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  1. I logged in 20 mins after launch to see... I missed the live launch. I'm wondering, if these get to shoebox size (or a bit bigger, solar/antenna depending), what are the de-orbit/kessler situations for them? Is it like the sea, where the particles hang around for ages, polluting, or would it disperse quickly? Would we end up with launch windows in a similar way aircraft do (though for aircraft it's for the runway safety, but for orbit it would be to find the gaps in starlink to get through safe ).
  2. Hahahahaha. Just got to the episode in Space Brothers where they talk about destructive testing (pushing to the limits) and how the media/top brass don't always understand it. Topical.
  3. Just drop a forklift on the first landing. You ever seen the self stowing forklifts on the back of trucks? They use their own lifts to deploy, then use the lift to get the rest of the "cargo".
  4. Yeah... Not always the best writing moments IMO. The ship I posted above has no weapons, as IMO in space any weapon that hits the target is a MAD (mutually assured destruction). If you don't hit the target, then yeah, it's okish. Simple defences against debris/asteroids etc, but no attack weapons on civilian craft except some possible small fire stuff (like cruise ships currently have to put off pirates ). Today most air/sea combat is pretty much get into range, obliterate anything near it? If it's in range, it's pretty much scrap?
  5. If a "base" it would be permanent, in which case no specialist hardware needed inbuilt to the craft. You would just use a cargo delivery to give you a crain/inflated/rope drop system, OR dig a hole/build up regolith vertical, and not horizontal (use the top for solar, lower for living quarters).
  6. The drive is not really the problem. The Fuel/size/rocket ratio is. Yeah, most of my hard sci-fi designs really play with the limits of physics, but I at least try to aim for something like a 30% fuel to mass ratio or fuel space to cargo space ratio. Then hope for fusion/metallic hydrogen. (And even then, only the "hero" ship or main focus ship is the "rule of cool" breaking of most physics, all the others would have to follow reality, to show how real space flight works IMO... teach people, don't just "tickle their ears". But most scifi, sadly even the Expanse, leave ZERO space to actually put a fuel tank. :facepalm: Yeah, aircraft have fuel in the wings, but even a Tie Fighter/Xwing has wings so thin, their fuel would need to be quantumly compressed. PS, I really should do this for my design (It's had a bit of modification since then): It's suppose to be able to take off from Mars sized planets (Earth would be too much of a "drag" and to much gravity). Though to do that, you'd need to swap at least one of the cargo bays for a fuel bay. This is the labelled version (with older "wings")@
  7. First attempt. Prototype. Not for production use. Test bed. Learning experience. Do we need to spell it out?
  8. Yeah. It's sad but true. If the economy can stretch to tourists flying around the moon, it may stretch to tourists staying on the moon. Governments may sponsor "bases" for governmental reasons (shows of strength). But physically or economically, there is nothing in space we would pay for. Asteroids for materials gets around the cost of land/mining rights. But if the cost is there, places could drop the price of mining rights, and then SpaceX would lose all those launches/asteroid returns. An economy is a strange thing, and you cannot second guess it. The Sproose Goose never really "flew", and even the big double decker aircraft are being retired at times. Sometimes it works out (international air flight) sometimes it does not (channel Hovercraft ferries ).
  9. The greatest mystery... and possibly a source of anti entropy and free energy... WHERE DO THE COWS GET THE CALCIUM!!! They are not magic matter producers are they?
  10. I'm tempted to go see this. I hate "singularity/magic/mystery in space" stories, because often it goes down a deep rabbit hole of insanity on complete breaking of reality (I just want Apollo 13 style stories. XD )... but I could let it go for just one story, as it seems just the setup + ending is "magic space radiation" and the rest hard sci-fi.
  11. Seems about so. I'd also suggest to StarTheory, on having the option to start "early/mid/late" like you can in say CIV games or Simcity games. Then seasoned players could start with everything "unlocked", instead of starting pre-space age. I mean, a LOT of games go "are you sure you want to skip the tutorial" when you start. And to be fair, with saves/replays/reloads there is no real punishment for new players who just want to learn by failing. The game could always pop up a little "you crashed 5x in a row, do you wish to try the flying tutorial/orbital tutorial/awesome mun lander tutorial" etc.
  12. This old pic shows no folding: But instead pop out legs. [edit] But tweets say it's an old design.