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  1. np that's the info I need, will see what I can do to repro. Likely an issue where it's trying to find a place to put the output
  2. Going to apologize in advance if we did this before, got a few eggs in the air. Does this occur on the launchpad with a simple vessel (say, a command pod and a KonFabricator)?
  3. Lofi hip hop music playlist from Spotify - it's pretty chill stuff to work to.
  4. 1. Nothing else required. 2. Do not try to to exotic matter generation and engage the drive at the same time. 3. you need to be in a high orbit for it to work. If in doubt, go higher
  5. Something different - no DIYKits. Also p what do you mean by Konstruction parts going nowhere? (side not - be forewarned in the next release all KIS/KAS support is deprecated). Designed in VAB yes, DIYKits no
  6. nah, purely static for this one they are there as greebles, non-functional.
  7. Monolithic, or more specifically, they launch as the cylindric core, then after they are fed sufficient MatKits, the bits will appear and construction will be complete.
  8. Trying to get a pre-release ready so people can play with the mechanics even if the models are still white stand ins
  9. Today I made orbital shipyard parts for the Konstruction mod
  10. Who likes orbital shipyards? (2.5m and 5m flavors)
  11. Yeah establishing a new depot will give you some power. Probably a UI nuance - the freebies are not shown there it looks like, though generally the workflow is to establish the depot then start planning the expansions vs all in one go.
  12. The low efficiency resource harvesters are bootstrappers. They don't require Kerbals, and you get free power with a depot. Use enough to get your first unit of life support, then build out from there. Use electric rovers to cross some biome thresholds for your initial bootstrap routes, since you can do that without anything required for TCreds (and there's enough biome overlap you can probably find two close together - or even be tricky and ship from A->B, then B->C with zero-TC cost rovers. Once you can support the better harvesters, switch to those.
  13. It makes sure if you do not have space for something, it does not stop the entire conversion process, essentially dumping any resource that does not fit. Yeah, I have to dig in and see what's up.
  14. It's a reflection of a lot of things, but mass is used as a catch-all (though we're adding special parts to use for the cargo capacity part of the equation). SSTO's already provide a massive benefit. Not sure what you mean by SRBs though. And cost would be a lot more complex to calculate, since now you care about not only what changed from point A to point B, but what specific PARTS changes from point A to point B, and that really doesn't add any benefit for the implementation cost.
  15. I think we covered this in a different forum - gonna need a lot more info.
  16. best bet is a clean install, then install your mods, then copy over your save.
  17. If they worked 'before this' then what changed? If you installed a new MKS version - especially a pre-release - all bets are off, it's dependent on 1.11.x - and tbh I have no idea. The best bet per usual is to uninstall one mod at a time (or uninstall all of them, then reinstall one by one) until you find the culprit.
  18. @TomfooleryYT - And which version of MKS? you can see it in the version folder in the UmbraSpaceIndustries\MKS folder. tbh, there are so many mods there I have zero idea what would be causing your conflict. But given it's the PDU, probably something screwing with the nukes. Like - you have both NFE *AND* KSPIE installed.
  19. Start with KSP version, and a screenshot of your GameData folder.
  20. Good question. I would say log a github issue, then we can noodle over what makes sense.
  21. some of those bits are not in game. Working on an alternate for the 20m bottom part. And we're ok with that - if you want to build out refueling infrastructure, that's well within the spirit of the mod. At the end of the day, it's a single player game.
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