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  1. Less broken and more visually odd. I'll have to take a look.
  2. You can get Kolony rewards from orbit, but get more if you are on a planet.
  3. As @DoktorKrogg noted, I've pulled GC from the bundle. If CKAN nabbed it, delete GroundConstruction and you will be fine.
  4. 1.8.x versions of all USI stuff as well as Firespitter are up.
  5. FYI, 1.8.x compat versions are all up
  6. FYI I just finished updating Firespitter. Code is checked in but need to make the official release.
  7. No point in switching given I maintain firespitter ;). But as noted before, I am halfway around the world.
  8. Good deal. FYI, I'll be out of country for the next week and a half with limited forum access
  9. Supplies are more of a USILS concern vs MKS. For the rest, as long as you're ok running two resource chains, though it may get odd if a mod tries to patch for both. So mix at your own risk Tbh I think the effort of refueling makes short transport routes is self balancing, so I am ok with it. My opinion may change once I do some missions from Eve ;). In which case I agree with @DoktorKrogg's assessment and options.
  10. *Looks at forum thread title....* *Looks at version file...* *Checks to see if 1.8 is out already....*
  11. Those masses are probably absolutely correct for balance reasons There's actually a balance sheet that handles how much mass a part should have (along with mass reduction for MKs) based on functionality. So you do get some pretty hefty numbers, and that is completely by design.
  12. Sorry trying to understand what it is you are asking to be improved?
  13. There's an airlock included for this very reason
  14. @Wyzard - You can get a lot of what you just asked for with antennas We decided to always have antennas behave as a buff vs a penalty. It should pop up as you prepare to transmit.
  15. Asteroids work the same way as planetary resources, so you should be fine.
  16. QoL was not the lever, interactivity was. Given that in stock, time is not a lever due to timewarp. In any case, this horse has been beaten to death. And rest assured, I will add no part that removes stock constraints. Feel free to Module Manage to your heart's content.
  17. Encouraging interactivity =/= micromanagement. I respect that you disagree with how the stock system is balanced, but I have no interest in putting in a part that breaks stock balance.
  18. And that is exactly one of the balance levers. It's why they have a hold capacity in the first place.
  19. It's also unbalancing. Saying this as the fellow who wrote the original MPL code for stock