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  1. Here but barely awake. Maybe @JustJim is around...
  2. That's something I need to poke at for the next release tbh
  3. Which logistics parts? Everything either has an appropriately scaled Tundra module or would be getting it's own model anyway. And yeah, no point in taking a Tweakscale dependency when I control the models and configs FYI I am currently doing some rework here. Short version: Inventory in the KonFab part itself only. Plus the option to recycle contents inside of the KonFab part, and changing up the menu to work via the PAW. Lastly, I'll be deprecating the MKS Disassembly option in favor of just having folks recycle via KonFab.
  4. Yep, what you are seeing is correct behavior for a stock resource converter under warp. You'd see the same with an ISRU or drill.
  5. Best way is to get enough hab that it goes infinite, since home is always the biggest hab you have encountered. Or, wait till the next USI LS version with cryotanks and freeze them.
  6. Scaling of EC consumption in timewarp for unpacked vessels is a stock thing since USI LS is basically a stock resource converter. This is to prevent battery overrun in a single tick at high warp.
  7. No, there is no depletion. If something is doing depletion it's not stock or something I wrote
  8. Yeah you need to use USI tanks for all of that to work, stock tanks don't connect to logistics.
  9. There's a custom Konstruction category added. This prevents them from appearing in two places and cluttering your toolbox.
  10. All roads lead to Github issues being logged
  11. Some are distance limited, so 150m is a lot better.
  12. A lot of the MKS stuff will work disconnected as long as you have some local storage (I recommend enough for a full Kerbal day of outpot).
  13. Yeah - tbh unless someone from the community wants to make a patch, this part will be deprecated.
  14. They *should* just work like KAS pipes - but not sure of the state of the community patch since some of the KIS/KAS stuff changed.
  15. I'm thinking best bet is to build that ship or a part equivalent thereof bit by bit till you get the crash. Start with the Atlas parts and anything USI.
  16. Well that looks horrible. Hate to say it, but try on a clean USI only save then start adding things back in one by one. Alternatively, start a new craft and start building it back up till you find the offending part To add - I've seen that error and fought it myself on the unity side making a part and had to clear vertex data from a model I was working on - but only had that since moving to the new version of Blender, so I wonder if someone checked in a model they should not have....
  17. Just putting here what I had on Github. 1. You can't connect hoppers if there is no depot. 2. A depot has to be the only WOLF part on your vessel to establish one (in one of your Github notes, I saw a message indicating this was not the case) 3. This use of hoppers is not really a good use case. You're running afoul of anti-exploit code (to prevent people from doing something silly like taking a bunch of Mun hoppers and landing them on Kerbin to make a little money generator, etc.). Consider disconnect/reconnect a use at your own risk kind of thing.
  18. Yes - there's an official USI balancing guide out there that helps with all of this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZI_0InZjd1tfrNDj8RWq45W6cg1UDm6BAkn2jB18Tsk/edit?usp=sharing
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