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  1. Laythe, hands down. Oceans, beaches, and flying with jet engines that far from Kerbin? Laythe gets all my yes.
  2. You could also adjust the boosters thrust limit before launching, if you want to not add extra fuel to other stages.
  3. Apart from the Ion engine, the LV-N has the highest vacuum ISP in the game, which makes it good for interplanetary roundabouts. I don't think there's much more to it than that.
  4. "Today: Everyone flies back home. Tomorrow: Hotfix and Unity 5 work begins." Seriously!
  5. I generally go by this rule: Surface-to-orbit on atmospheric bodies now requires 85% of the delta-v pre-1.0. That gives 3850 for Kerbin and it seems to be pretty spot on.
  6. I usually burn retrograde until my horizontal velocity is near 0 and I'm falling directly down. Its easier this way, because you dont have to worry about anything but pointing your lander upwards when you reach the ground. Then I make sure that for the last 1500 meters that Im not dropping with more than 60m/s which seems to be easy to recover from. Cut throttle and then throttle up bit by bit, until I see that my velocity is dropping slowly, continuously. I usually aim to land on the illuminated side of the Mun, so I can use my vessels shadow as a reference. When I start to see my own shadow, I aim to be falling at about 20-30 m/s, slowly increasing my thrust. Makes for controlled, soft landings at 5 m/s or less - - - Updated - - - See this youtube video, it's a nice guide
  7. Nicely done OP. And awesome to see that there's more danish players in the community. Kinda sorta felt lonely here
  8. That's why I did the SSTO/Hybrid notation. You don't have to decouple anything. It's just an option for saving DV for extra heavy cargo
  9. SSTO's aren't a problem in 1.0.2 This is my take for LKO satellites. The cargo bay is easily switchable with 2 crew compartments instead, making it able to ferry 11 Kerbals. I managed to get an orbit of 210x210 in the crew transport version.
  10. That's funny, considering KSP is more or less the only game I have played in the past 6 years or so. (Except for Skyrim, which I mentioned earlier, and praised despite it being very buggy). I guess I'm just not the type to sit and bicker on forums local to specific games about features. In fact, I submit bugs I find in software I use, and contribute to iron them out if applicable. Im positive by nature I guess. Grow up, it's not even cute anymore. - - - Updated - - - Haha, seriously, can't you see it? Can't you see how rude that is? Where's your manners? I'm not talking about Squad as if it was my wife, frankly quite the opposite. I'm talking about Squad as a company from whom I bought a product that they just happen to keep on improving free of charge, instead of acting like I'm personally offended because they didn't live up to whatever definition I had of "doing things right". </eod>
  11. That's the problem right there, which is why the "It's a game, deal with it" argument is right on the money in this particular situation. You bought a LICENSE to play a game. You even got it early access, and probably a lot cheaper than it's current sales price, but all of the sudden, people have both the proficiency and right to judge political decisions made by a company which is providing you entertainment? Im not gonna drag this out more than it already has been. I cringe at adults bickering in forums like this, like there's no tomorrow. Go outside and taste the real world for a bit. You're all acting like spoiled juveniles.
  12. Me neither. I mean, I absolutely loved Skyrim in it's initial release, so much I totally ignored the huge amount of bugs that was in it.
  13. I'm gonna quote myself as well: TL;DR: You have most likely owned this game for a long time. Be glad work is still done on it. You probably spent more than 500 hours playing the game. If you're stuck in this "Lé critique de la KSP 1.0" mindset, you probably should go outside and do something else for a while. All of the sudden, a few minor bugs doesn't seem like such a big deal after all.
  14. I can't help but cringe at stuff like "The measure of success is not how well you fool the ignorant but how you are viewed by your friends" when we're talking about the computer game that is Kerbal Space Program. The flipping drama! Is this seriously adults discussing a game this way? It has come to a point where I think it's downright embarrasing. Even rude. Some of the things being said are so embarrasing that it almost has a physical effect on me. It's just... Wow.
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