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  1. Greetings, I am having a similar issue to ChrisF001 where two construction ports refuse to dock together, no matter what. However, reloading the game did nothing and the construction ports were not made from ground construction. I have searched through the entire log file to see what might be causing this but I could not find a thing. Here is the log file. Perhaps you can find something I cannot. Edit: I have worked around the problem. The moment I had turned off the snap options for both of the ports, they connected. I still do not know what caused this however.
  2. Greetings. I am wondering if this visual pack is compatible in any capacity with any mods that add another solar system into the game, such as Extrasolar, as I have recently installed the Interstellar Extended mod. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you.
  3. Hey, I'm trying out this mod in 1.7.2 with both DLC's, and it appears that whenever I finalize my builds in orbit, the orbital velocity for both the constructed vessel and the station/shipyard I am constructing from drop to near 0 for some reason, dropping them into a sub-orbital trajectory. It should be noted that I am using the cheat menu to put the shipyard/station into orbit in order to test the station before sending it up normally and am using the EL launchpad dll plugin. Here is the log file *EDIT* I have looked into the log file, and have noticed a series of log entries that appear when loading a vessel from the shipyard/station, all of them saying that "dT is NaN! tA: NaN, E: NaN, M: NaN, T: NaN". It then goes on to state where this is occuring, most commonly at "System.Environment.get_StackTrace()", "Orbit.GetDTforTrueAnomaly(Double tA, Double wrapAfterSeconds)", and "PatchedConicSolver.Update()". Perhaps this might give some insight into what is happening.
  4. So apparently HATBAT is alive but he's been busy with life.
  5. hey whats everyone's thoughts of the viability of swarm drones in this series? Hypothetically of course, considering the part limit and lag and all.
  6. GUESS WHO'S BACK? BOOM BABY! My apologies for the bad timing, but I finally found time to get some updates going on (bloody college English class taking up all my time). I've got several new craft nearly ready for submission and others still in the works, but one thing binds them all..... EXPLOSIOOOOOOOONS! See you guys soon!
  7. Class Dreadnaught.craft?dl=0 Here
  8. Honestly, Im going to have to redesign or scrap the thing entirely. There is literally no good place to mount a launcher. That and the thing shakes itself apart.
  9. So i did that, and it exploded. The insides keep glitching into the fairing on launch.
  10. Wait so you're just brute forcing it into orbit? Is it really that simple? Surely the wing parts must interfere with the launch profile.
  11. Hey, i'm back, but I've got a question concerning something that I've been meaning to submit for a while and am getting cold feet about. This This beast is 559 parts, and the ablative armor makes it nigh impossible to launch it into orbit (at least to my knowledge). What I'm asking (i think) is for some advice on this from other participants in this series. Any way to reduce the part count? Is there a way to launch this from the ground? That sort of stuff. On another note, how all ya'll doin'! I've heard that the BDarmory armor got nerfed, does that mean the old tanks are still viable?
  12. It was like that because I had drawn out the design beforehand, and I had gone from there what to do with what on it. In the end I got rid of it.
  13. Yeah, in hindsight the Cockpit/escape pod idea was too part intensive to use. Although, why remove RCS? Isn't needed for docking and easier maneuverability?
  14. Thanks and all, but what do you mean highlighted? Did you edit a picture?
  15. ah, my bad. I quoted the wrong post. Edit: Turns out I quoted the wrong post AND misread it.
  16. The hanger is supposed to be filled with a new missile type that fired several dumb I beam missiles before impact. However it's quite part intensive, and they may be thrown away. Even so, they're still supposed to be filled with large missiles. In hindsight i probably should have said that originally.
  17. Just updated it with the internals. Any ideas?
  18. So I need a bit of help here. I've been designing and building this ship for some time, and the concept I've come up with works well, but the part count has gone up too far from anyone's liking. If i continue to build it as I intended to, the part count is going to exceed 800. I need advice on how I can construct this without being too part intensive. So far, I haven't come up with anything besides ripping out part of the internal frame and leaving the front end empty, but it would only bring the part count down by around 20-30, and I've been planning on adding ablative shielding to the craft, thus driving the part count up considerably. BTW the Delta V stat is inaccurate here, as is the TWR. it was set on atmospheric when i took the picture. EDIT: Internal Structure
  19. Finally updated my OP with new craft. Man this took too long. SR-71 Reconnaissance Aircraft BT-7 Heavy Assault Tank BT-8 Long Range Artillery Master File and Ground and Air Files have been updated as a result. Not sure what else to say here...
