts: I had to dig around the last bit of the KP thread to find all the community added paint stuff, but it was well worth it
  19. It's because the mk1 got a new model, so new texture as well. No "wrong" file, just old. EDIT: Found "Stock Addon V.4", the new StockSP+, and one with the retractable wheels. Did I miss any? Also, as far as the mk1 is concerned, it doesn't look too bad painted. if you choose the same color for everything:
  20. Well, between what I've read in the alternate tree config (ATC) thread, and how treeloader hasn't had an official update since, 0.23? I don't have much hope of there being a way of adding new tree nodes without trouble unless squad adds it themselves. I think ATC allows you to move nodes around, and there are 8? hidden. It might not be something where multiple mods' trees can really be intermingled, but it might be a solution to this?
  21. I've just finished reinstalling all the mods that weren't depreciated by squad and this works fine out of the zip file for me
  22. There's a new "spp" folder in the squad one so the new parts with the old names won't be overwritten and replaced. Not sure how things would turn out when everything gets loaded. As for the option of editing out the craft file, you can't just change the part names, since each part has a list of what part is connected to each node. I guess I'm not saying it's impossible. But it would prolly be easier to just rebuild each in game. This is part of the reason I've kept backups of previous versions so I can load up old ksp as a reference and new ksp to rebuild. As for the look of the new parts, I'm really considering getting kerbpaint......
  23. I have both a 23.5 and 24.2 backup and the one problem with what you want to do is that the spp parts use the names of the parts they replaced. Simply loading the old part folders back into GameData/Squad won't do it (as far as I know) and even if you change names in the cfgs you'll still have to build the crafts from scratch anyways. Unless you're a craft file editing wizard. I do wish you the best of luck though and would be interested if you find a solution!
  24. The patches applied / hidden display seems to be gone with 2.5.0? Patches are still applying though