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  1. Nice idea Have you any easy way to set up any new KSC?
  2. Bedi

    [WIP] Dangerously Shaded Stock Refresh

    I'm not the modder, but is't the stock heatshields do the similar thing? Maybe looking into heatshields will help you get some ideas... Edit: oh sorry @jonrd463 already mentioned it in his suggestion
  3. Hey guys, what do you think about this video: youtube It is commercial of Polish auction site Allegro loosely based on Pan Twardowski tale ( I think this commercial is somewhat kerbal style. p.s. there are english subtiles in the video
  4. Bedi

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    300 W electric engine is smaller than washing machine engine...
  5. Bedi

    RSS Venus ascent in 1.0.x ?

    From what i know going through Venus atmosphere is painfully long process...
  6. i found this: i think that the most expensive part of the rtg is the plutonium. It looks like few million per kg.
  7. Bedi

    "Burn" po polsku?

    Wydaje mi się, że najlepiej użyć "praca silnika", nic lepszego nie przychodzi mi do głowy. W zależności od kontekstu można jeszcze użyć słowa "manewr".
  8. For that i'm using "Tweakable Everything" mod.With that you can disable staging with RMB menu.
  9. Bedi

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    Somewhere in remotetech folder is PNG file that represent that dot. You can edit that to be transparent. I done this once but i don't really remember it worked. EDIT: I looked in my RT folder and didn't find any PNG's. I think used ealier version back then(or maybe looked at the source).
  10. they mentioned rotation rate in the film,from what I remember it was 67-68 RPM.
  11. Bedi

    Realism Overhaul Career Mode Discussion

    I might be wrong, but filling SRB's can be expensive with all these precise cuttings inside etc. Another thing- try to make liquid fuel boosters with SRB rated TWR ;P
  12. Bedi

    Realism Overhaul Career Mode Discussion

    About science transmission: All instruments should transmit at 100%, as Metaphor said, but the goo canister and Science Jr could represent some animal and plant samples which will use life support resources and will yield, for example, 10% of science on transmission. They would be also reusable(as you can readout biometrics as many times as you want).
  13. that eyes looks creepy as hell;P
  14. Sorry for the delay. there is some pictures i think there is too much approximation i had low pass over Venus once and AT showed me that I will aerobrake(there was red line), but near Pe i still wasn't in atmosphere(i could do non physical timewarps there). From what i know the RSS uses pressure curves (i don't know if it is relevant). I'm not sure it will show some changes in the orbit, i need do more testing on that another thing about descend profile: The height where there is switch to another angle slider is fixed, or it is changing according to the planet's atmosphere height?
  15. Bedi

    [1.0.5 - 1.4] Burger Mod! 0.4 (2016-04-25)

    Now we can burn up some calories:P