  20. Nah, this is a completely different tank, although I've already remedied the problem. Apparently the dampening setting has a lot to do with the problem. A higher dampening value makes the wheels destroy themselves, while a lower one, reduces the chance.
  21. hey is anyone else having a problem with their tank wheels? I'm getting a but where they literally shake themselves until they break. I'm having this problem with a new tank i'm building, and it weighs 25,972 Kg and uses 4 TR-2L's. Not sure if it helps, but im just putting it out there. Edit: I've just realized I've asked this question before, please ignore this post.
  22. So, um.... A while back, I had put up my submissions on the submissions thread, following all the guidelines provided in the OP of that thread. I had even read over it 3 times to make sure. However... I've been having a nagging and/or worry at the back of my mind that I may have unintentionally broken a rule listed. Now I know that nearly everyone gets this sooner or latter, but the nagging had been growing exponential ever since, and I couldn't rest easily. Therefore, I am asking here for someone to go over my submission on the submissions page, making sure that everything is in place and I hadn't made any mistakes in the submission process. I know that that would take some time, and that this request may go unnoticed or unheeded, but I implore anyways. Thank you for your time. Link to post if anyone wants to help me out.
  23. Master File at bottom of post Grey Empire, formally known as Grey Man Empire (or GME), is a PMO, or private military organization, formed in the early days of space warfare, born out of the desire to progress and develop. The company seeks to further it's intellectual and military knowledge, crafting weapons of war and arrows of peace without restrictions. The company started out as a think tank, producing ideas by the thousands as time went on, with a notable increase in productivity during times of war and strife. Most notable would be a mining station thought up by Stronhiem von Kerman to ease up kethane flow between stations (to which he had fought and lost valiantly an argument with his colleagues about whether to add lasers or not). It was only after several wars that G.E. realized their own potential; able to produce weapons of war unlike any the world has ever seen. After some debating, the company gained the materials needed to craft it's first sword of destruction, the beetlejuice. With this, we were able to procure entry into the Kethane wars that plagued the Kerbol System, starting a new era of prosperity for the Grey Empire PMO. Aligned with GMI After much deliberation, it was decided that most of the GE catalog needed to be revised and reworked; several ships needed to be re-evaluated for usability, function, and overall reliability in this new age. Therefore, the catalog has been updated with several new vessels available for purchase, while several other vessels have been removed from the catalog. We hope we cause no inconveniences. Air Superiority IF-1 'Star Falcon -Crew Capacity- 1 Kerbal -Part number- 87 -Propulsion- 2 Panthers -TWR- All (dry): 1.01 all (wet): 1.54 -Armament- 1 GAU-8 30mm cannon 8 Sidewinders 2 AIM-120 4 Flare Dispensers 2 Chaff Dispensers -General Info- A low altitude interception fighter capable of slipping under enemy radar, and companion to the XIF-29 'gunstar'. This fighter was designed with long ranged, low altitude fighting capabilities in companion to the gunstar, giving the due complete control over the sky, no matter the altitude. It's wide wingspan gives it an extra maneuverability vs other fighters, capable of preforming complex maneuvers under pressure, more so than the XIF-29. Like it's companion, the craft is layered with armor, giving it extra protection and suitability to the pilot. -Action Groups- 1. Switch mode 2. Toggle autopilot and guard mode 3. Fire Chaff 4. Fire Flares Imgur Album: KSU-56 -Crew Capacity- 1 Kerbal -Part number- 70 -Propulsion- 2 Panthers -TWR- dry: 0.83 wet: 1.26 -Armament- 1 GAU-8 'BRRRRRRRRRRRRT' 30x173mm cannon ECM jammer Dogfight: 6 sidewinders Interception: 4 sidewinders, 2 AMRAAM missiles Ground attack: 2 sidewinders, 4 Mavricks, 1 Targeting pod -General Info- The successor to the KSU-43. After it's exceptional performance on the battlefield, engineers had decided that it's line was worth continuing, as the KSU-43 had many faults in it's design, one of which was the vulnerable midsection where the back met the front. The KSU-56 remedies all of these problems, not only increasing suitability, but also capability as well. The KSU-56 is a multi-roll fighter, designed with adaptability and functionality, and comes in 3 forms: Dogfight, Interception, and Ground Attack. -Action Groups- 1. switch mode 2. fire flares 3. fire chaff Imgur Album: MFA-44 