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  1. It's been 10 years. My beard has grown it's own eco system. I am surround by wolves. My hand sweats profusely on the keyboard. Rocket launch after rocket launch. Another after another. Loved ones leave. The walls crumble around me. The world may be ending... ...but there is always KSP.
  2. I feel you. *shudders at the memories of years upon years of horrible PC ports of console games*
  3. Kids don't seem to understand this concept these days. Just imagine if we spoke like this for any other product we own. My chairs have been dead for years and they still work just fine.
  4. It's been a ride. The joy has flowed. The snark has poured. The impact of this game can not be denied. It didn't turn into what my dreams of dreams had hoped for, but in the end, there's still something special in this quirky, not so little game. Thanks to all the devs and modders who have come and gone. Praise the Kraken. Fear the Kraken. All the best to you and yours.
  5. I find it best to not play a new Squad release until they've had time for a hotfix or two.
  6. I've been around for the same period and remember terrain seams eating vehicles, solar panels blowing up when traveling through the Mk3 cargo bays, and wheels sending Kerbals into Kraken bait. Never "unplayable" but constantly "did no one play test this?"
  7. Those who ignore history and all that. I have patience. If this still holds true in a few weeks, I'll give it a go.
  8. Most interesting update in a while. I look forward to the bug hunters digging into this and eventually playing 1.11.1. Nice job so far.
  9. It's here so people can vent. Also...this is a lie your parents told you. Sorry.
  10. Because KSP: Diminished Edition was a bad title that wouldn't sell as well. So they decided to lie and call it Enhanced.
  11. Good to have another simplified fuel option. Personally, I like my Kerbal a tad simplified compared to Real Fuels.
  12. Stock career mode. *hides in flame resistant cardboard box*
  13. Definitely something that needed improving from KSP1. One of my big pet peeves. I got bronze.
  14. Yes. ...but I think the company was divided into two departments and is now just a software company. I doubt many of the marketing people are still there. Not to defend their marketing prowess. I've definitely criticized at times.
  15. History says it will. Hopefully they won't be huge and the expected hotfixes will come quickly.
  16. Neat. Generally optimistic about this update. May have to nerf those lights myself, but otherwise, not to bad.
  17. I think I might be unreasonably happy about those deployable light. Possibly because I'm working at a construction site currently in my non kerbal life.
  18. Seems obvious. Some how wasn't the solution implemented. Definitely a head scratcher.
  19. I think this sort of multi monitor support would be nifty. Hey now. That's not the Kerbal tradition.
  20. Well. Yes. Usually if someone is being paid to do something, there's a level of quality expected. I hope you hold people you hire to that standard.
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