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  1. I'm Updating the mod version and i'm not sure on how to use career saver. Exactly, where do i need to put the .cfg file ?
  2. My tech tree in career mode isnt showing advanced fusion and antimatter tiers. the last tier related to interstellar mod is the beamed power things and the fission reactors, what should i do?
  3. Hi, i had this issue several times, when i got multiple ships in flight. When switcing to a ship that is in interstellar space, after some timewarping from the ksp screen (using kerbal alarm clock to stop the warp) i find mi screen and the gui is all black and empty, no trace at all of my vessel and the crew is killed. The mission disappear from the flight list in the tracking station... if i swith cabk to the ksc the scvreen is still all black and i have to quit the game, it usually crashes at this point. is quite annoying, i just lost a mission returning to kerbin from Duna and Ike. I dont g
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