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  1. Look at the CTT config in patches and your answer will be there.
  2. No need to be disappointed - there are a lot of amazing engineers and artists on the team
  3. They still work and I am still on the team, though I've not been involved in the 1.11 development.
  4. Then you have a mod conflict. You need to start removing mods from your main save till you figure out which one.
  5. Soon(tm) Are you on career or science? And you have CCK correct? (Bundled with it)
  6. Worked perfectly fine in 1.9.x, works fine in 1.10.x with the exception of the light globe. Yeah, still alive but KSP1 and KSP2 keep me busy too (what this guy said)
  7. No specific EL parts, if someone wants to do a third party integration that's fine - tbh I will probably be moving to the model where I encourage people to maintain these kinds of patches separately since it's tough maintaining something for a mod I do not use.
  8. is it turned on? Does it have power? Does it have mulch?
  9. There are plenty of tanks included with this...? Sorry, bit at a loss as to the ask.
  10. And you all caught me in the middle of doing releases anyway, so the 1.4.x version is in fact accurate. There - release done.
  11. I read the text... and no idea why he's messing with the version vs the KSP version since the version number was moving up? What exactly is wrong there that's breaking things? regressing version numbers isn't a good solution
  12. This is because I had already done a fix that upped the max version to 1.99.99
  13. If you have CTT that's very possible, they are a LOT more spread out in CTT. (EDIT) - you can also start a sandbox game in your save. That will prove that it's just that they are not unlocked yet in CTT.
  14. hmmm.... I am at a loss on that one. Can you do a clean install in a different directory and see if they appear with no other mods present?
  15. Could try a dock/undock on an alternate port and see if that aids in rerooting, and I thought there was a trick one could do with KAS buried in the thread somewhere
  16. If someone wants to maintain something separate for TweakScale compatibility that's not bundled (i.e. no longer something I have to worry about) then I am 100% behind that
  17. I take pull requests. Any support for Tweakscale is provided as-is based on that, since I don't use it, and offer zero official support for it. About the only support I would ever offer would be to delete the Tweakscale patch if it caused me headaches in this thread.
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