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  1. What wheels are you using? Perhaps the rover is too heavy.
  2. awsomejwags

    I'm back!

    I haven't been active for a little over a year but i'm back now, and oh has this game changed, i look forward to getting back in the pilots seat and chatting with all of you.
  3. i have a combination of loneliness,wonder, calmness and fear, there's this one song that plays-the whale song , hearing it just makes me feel lonely
  4. so i should grab .90 "by the reigns"?
  5. saw kurtjmac and scott manley play it.I will admit I played the demo and then later pirated .23,(sorry wanted to know if it was good enough- it was) got a new pc lost ksp, then about 1 week ago I saw .23 sitting in my backup files, so i played an old save and had fun, i check the forums about 6 months after going on haitus later and find out ksp is BETA than ever!.I instantly bought .90 yesterday, good job squad!
  6. hello,it has been awhile since I played KSP, I haven't played since .23!-anyways what are some tips you have for playing .90 career mode? any good career mode mods? (moderators feel free to move this thread)
  7. Firstly i would like to thank everyone for helping me make a thread of the month and secondly i am back from my "summer break" from ksp so i would like to thank Bobcat for his soviet pack and making me want to play again. once again thank you !
  8. I generally use 2 stages because the decent stage looks cool beside my flags and also, why take your landing legs with you?
  9. OH MY KERBAL! Thank you for making this sticky I am so proud!
  10. I think it would be huge. I mean you can walk across entire planets! And orbit the sun. So how big is the ksp map?
  11. I'm glad my post got you thinking... i think Dres is the loneliest. I honestly forgot about it until now
  12. I'm gonna replace the theme wit the Russian anthem on my soviet pack/ Kosmos pack ksp file