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  1. Thanks! I'll take a look at Silent Running loads and see what I come up with... very interesting.
  2. Nuclear rockets - what's the point? Math doesn't lie: Vestra Vr-1 + 275/225 LFO/Ox = 3975 dV in vacuum. (M0 =3.5kg) Lantern + 25000 LH2 = 3844 dV in vacuum. (M0=5kg) Even though I see the Lantern has a whopping 915 ISP in vaccuum, the corresponding dV isn't any better. This is my first time looking at nuclear ever -- but math from dV calc in game says chemical>nuclear. This can't be right.
  3. Maybe I'm wrong? After finding the Ranger agroponics OP, I'm seeing the same thing with Duna Ag. Agroponics gives us ~30 supplies per day, but cultivate using fertilizer, water and substrates only produces 5.86. I was under the impression that agriculture was more "advanced" and thus should produce more supplies than agroponics. But seeing that two parts now have agro as the king of supplies, maybe I'm misunderstanding the intent here. Gotta' say, though, way easier to farm with mulch and fertilizer than substrates, fertilizer and water. Duna agroponics: 30.89 supplies/day (almost three Kerbals) Duna cultivate: 5.86 supplies per day. (Half a Kerbal) Cultivate also uses more EC -- so economically speaking, there is no reason to ever use it... unless I'm missing something. Maybe the ratio between substrates for cultivation vs manufacturing fertilizer. Thoughts?
  4. Need instructions sir. I am Github ignorant. (PR looks like the way to go, but I honestly have zero clue...)
  5. @RoverDude I found something which might be out of whack? Agroponics >> cultivate(S) for the Ranger ag module. Doesn't seem that EZ mode should be OP like this? resource rate conversion daily MULCH 0.00507 21600 109.512 FERTILIZER 0.000507 21600 10.9512 SUPPLIES 0.005577 21600 120.4632 SUBSTRATE 0.01006 21600 217.296 WATER 0.01006 21600 217.296 FERTILIZER 0.0001006 21600 2.17296 SUPPLIES 0.001006 21600 21.7296 Adding a zero to Supplies seems to bring this into line with something that makes a little more sense? (Maybe you meant agroponics to be super EZ mode, I dunno') MULCH 0.00507 21600 109.512 FERTILIZER 0.000507 21600 10.9512 SUPPLIES 0.0005577 21600 12.04632 But it's supposed to be 10+1==11, so the new numbers don't line up. Working on it -- but wanted to raise the flag here in case it's an issue. How does this look? MULCH 0.000507 21600 10.9512 FERTILIZER 0.0000507 21600 1.09512 SUPPLIES 0.0005577 21600 12.04632
  6. 10-4. Brought in MK and SP -- warehoused just fine and swapped drill heads. It still says "mining dirt" but my Karbonite is cranking away... wondering if I can put a little something in the Wiki that might help the next person who comes across this.
  7. After reading this thread (searched on "swap") and the wiki, I still don't know what resources are required to swap a drill head. My engineer is standing right next to an MEU-100A. Right click just says deploy or disassemble. I'm guessing I need some kind of resource, but have no idea what it/they would be... if this is written down somewhere, please point me at it. Bleeding Edge. Found this... is there any documentation on this sort of thing or is the cfg the way to go? MODULE { name = USI_SwapController typeName = Separator ResourceCosts = SpecializedParts,1,MaterialKits,5,ElectricCharge,5
  8. OK - I think I see what you're getting at. There is a new "inventory" system from Squad that's confusing me. I see there is EVA construction mode - Squad's version of KIS. OK, moving on. Gee whiz.
  9. Fair enough. I was curious more than anything else -- I figured out the reel/connector thing and it works fine. Have to plan a little better, but other than that, it's the same deal. Thanks for keeping KAS alive through all the versions, I know it's not easy keeping up with Squad. Many of my old favorite mods have been lost along the way.
  10. Fill a Kontainer with stuff -- take it out for spin. Engineer hops off, grabs their drill, opens the kontainer and... can't do anything EVA. For example, can't grab a KIS pylon and put in the ground. The only thing they can do it transfer stuff from the kontainer to their equally inaccessible "inventory," if it's something real small. Is this my design, a possible bug or am I missing something?* *"Inventory" = the two slots with raised/shaded texture, not their personal inventory with many slots. I don't get this new inventory thing - it's just two slots and Kerbal can't do nothin' but look at them or move them to a Kontainer.
  11. Wait... I used to be able to put a connector on part A and part B and then just drag pipe between them. Now I have to put connector on part A and RTS on part B? And then another RTS on part B (for like a pylon) to do another 30m to another connector on part C? Umm... why? (sorry, this just seems more complicated to me... am I missing something?)
  12. confusing KIS with KAS ... nothing to see here. No stupid questions or anything like that. Move alone.