'Lancer' -Crew Capacity- 36 Kerbals: Roles Vary -Part number- 98 -Propulsion- 2 Goliaths -TWR- 1.21 -Armament- 4 .50cal turrets (base) 10 flare dispensers 4 chaff dispensers Can load bombs into cargo bay -General Info- This large plane was designed to be whatever you want it to be (to a limit); it can either be a support craft, relaying radar information to units below on the ground or in the air beside it, a bomber, capable of leveling entire armies, or a transport, able to lift large quantities of cargo with ease. Heck you could throw parties in it (depends on what you want in it). However, this does come with some drawbacks, as expected (not capable of lifting as much as a dedicated transport for example), and it lacks in defensive capabilities, and has to have an escort wherever it goes. Was used to test swarm drones. -Action Groups- 1. Toggle reverse thrust 2. Fire Flares 3. Fire Chaff Imgur Album: XIF-29 'Gunstar' -Crew Capacity- 2 Kerbals: Pilot & Co-Pilot -Part number- 75 -Propulsion- 2 Panthers 1 Whiplash -TWR- All (dry): 1.41 All (wet): 1.83 Panthers (dry): 0.80 Panthers (wet): 1.22 Whiplash: 0.61 (Changes with altitude) -Armament- 2 lateral Vulcan (Hidden) cannons 4 Sidewinders 2 AMRAAM Missiles 2 Flare Dispensers 2 Chaff Dispensers -General Info- A high altitude fighter/interceptor/escort capable of long range combat and able to be deployed from other continents into battle. This is to serve as counter to possible high altitude bombing runs (up to 13,000m). It's highest speed is mach 3, anymore than that and it starts to lose it's TWR. -Action Groups- 1. Switch Modes 2. Toggle Panther engines 3. Toggle Whiplash engine 4. Fire Flares 5. Fire Chaff Imgur Album: -SDF-01 Locust Swarm Fighter- -Part Count- 25 -DeltaV- 22,312 m/s -TWR- 1.63 Atmo -Propulsion- 2 J-20 Juno Basic Engines -Crew Capacity- none -Armament- 1 Vulcan (hidden) -Burn Time- 1185 seconds -General Information- Successor to the defunct "swarm drone" that deployed from the air, this iteration of the swarm idea iterates on the minimal design by exchanging the low, flat design that easily slid around with a trilateral wing design, giving it considerably better maneuverability and reduces overall profile. This in turn makes it harder to hit, enabling it to easily drop behind enemy fighters whilst evading incoming fire. Normally, these drones fight together in pairs, one baiting the target to chase it while the other drops in behind for the kill, essentially ripping the target in half with its 20mm hidden vulcan cannon. However, in larger engagements, swarms of up to 4 or 5 pairs can be present to compensate for the added enemy craft. Normally, a fighter would land on wheels, but the Locust does not come equipped with wheels in the first place; It utilizes a vertical take off system and parachute landing system. This is done to save money and weight on the fighter itself, as many need to be produced at a time, making more expensive routes inaccessible. However, when deployed, you can be sure your enemy will run away screaming. -Action Groups- 1: None 2: Fire Countermeasures 3: Deploy Chutes 4: Toggle AI Pilot 5: Toggle Guard Mode SR-71 -Crew Capacity- 4 Kerbals -Part number- 110 -Propulsion- 3 J-X4 Whiplash Turbo Ramjet Engines -TWR- 0.85 -Armarment- 2 .50 cal turrets 2 Flare Dispensers 2 Chaff Dispensers 1 FLIR targeting ball 2 AN/ALQ-131 ECM jammers -General Info- Not much can be said about the backstory of the SR-71. Some say it was drafted by a top secret section of GE called Charon, supposedly responsible for some of the major jumps in GE technology. Others say it was found near the old abandoned temple in the desert to the east of the continent. Whatever the origins, this plane is fast, extremely fast. Its cruising speed rests around 1,100 M/s at 20,000 meters above sea level, making it one of the fastest pieces of military hardware to exist. Designed as a high speed, high altitude recon aircraft, the SR-71 is able to avoid nearly any and all aircraft interception and ground based radar whilst using its FLIR targeting camera to take photographs of enemy establishments and movement. In the event that in interception does occur, it has several countermeasures it can call upon to defend itself. It's ECM jammers make any radar guided missiles useless, meaning that only heat seeking missiles or laser guided missiles could track the SR-71. Even then, because the SR-71 is moving at such a high speed, a laser lock would be nigh impossible, thus forcing the only option to be a missile lock using conventional heat seeking missiles. In the off chance that a missile lock does occur from those conventional missiles, flares can be deployed to evade those missiles, whilst opening up with its two .50 cal turrets that would already be in range at that point, thus limiting the interceptors maneuverability. There is nothing