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  1. Doesn't SS already have enough thrust for most aborts it's self?
  2. That sounds quite interesting, for quicker turnarounds of crewed launch/transit. Have an orbital fuel dump/depot, but due to boil off, only refuel it last min to rendevouz with the crew ship.
  3. Just use lasers in orbit/on the ground to provide ablative propulsion from some moon rocks you pick up on the way. I mean, this is Elon, right? No idea is too strange. XD
  4. Mine does that. It means it's happy. Or angry. Or annoyed. So take it as a warning!
  5. Yes. The cat is more likely to trip me up. And possibly the "bad cold" I had earlier in the year was my dose and recovery from this. Glad little to no cat -> human transmission.
  6. Nooo! The first reports were that dogs could not get it, then that cats were unlikely. Then when the reports on tigers getting it, I was hopeful it was an outliner. Now my cat is out to kill me... in a few more ways than normal.
  7. Finally! And when I say "finally" remember, I have been trying for years... and I think SpaceX may have beaten me to it... in real life (many times over!)!!! https://imgur.com/HNrjkfn PS, 100% stock, except for MechJeb helping with landing, and me giving it some encouragement.
  8. And the bit where it dies on paper/plastic after a few hours (results may vary).
  9. Elon gets distracted and pulls a train network with a jetpack and totally forgets about rockets.
  10. Just leave it in orbit, and use tanks to refuel/plug in... it's a tug. (Rendezvous with low orbit, then use it to boost up to the ISS and/or the moon. XD )
  11. It matters if I want to use Falcon 9s as my "shuttles" for planetary landings (disposable/reuse stages) for my Sci-fi. Elon is doing me no favours if I cannot predict the results... my sci-fi will all be wrong if I they go and build different craft after all this. XD I estimated shuttle designs (skylon) and small rockets (falcon 9 style). Now he's gone and done a massive thing (witch would be single stage to orbit on anything Mars or smaller, and in my Sci-fi, I'd not expect any earth like planets to be worth it, as terraforming would take thousands of years, so the smaller planets become
  12. I got the reference too... wait, there's a second season? Or are you from the world that has 2 seasons. XD
  13. what actual.... ffffff.... WHY? OK, scary freaky creepy stuff on SpaceX? They gone right out my good books. Confirmed evil mastermind about to kill everyone!
  14. I would assume that is just built on the same chassis to match the in game Cyberpunk as some sort of in game advertising? The design, not "real life". Though might give away the structural design for the truck. No wait... did I wake up in the wrong universe again? Or is this one the one where Elon does go insane and makes Tesla trucks with Sharks with lasers on their heads for taking over the world? Oh well, 24h till I get another chance to jump back to the "good" universe, where KSP was never made in Unity in the first place...
  15. I logged in 20 mins after launch to see... I missed the live launch. I'm wondering, if these get to shoebox size (or a bit bigger, solar/antenna depending), what are the de-orbit/kessler situations for them? Is it like the sea, where the particles hang around for ages, polluting, or would it disperse quickly? Would we end up with launch windows in a similar way aircraft do (though for aircraft it's for the runway safety, but for orbit it would be to find the gaps in starlink to get through safe ).
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