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  1. Heya - Looking at doing a KSP mod for sanity, health (less fitness, more 'oops - I got my fingers stuck in the airlock again'), and skills to complement MKS (although the mod would be stand-alone). Would love to chat RE collaboration and making sure the mods do not stomp on eachother
  2. So we have it working Basically the Jaw pulls mass out of the asteroid, leaving hollow space behind. Then you simply attach one or more resource hatches, expand or contract the space allocation, and insert stuff. Obligatory screenshot (this is still WIP!)
  3. A few options - either wheels on the modules to move them around and dock with, or build a crane to manhandle them around. Could also assemble it in space and drop it with a giant sky crane, etc.
  4. They didn't answer because you can't reverse engineer a .mu file. I don't think the issue here is with the community.
  5. So the model I am toying with is less of a linear formula, and more of a variable likelyhood of someone just snapping. i.e. gather up all of the factors, and on a periodic basis, check and see how close to the edge they are, and if they are close, do a check to see if they snap. Surviving these stresses may in some ways help them cope in the future, or may in other cases, result in a PTSD for Kerbals where a seemingly fine Jebediah, despite surviving all of his friends getting killed on that Minums mission, one day just snaps and decides now is a good time to cut all of the parachutes. So a
  6. Indeed, busy at work on this even as we speak WaRi is knocking out the models, I'm polishing off some of the code.
  7. Thanks - will post back once I have a design thread up.
  8. Hopped in here since I was just about to embark on this for MKS, since it needs sanity, physical fitness, unique skills, etc. for the next part of colonization. Can you let me know who's working on it so I can check if it's still under active development? I'd just as soon integrate something complete vs. build, but my concern at the moment is having conflicting dependencies with fitness, sanity, etc.
  9. That would be excellent. Assuming I can get PNGs for all of the bodies, I have no problem dropping in support with the next release for ORS.
  10. Quick update Working on the code for Planetary Storage. Essentially, how it works is this: You would land a module that would drill out an ever expanding useable area under the planet's crust. Attach a port, allocate storage space, and begin filling it. Now, here's the fun part. Because I also have the Proximity Logistics module from MKS, you could have ships land nearby, dip a part into the ground, and transfer in the resources without having to be connected (i.e. by using KAS, docking ports, etc.)
  11. Usual caveat - working textures, models, etc. (but I will keep the idea of embedding the label on the port so you can easily see what resources your tank is full of. Other use cases - Ferry out Kethane, replenish with LFO. Or swap out your supply run of life support supplies and fill up with LFO, all without having to move the mass of empty tanks. Also fun things like custom fuel mixes for spaceplanes with a single tank, etc.
  12. So one of the things I need to build out for Hollow Asteroids is the ability to dynamically allocate storage space in a part (since you could fill your asteroid with Kethane, snacks, whatever). I've decided to knock this out as both an open API, and also just for fun, to do an offshoot of Hollow Asteroids that lets you mine massive storage spaces in the crust of a planet or moon. It works by attaching resource 'ports' to a 'tank' that has a definition of both available and mazimum capacity (i.e. as you mine it out). These can then be tweaked, expanding and contracting the space allocated to
  13. possible, will put it on the list (bear in mind it will be far down the list since I think you're the only person using this undocumented tweak ) You need to click on the arrows in the Kethane overlay to look at the different elements available
  14. On the roadmap - generating the PNGs is the bit that I am dreading tbh, but something I do want to do
  15. Good deal - will ping you offline. I think the two will make a nice fit.
  16. Nifty! Was just about to build a part similar to your probe for the Hollow Asteroids mod (currently wrapping up the API for dynamic tank partitioning). Would not mind chatting and see if we can work together on some asteroid goodness
  17. Thanks for the catch - just fixed it And I am totally loving CTS - fits MKS like a glove.
  18. Just packaged the release version including the alternate configs. Going to do one last sanity check, then prepare the release thread
  19. So here's the plan RE CoolBeer's configs. I am going to just run his multipliers through an alternate config set (I generate all of my configs procedurally). This will be on GitHub, and you would just copy these over the existing MKS Parts folder. It will assume you have already sorted out the rest of the stuff with TAC. I will make zero guarantees - things may be unleashed, children may be eaten
  20. Not suprised, but then that means the mod is working as it should. Here's how I do my bases:
  21. I'm testing final benchmarks right now, then that's on the agenda for tonight - I will launch with it. Had to slightly ease up some production rates on after I had repeated incidents of Kerbin's smartest Kerbonauts dieing en masse.
  22. No worries - my plan is to have a separate download that rebalances all of the configs appropriately, I just need to play with his configs and make sure I break nothing
  23. Excellent - Just finished some final Proxy Logistics tweaks on my end, but overall it's looking pretty solid, so I think this may actually be released this week.
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