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  1. Greetings, I am having a similar issue to ChrisF001 where two construction ports refuse to dock together, no matter what. However, reloading the game did nothing and the construction ports were not made from ground construction. I have searched through the entire log file to see what might be causing this but I could not find a thing. Here is the log file. Perhaps you can find something I cannot. Edit: I have worked around the problem. The moment I had turned off the snap options for both of the ports, they connected. I still do not know what caused this however.
  2. Greetings. I am wondering if this visual pack is compatible in any capacity with any mods that add another solar system into the game, such as Extrasolar, as I have recently installed the Interstellar Extended mod. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you.
  3. Hey, I'm trying out this mod in 1.7.2 with both DLC's, and it appears that whenever I finalize my builds in orbit, the orbital velocity for both the constructed vessel and the station/shipyard I am constructing from drop to near 0 for some reason, dropping them into a sub-orbital trajectory. It should be noted that I am using the cheat menu to put the shipyard/station into orbit in order to test the station before sending it up normally and am using the EL launchpad dll plugin. Here is the log file *EDIT* I have looked into the log file, and have noticed a series of log entries that appear when loading a vessel from the shipyard/station, all of them saying that "dT is NaN! tA: NaN, E: NaN, M: NaN, T: NaN". It then goes on to state where this is occuring, most commonly at "System.Environment.get_StackTrace()", "Orbit.GetDTforTrueAnomaly(Double tA, Double wrapAfterSeconds)", and "PatchedConicSolver.Update()". Perhaps this might give some insight into what is happening.
  4. So apparently HATBAT is alive but he's been busy with life.
  5. hey whats everyone's thoughts of the viability of swarm drones in this series? Hypothetically of course, considering the part limit and lag and all.
  6. GUESS WHO'S BACK? BOOM BABY! My apologies for the bad timing, but I finally found time to get some updates going on (bloody college English class taking up all my time). I've got several new craft nearly ready for submission and others still in the works, but one thing binds them all..... EXPLOSIOOOOOOOONS! See you guys soon!
  7. Class Dreadnaught.craft?dl=0 Here
  8. Honestly, Im going to have to redesign or scrap the thing entirely. There is literally no good place to mount a launcher. That and the thing shakes itself apart.
  9. So i did that, and it exploded. The insides keep glitching into the fairing on launch.
  10. Wait so you're just brute forcing it into orbit? Is it really that simple? Surely the wing parts must interfere with the launch profile.
  11. Hey, i'm back, but I've got a question concerning something that I've been meaning to submit for a while and am getting cold feet about. This This beast is 559 parts, and the ablative armor makes it nigh impossible to launch it into orbit (at least to my knowledge). What I'm asking (i think) is for some advice on this from other participants in this series. Any way to reduce the part count? Is there a way to launch this from the ground? That sort of stuff. On another note, how all ya'll doin'! I've heard that the BDarmory armor got nerfed, does that mean the old tanks are still viable?
  12. It was like that because I had drawn out the design beforehand, and I had gone from there what to do with what on it. In the end I got rid of it.
  13. Yeah, in hindsight the Cockpit/escape pod idea was too part intensive to use. Although, why remove RCS? Isn't needed for docking and easier maneuverability?
  14. Thanks and all, but what do you mean highlighted? Did you edit a picture?
  15. ah, my bad. I quoted the wrong post. Edit: Turns out I quoted the wrong post AND misread it.