that can hide from the SR-71's eye, and nothing can compete with its speed. Chutes are to deployed when landing. Usually when the wheels are about to touch the ground. -Action Groups- 1. Fire Chaff 2. Fire Flares 3. Deploy Drogue chutes Ground Combat Kongo Mobile Defence Platform (KMDP) -Armament- 16 intercept missiles Radar data receiver -propulsion- 2 Fuel cell arrays 5 ruggedized vehicle wheels -Fuel time- 18,000 seconds -Size- 161 parts -General Info- An anti air platform capable of being mass produced due to the MMWP. Due to this, many of these can be deployed at a time around the world, carrying the potential to create a barrier between you and you're enemies. However, it suffers the same drawbacks as the Erickson, as it was built on top of the MMWP. -Action Groups- 1. toggle fuel cells Imgur Album: -Bastion Swarm Tower- -Part Count- 320 -Crew Capacity- 10 (4 for movement | 3 for ingress/egress) -Armarment- 8 SFD-01 Locust MKIII swarm fighters 4 .50cal Turrets 1 TWS Locking Radar -General Information- The first atmospheric defensive measure to utilize swarm drone technology, able to tear apart anything that comes close to it. The Bastion Swarm Tower is the latest in defensive structures to come out of the G.E. think tank, relying on its 8 SDF-01 Locust MKIII Swarm Fighters to intercept any air contacts detected on its or any linked radar. Each pair of drones controlled by a single kerbal at the top of the parent tower, relaying basic tactical information and commands to their assigned wings, enabling them to act as one. At the end of each engagement, each swarm fighter is collected from where they dropped and mounted back onto the tower. -Action Groups- 1: Toggle Engines 2: Fire Countermeasures 3: Deploy Chutes 4: Toggle AI Pilot 5: Toggle Guard Mode Space Warfare -Custodes Class Cruiser- -Part Count- 382 -DeltaV- 2,362 m/s -TWR- 0.26 Vac -Propulsion- 4 LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motors -Crew Capacity- 3 (1 for egress/ingress) -Armament- 2 Heavy Gutter Missiles 8 Light Surgeon Missiles -Docking- 2 Clamp-o-tron docking ports -General Information- The first in a series of ships to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality, throwing away the elegant curves for a more utilitarian design. This philosophy of function over form allowed for much more armor to be installed into the design, protecting its hull from outside attack. However, as this ship is combat dedicated, it is not fit for exploration or recon missions that would require a high amount of deltaV to execute; leave exploration to the Beetlejuice. In terms of weaponry, the cruiser is geared more towards an anti-fighter role with its large assortment of light missiles, but does not lack the capability to damage a larger vessel with its two Heavy Gutter Missiles. In testing,these missiles have been shown to nearly ignore armor and rip up the insides of the target, though they do work on the Custodes itself as well. As an anti-fighter ship, this cruiser will make a fine addition to the fleet. -Action Groups- 1: Toggle solar panels 2: Fire first heavy missile 3: Fire second heavy missile -Dragon's maw- -Part Count- 401 -DeltaV- 2,346 m/s -TWR- 0.25 Vac -Propulsion- 5 LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motors -Crew Capacity- 3 -Armament- 6 Heavy Gutter Missiles 4 Light Surgeon Missiles -Docking- None -General Information- Brother/Sister to the Custodes' design, this ship is the definition of pain. The Dragon's maw boasts in combat ability with it's numerous weapons, and is able to tear apart enemy ships with ease. Anything else remaining can be cleaned up by its Surgeon Missiles. In order to protect some of these weapons, the Dragon's maw's armament is split into two sections: a bow and an aft. This is to protect its weaponry in a fight if either half of the ship got separated, so it can continue to function as two different vessels. However, this function cannot be activated willingly, and shuts down once electricity runs out in the aft section during this function. Like the Custodes, the DeltaV had to be lowered in order to fit the military hardware inside the vessel, and is strictly a combat ship unlike the Beetlejuice. However, when faced with a daring foe, this ship will show them what pain really feels like. -Action Groups- 1: Toggle solar panels 2-3: Fire aft heavy missiles 4-5: Fire bow heavy missile Download master file I have read the rules and understand them to the fullest.
  24. Sorry I'm late to the party. I'm going to hold off on re-submitting my entries until I update my line of crafts, due to a multitude of reasons (One of which is the fancy submission post layouts that I've been seeing; front-line image is very important in marketing). Nice work with the latest video HATBAT! Incredible plot twist as well; didn't expect nukes to come into play here.