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  1. 57 minutes ago, ra4nd0m said:

    Hi @RoverDude so it seems that KonFabricator is broken in all launguages except English.

    It is caused by using hardcoded "engineer" string in if statement. Instead of this it would be much wiser to get that string from loc file 

    There is a temporary solution just to switch game language but i hate it because it defeats all my hard work localising all the mods i use. So please maybe a hotfix can be quickly made.


    Happy to take a PR on this one.


  2. 2 hours ago, Jimbodiah said:

    To continue on from the general thread.... about different kerbals popping into my craft.

    Not sure how this is related to USI LS, as it's not running out of supplies. The log posted earlier shows 3 kerbals in my ship but I had no one on board when launching (and all parts that can hold kerbals are empty after checking the  "transfer crew" option). When I had normal crew and they were replaced by tourists, I still had LS supplies on board.

    link to log:  http://dasher.nl/kerbal/log.zip

    If you had nobody on board when launching and Kerbals suddenly appeared - that's not USI-LS.  They probably went tourist (which IS USI-LS) because their initial state was not logged because of whatever made them magically appear post-launch.

  3. 18 minutes ago, DeadJohn said:

    Great mod, @RoverDude

    I'll echo the comments that the science modules seem overpowered. There are 4 surface mounted experiments that can be put on the 1st launch. Each experiment provides more science than the stock thermometer and is rerunnable for each surface and atmo biome, so science gathering is accelerated around tenfold compared to stock.

    I tend to use CTT so I end up needing excess science.  If you feel the balance is off feel free to patch to your preferences.

  4. 25 minutes ago, jd284 said:

    Oh yeah, that's a fair point. Using it as a feeder for standard MKS setups at first, and then moving to Wolf parts for scaling up.

    I guess I got thrown off by the tutorials that all seem to start at the deep end first. This makes way more sense.

    I actually do all of that with 100% WOLF.    And I've been saying for years people need to not try making all-in-one bases as their first go to.



  5. 3 minutes ago, jd284 said:

    There's little point in offering the depot early in the tech tree when you need all the other modules anyway just for transport credits.

    Except you don't.   You can easily set up a whole resource network on the mun (or anywhere really) with zero need for life support, with multiple feeder routes from different biomes to a centralized base.   

  6. 39 minutes ago, HeavyDestroyer said:

    I'd like to know where are the values for Wolf harvestable resources stored for game saves.  Like where it says that in that specific save, KSC biome has x amount of Ore. Because I want to change some stuff, or even add new resources.

    I looked in the save files and couldn't find anything, or maybe I'm just blind.

    It leverages the stock resource system, so it's determined by a seed which is used to determine stock resource levels, which we then extrapolate into WOLF values.


  7. 3 hours ago, Artificer_Drachen said:

    Turns out after booting up a new sandbox and testing things, rational resources likely does mess with WOLF resources. Now is there a way to "reset" the resources on existing saves or am I gonna have to go about mostly using the old fashioned mks colonization since it doesn't fix the resources on said existing saves. 

    Disappointing.  Since despite the fact that when this first came up, in the interest of harmony we removed all opinionated resource definitions from CRP, looks like Rational Resources still plays poorly in a shared sandbox and is screwing with things it should not.  In theory, all you have to do is just delete Rational Resources, and that will allow the stock resource system to work as designed.

  8. 1 hour ago, Artificer_Drachen said:

    Hm, I checked the GPP_resources/Res_CRP and there's already a config for water for the planets, Iota included.

    Here's the entry:

        ResourceName = Water
        ResourceType = 0
        PlanetName = Iota
        BiomeName = Droops
            PresenceChance = 1000
            MinAbundance = 4
            MaxAbundance = 10
            Variance = 40
            Dispersal = 10

    Also I do have rational resources installed too, would that cause an issue or is it unrelated?

    I'd remove Rational Resources and see if your problem vanishes.  If so.. there's your answer.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Artificer_Drachen said:

    I use Galileos planet pack and water doesn't exist on iota so far except as hydrates for WOLF, is there any way to mess with configs and add water to it? If it is possible, I'll need to modify the resources I get on Gael too since it doesn't match up to Kerbin.

    In theory, just add a planetary resource config (there should be some examples like Kerbin you can borrow from).  Planetary overrides Global.

  10. 11 minutes ago, priles said:

    @RoverDude, Having some problems with recovering a part from the USI mod. When I recover the part the game charges me 31million funds vs giving me money back. Is there some way for me to fix this? I was going through the part files but was not smart enough to figure out what part it was exactly or if this will happen with other parts. 

    Thank you in advance for looking at this!



    This is a bug with stock.  I recall there are some workaround mods to sort it.

  11. 50 minutes ago, Brigadier said:

    Agreed.  Had you been referring to KSP 2 (and a few people have already tried to cloak their questions regarding "...the other game"), I would have simply been repeating what RoverDude has said many times.  Just trying to help out.:)

    I was mistaken in your intent.

    Yep - NDA for KSP2 is still very much there ;)  All good!

  12. 1 hour ago, Brigadier said:

    If you're referring to KSP2, his NDA will prevent him from saying anything.   If you're referring to another game, my apologies.

    I assume @dlrk means the other game I noted that @DoktorKrogg and I are working on in the release post earlier in the thread, in which case no NDAs (yet!).  Short version - 3X (Explore/Expand/Exploit - no Exterminating!) with adorable robots and other shenanigans.    I've been doing some modeling streams and there's a ton of work going on in the background :)

  13. 11 hours ago, TheMorx said:

    Hi @RoverDude me aigan...

    I´ve asked my question in the CKAN section and they told me that Konstruction requires two other mods to run and these mods are not availabe for my KSP version. Due to the fact that one of these mods is also from you, I´d like to ask, if I can run Konstruction without them or can use these mods in its older versions?


    Thanks again



    Your best best is to pull it from the repo in the OP.  If it's included there - it's needed for the mod and will not work without them.

  14. 43 minutes ago, N3N said:

    Hey @RoverDude,

    thank you for your fast response!


    So that means, that I have to look at the mods that use it, if they have updated too.

    > Did I understand you correctly?


    Just saying that nothing is going to be a direct result of CRP - it's not a stand alone mod.  

  15. Just now, TheMorx said:

    Hi @RoverDude,

    I have the latest Version of KSP and CKAN doesn´t let me install the new version of Konstruction. I don´t know why, but other Mods are also unistallable due to a 1.12.9 rating.

    Have you any Idea what the matter is? ( I started just days ago with modding and have only [x] science and Kerbal Engineer Redux installed via CKAN)




    Talk to the CKAN folks.   Neither @DoktorKrogg or I use CKAN, but they are pretty good about sending us pull requests if something is sketchy.

  16. 11 minutes ago, N3N said:

    Hey @RoverDude and @DoktorKrogg,

    Thanks for your great work!


    Sorry for the maybe stupid question, but where can I find a full changelog?

    I have an ongoing JNSQ (+Kerbalism) game and want to check, if it is save to update.


    CRP is really dependent on the mods that package it.  In the case of anything USI, no difference.

  17. 14 minutes ago, lBoBl said:

    The large Atlas parts have attachment nodes inside the model, and I initially thought that at some point we would be able to use them to have the Atlas parts resting on flat surfaces, that attaching something there would shorten the physical model of the part, exactly like the inner nodes on the tundra modules do. Is that a functionality that is planned in the future or did I misunderstand what they were meant for?

    Planned for the future :)

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