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  1. 26 minutes ago, CateredCarrot said:

    tbh I don´t know what could be the issue.

    But I have never used the flow priority which you mentioned and it worked fine. I am just guessing, but maybe you could try put a pilot and a engineer on the Karibou. 
    Or, just not using the black tanks, using only from USI.

    Yeah you need to use USI tanks for all of that to work, stock tanks don't connect to logistics.

  2. 1 hour ago, Dunan Spy said:

    I was having trouble finding the parts from this mod in the VAB or SPH and discovered in the config files that a lot of the parts in this mod (construction ports and PAL parts) aren't categorized properly (category = none). I have modified my config and can see them now, but i thought you should know. If this is intentional, could someone please explain to me where I can find them? playing on version 1.11.0

    There's a custom Konstruction category added.  This prevents them from appearing in two places and cluttering your toolbox.

  3. 4 minutes ago, alphaprior said:

    I want to build a fuel production base, just ore and a converter so I only need a drill and MPU and of course tanks for ore and fuel. From what I understand while they are in close range under 150m I don't need connections right?

    But what happens when I want to expand my base with logistics center etc. since flexotube is not working anymore. How I'm gonna connect the modules? There are other non flexible tubes but it's gonna be a nightmare connecting them on the ground.
    I've been looking youtube videos but all of them use flexotubes and they are pretty old.

    A lot of the MKS stuff will work disconnected as long as you have some local storage (I recommend enough for a full Kerbal day of outpot).

  4. 1 minute ago, Kielm said:

    Even that provides another troubleshooting route, so thanks. 

    If it is a model causing the problem then there are a few more suspect mods I can yank out. Thanks. 

    I'm thinking best bet is to build that ship or a part equivalent thereof bit by bit till you get the crash.  Start with the Atlas parts and anything USI.

  5. Well that looks horrible.  Hate to say it, but try on a clean USI only save then start adding things back in one by one.  

    Alternatively, start a new craft and start building it back up till you find the offending part


    To add - I've seen that error and fought it myself on the unity side making a part and had to clear vertex data from a model I was working on - but only had that since moving to the new version of Blender, so I wonder if someone checked in a model they should not have....

  6. 3 hours ago, Tacombel said:

    I built the station in LKO in several launches. Once assembled I start the hoppers to refill the station (this is the first time I see that the resources being consumed by the hoppers are not being subtracted in the dashboard).  When the tanks are full, I move the station to its destination, like the mun in this case. Here I forgot to stop and disconnect the hoppers, so they carry on working even in Mun orbit, until they get disconnected some time later. 

    Also, when I moved the station there was still no depot in Mun:Orbit. 

    The plan is to move this station to where it is needed. The protocol should be stop-disconnect-move-connect-start

    Just putting here what I had on Github.

    1.  You can't connect hoppers if there is no depot.

    2.  A depot has to be the only WOLF part on your vessel to establish one (in one of your Github notes, I saw a message indicating this was not the case)

    3.  This use of hoppers is not really a good use case.  You're running afoul of anti-exploit code (to prevent people from doing something silly like taking a bunch of Mun hoppers and landing them on Kerbin to make a little money generator, etc.).  Consider disconnect/reconnect a use at your own risk kind of thing.  

  7. 1 minute ago, Kielm said:

    Nah that's fine, you've got loads going on so stuff will get lost - that's why I mentioned it, I was just hoping not to sound rude by reminding you. Simple craft work great. The items get fabricated and placed into inventory as expected. 

    In the (failed) example, I used KSTS to put a konfab-equipped ship into orbit around Kerbin and then landed it within physics range (150m) of a bunch of other craft. The error:

     "[ERR 00:22:11.528] [ModuleInventoryPart]: Unable to create a snapshot part at index 0. Unable part name=battery-rad-125". 

    showed up anytime I tried to build anything. In that example it was a tiny battery that should've been able to fit anywhere. 


    Now I've gone back and tested the exact same craft again on the launchpad - it works. Tested it in orbit after putting it there with KSTS - it works. The only remaining criteria would take longer to test - putting it within physics range of a bunch of other landed craft with inventories to see if it still gets confused. I'm fighting a Unity crash at the moment so testing anything further is proving difficult.

    np that's the info I need, will see what I can do to repro.   Likely an issue where it's trying to find a place to put the output

  8. 23 minutes ago, Hadron27 said:

    Whenever i try to use the drive it fails i have batteries and xenon and solar panels and even with the mk 1 command pod it doesnt work how do i use it

    Do i need to install anything else then the base mod?

    1.  Nothing else required.

    2.  Do not try to to exotic matter generation and engage the drive at the same time.

    3.  you need to be in a high orbit for it to work.  If in doubt, go higher ;)

  9. 5 hours ago, Kielm said:

    These look very cool. How are the new Konstruction mechanics going to work with this? Is it going to be similar to Ground Konstruction's kits or something different?

    Nice. I'm hoping for a couple of fixes for Konstruction parts going nowhere, moving heavier stuff with more 'enhancers', and a fix for the Orbital Logistics window misbehaving after transfers but I understand it might be a while before those are addressed.

    I'm reverting to KIS/KAS for the majority of on-site building at the moment but Konstruction looks like it's going interesting places :)

    Something different - no DIYKits.  Also p what do you mean by Konstruction parts going nowhere?  (side not - be forewarned in the next release all KIS/KAS support is deprecated).

    3 hours ago, notthebobo said:

    In the spirit of teaching to fish rather than giving a fish, there really are a lot of answers in the Wiki, for example "Changing Converters" in the FAQ.

    O, the poly count! :0.0:  Can't wait to try it. 

    Will this be similar to the GC shipyards where bundles are shipped and attached then built out, or will the ship be designed in the VAB and then launched from here?

    Designed in VAB yes, DIYKits no :)

  10. 4 hours ago, Frank_G said:

    I love the look of Blender in the morning :D... Well done, nice touch of details.

    Will the wires at those legs/arms be rigged to move and deform with the limb? Are you using blendshapes for that? Just curious ;) 

    nah, purely static for this one :)  they are there as greebles, non-functional.

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