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  1. cy4n

    KerbalStuff shut down, can you update the download for your 1.875m parts?

  2. Thanks man! I'll incorporate the changed names in the next update. I'll also put the link to the realfuel configs in the OP if you don't mind. Pod exterior is almost finished. Still needs a name, but you should get to test it soon.
  3. Haha, yeah, I realized that when I put the models in Unity. I thought there was a stock reflective shader I could use for the windows. I've been using specular for the fueltanks already.
  4. Remodeled the outer model for the pod today. The windows are now a seperate mesh, so I can give them a more shiny shader. Also the mesh in genral and the UV are much more clean. The heatshield is now a seperate part that will be able to decouple. Textures will follow tomorrow, and then I will probably release it to get some feedback on balancing before making IVAs.
  5. Nice, I almost thought you abandoned this when SPP was integrated into stock Frohe Weihnachten.
  6. Hm, what I do with the tank caps is, I give them a very bright grey on the specular (high opacity in the alpha channel), so they are the most shiny part, making them into a seperate mesh and playing around with the rim falloff color might make it look better too. But of course you could run into the lighting problem you have atm again >_>
  7. I like the idea of color coding stuff. Not a big fan of the green, but hey you found a realy counterpart for it. It would be nice to see the yellow rims from those pictures. What shaders are you using for all this? It could probably look a lot more golden by using a different shader but I didn't play around with that myself too much, so I can't really help you there.
  8. Uploaded a quick update. Didn't find much time to work on anything KSP related but I wanted to release something so the only thing in there are decouplers and the reworked tanks. Hopefully I'll get some stuff done over christmas and new year Here are the decouplers: Keep in mind I renamed the folder and some part dimensions have changed, so delete the old folder before installing this. Sorry for broken crafts.
  9. They look a little extreme in the ingame screenshot, the picture from the 3D software looked better imo.
  10. 3.75m adapter plates are a really good idea. Might also do 5m adapters to work with SpaceY (I use your pack frequently, love those launch clamps you're working on), but the focus after the small parts I'm making right now will definitely be the pod and parts for that. So no engines for a while. About the modpack, it doesn't make too much sense to inclide my parts at this point imo, since they're not really compatible with anything else in there. The only mods I can think of it's compatible to right now would be HGR and Tantares and tweakscaled parts of course. Once I have the first pod and some engines finished I can hopefully say it can be used on it's own Just to clarify, the pod I'll be working on next will be a 1.875m 2/3 man pod. I like the idea of a Dragon sized pod that looks similar, but it's very low on my priority list. And considering how slow I tend work (I'm sorry) it may take quite some time. >_> Also my SM will look very different from the Dragon In other news, I just need to make flat adapters and nosecones for the next update.
  11. I love those solar panels. Also nice to see the batteries actually emitting light, although they'll probably be buried inside fueltanks all the time with the new gizmos Does the new jet engine have animations?
  12. That's the Orion from Space Brothers, a great show. The whole mission profile they fly there is based on the Constellation Program iirc, but they have some aestetic differences, like these solar panels or small boosters on the Ares I rocket.
  13. Made some decouplers today. Don't mind the textures. Also, since people were asking for an SM to fit the pod I'll be making, I searched for some reference material. I already know which solar panels it will get: Have solar panels like these been done before? I know of the round ones from near future solar.