  13. Yeah - I'm running into the same problem. Have the 1m parabolic which is described as a "relay antenna" and good green line to home base from Munar orbit. Looks like contract pack with Realantennas on 1.10 are not getting along. Interestingly enough, worked fine with RemoteTech, but that doesn't work with Kerbalism... so you have to decide what's more important. How these modders keep any of this straight is beyond me.
  14. Aha--- chikadee landing engine seems to work well for landing config. Tucks up right under the chassis
  15. Anybody else getting a 404 on the Apollo lunar surface journal? https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/
  16. The way I read it is that modders forfeit their copyright for mods to Take Two. This is not new. The same thing applied with Squad. Mods have belonged to them from day one. The old EULA had similar language regarding user-generated content. In practical terms, this means the company can incorporate mod content into the game they distribute - something we've seen happen for years. Mod functionality has crept into the main release for a long time now. The legally "interesting" thing here to me is that they are attaching a copyright contract to an EULA. Copyright contracts generally require offer, consideration and acceptance. The reason being is that it's actually quite a big deal. The language used in the EULA is very similar to language you see in publishing contracts, where the publisher gets all rights, everywhere on all media. It's what's known as an "all rights" contract in the publishing industry. And many writers, including myself, refuse to play. The thing about copyright is this: it goes for 70 years after the author dies. Once you sign over that copyright, you lose all control over your IP. Well, it looks to me that's what's happening here. But, again, this is not new. Mods have always been signed over to Squad and now Take Two. While I expect this is to allow Take Two to continue to include mod functionality in their main release, I doubt it will be otherwise disruptive to the modding community. i.e. - I don't see them scooping up mods and saying, "Mine!" and shutting out the mod community. Let's face it, the modding community is responsible for much of the improvement of KSP over the years as their code has slowly crept into the main release. In general, I don't see a whole lot has changed except for the language regarding our consent to allow them so snoop around on our computer. I'd be curious to see if there is any case law on that sort of thing. EULAs are supposed to govern the use of the IP in question, such as a game. Attaching a whole bunch of riders granting permission to do other stuff that is beyond the scope of just using the software - I'm very curious to know if that sort of thing can be brought into effect under the guise of licensing. It's an interesting legal question and I'm not sure it has been definitively answered in the courts.
  17. I didn't see any new EULA when Steam automatically thrust me into ModBreaker 1.4. Can't find a copy anywhere obvious, either. What's the story?
  18. RFE: Can you please add a section in BaseCreate.cfg that will recognize USI's ranger nuclear pack as a valid generator? It just needs a section in with the other power modules. There are some entries for NearFutureSolar - guessing something along those lines referencing USI power modules would work. I don't understand the syntax well enough to explain it better than that, but I'm guessing it should be an easy(?) add. I think a lot of players would appreciate this since we like to use pioneer modules for bases and attaching the little nuclear power pack is a great starter kit for power. If you have time and it isn't too much trouble...
  19. Very nice! I set up a pad with a very large KW rig and it worked just fine. For those concerned with the cost, you can modify the files in just a few minutes. Under ..\GameData\Science818, there are folders for Crane, Mast, Pad, Support and Tower and folders under each of those for the various sizes. In each folder is a part.cfg file with the cost entries. (Cost=15000) You can change them from 15000 to whatever you feel is reasonable. Very easy hack. The only problem I had was the rocket was very wobbly unless I used stock stabilizers to hold her down. As mentioned by somebody else, they work alongside the tower just fine.
  20. Hey D. Well, I first tried reversing the direction of the wheels based on trying to observe their direction and that didn't work. Then I went back to the hangar and reset the wheels so the square bracket was oriented vertically with the "small" end up on each one. This did the trick. Drives right out of the bay and around the block just fine.
  21. Built out a Karibou with the cargo ramp, attached an Akita to the inside roof with a small docking port. Take it to runway, Put Jeb in Akita, detach from docking port and fire it up. Wheels spin, but Akita will not roll out of the cargo bay and down the ramp. Tweaked friction and traction to five on all Akita wheels, it still will not roll out of cargo bay. Wheels just spin. Bug or am I missing a step?
  22. THIS! I have the exact same problem when I use the radial lander legs. The badger just slides along the ground as if it were an ice skating rink. There is a definite friction bug with the radial landing legs. I wouldn't bump this except they are so darn cool and look great on the HB.
  23. After reading the update notes and doing a search on waypoints, I stil can't figure out how to put down a marker for Mechjeb. In the old version, you had to turn it on under options and then there was a button to activate that let you click and place a waypoint marker in the zoom map. That all seems to be gone and I can't make heads or tails of what is meant by "fine print" and such. How do I set my MechJeb landing waypoint? Thanks!
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