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  1. Thanks for my 3000th rep!

  2. Wait, when did you become a mod? Congrats!

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    2. cantab


      Wow, I was out of the loop.

    3. NecroBones



      Yeah, it hasn't been super long, but they did a recruiting round that brought in about a half dozen of us at once.


    4. Lo var Lachland

      Lo var Lachland


  3. Re the spying thread, what I would have commented if it wasn't locked:

    The dialogue is confusing. It looks like "radio buttons" where you pick one or other option, but it's actually two separate checkboxes. One option to send or not send your IP address, and a second to send or not send the tracking data.

    I normally do first option ticked because it's a "Don't send", second option unticked because it's a "Send" option.

    1. d4rksh4de


      Yes, it is a confusing dialog. It should clearly have an option to sent nothing or a separate button for that.

  4. cantab

    Thank you for your insights. It's a shame a simple clear scientific question - if one where the answer isn't so simple or clear - ended up derailed. But such can be the way of forums.

  5. Seriously? You move my post and I don't get ANY notification on this forum of where it has been moved to or even THAT it is moved. It doesn't show in the "Threads I Posted In" Activity Stream because that thing remains HOPELESS. The only way I found it was by searching for a phrase I knew I'd said in that post.

    I don't know who it's supposed to be convenient for, because it sure as heck isn't me.

  6. Re rep comment, that's not surprising - the Noviplano was my inspiration!

  7. http://i.imgur.com/odZOAHj.jpg

    What are the legs for on that ship of yours? Just looks?

  8. Thanks :)

    The rover was built for Duna, and should be able to make orbit from there. Because of how I'd built it I launched a pair, so decided to send the spare one to Eve.

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