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  1. Additional PSA/Notes. There is some new experimental code up on GitHub - plugs in the new hub (symmetrical, so you can rotate it like the station hub), fixes some config issues (Required Resources were not working properly), and renames GreenMesaIndustries to UmbraSpaceIndustries so that I'm alphabetically below TAC, which gets rid of my need to inclue the TAC DLL in MKS, and also fixes a reported incompatiblity with Stretchy SRBs. This is NOT yet in the ZIP yet, I'll be doing that later this week (band rehearsal tonight), and I want to finish off the new PDU model and do a complete shakedown of my test colony before zipping up again. Note that once this goes to public release, all bets are off with folder structures, etc., I am just maintaining full backwards compatability while in alpha. Public release will be AFTER .24 because I want to work in contracts (and see if I can have it give you $K for sending back stuff made at your Colony, making them an option for generating funds). Also integrating a science-generator in-line with what KSP-I has, so folks without KSP-I can get the benefit of gradual science generation (will be a lower rate for balance issues).
  2. I have no idea what their building scheme is But if it's just a matter of a few configs, I have no aversion to adding some more bits in. Currently working on a new PDU (based off of the refinery model) that combines a bunch of batteries and RTG's in a much larger package for power generation (thus saving on parts).
  3. Renewed via composting which is one of the requirements to keep the greenhouse rolling (and where their nutrients come from). EnrichedSoil is one of the two non-consumed resources (not unlike starting a boxed garden bed - you establish a base then just have to refresh it with other materials over time).
  4. I'll take a look - it should be taking in recycleables and dumping out metal, polymers, and chemicals.
  5. Going to dog-ear this I have a long-term roadmap for the project (very large-scale constructibles, underground colonies, etc.) and always good to hear interesting ideas. And yeah, I think the egg theory makes as much sense as anything else
  6. Another quick update - currently working through some adjustments to proximity logistics. Specifically, have the range affected by the number and quantity of Kerbals serving in the logistics distribution part. So brave Kerbals will be more willing to go out of that airlock to deliver supplies, while stupid ones will tend to be... well... stupider. So it will be a combination of both stats that in the end determine range. There will also be a ColonySupply and ElectricCharge consumption rate - this will be tied to the number of Kerbals that are servicing the distribution module. There's also a replacement for the docking hub part - it does not actually dock, and the six nodes are a pain - so I made it a cube that you can rotate, and am keeping the docking port as a separate part. Will also add an 'Airlock' module for completeness/aesthetics with a crew capacity and a functioning hatch. (I'm doing a revamp of the larger tubs (changing the collider as well as lowering the landing strut anchor points for consistency), but will not be breaking any alpha saves (these will have an MKS_014x prefix, where x is an incremental letter). Note that when this does go live, I will be renaming all of the parts to their final designation so that I don't break anyone's saves (they will all revert back to the MKS_ designation with no version prefix), but you may want to deprecate the parts/etc. on your own or change configs as appropriate.
  7. Awesome! I'm trying to tighten everything up before a public release, so feedback is really encouraged and appreciated
  8. Ahh good to know Short versions - KSP loads mods for whatever reason alphabetically, and I come alphabetically before TAC so if TAC is not loaded, my mod gets very sad (this is probably why the toolbar mod is in a '000_' folder. Suprised it caused an issue, so I'll have to go back and see what I can sort out, if it's a solveable issue (other than the horrible hack of renaming my root folder in GameData). If MKS fails to work, go ahead and rename the GreenMesaIndustries folder to zzMKS or something and see if that fixed it after deleting my copy of the TAC dll?
  9. New version is up - includes nifty bits for docking (four-way hub, tube, and docking port)
  10. Oh, they work fine as cosmetic parts without TAC. You just can't do any of the fancy resource gen stuff (but that's all for LS anyway so probably a moot point for someone not using LS)
  11. If you want the parts for cosmetic reasons, that will work. But none of the generators will work (i.e. none of the resource conversion and supply chain) since those generators take a direct dependency on TAC. Switching Life Support Mods would pretty much be 'a thing' since it's a very tight coupling (by design). You could then just plug in any othe modules of your choice for LS, and I expect ProxyLogistics will work since that's broken apart in the next version, just no manufacturing.
  12. Hopefully an easy question. I have a part with radial nodes, set it up in unity, and the nodes work beautifully. However, they are all size 0... how do I make them size 1 or 2? Sample below. NODE { name = top transform = TF5 size = 1.0 method = FIXED_JOINT //FIXED_JOINT, HINGE_JOINT, LOCKED_JOINT, MERGED_PHYSICS or NO_PHYSICS }
  13. As an addendum - TAC is incredibly good about 'catching up'. I've left Kerbals on planets for years, and the entire logistics chain catches up upon focus, which I always saw as a good thing from a perf standpoint. I do agree on the not so good models, although I know a few folks have tackled this. - - - Updated - - - Oh... new screenine. I'm working on docking modules for those that don't want to work with the proximity logistics. ProxyLogistics also got a huge overhaul this week but is still in testing.
  14. Probably not in the short to medium term. The reason I take the TAC dependency is to keep all of the Colony generators on exactly the same cycle as the Life Support ones, so it would entail doing a branch and subclassing (if possible) the ECLSS generators. Also, looking at the ECLSS thread it seems a bit buggy.
  15. I'm going to do some revisiting and see if I can just adjust my rates to be inline with EPL instead That way everyone plays nice together.
  16. Nope. The config just adds in the new resources (same with the Kethane config). The DLL is needed there because I sublcass, and for whatever reason, KSP loads the DLL's in alphabetical order (so kinda a pain, unless I rename my stuff to come in after TAC, which I just may do at some point). Same reason the toolbar mod starts with 000_
  17. It SHOULD play nice - I made sure the resources do not conflict (I use the same names and masses for Ore and Metal). Someone else on the thread did mention adjusting production rates as well. It would also be almost trivial to MM up a new part using the refinery model to make RocketParts. Also, the drills should also work since EPL uses Kethane (there's already a Kethane config in the distro where I modify the stock Kethane drills). I may have to play with EPL myself and see if I missed anything, but I expect you'll be in good shape.
  18. ConstructionParts are required but non-consumed (new concept in the plugin). ColonySupplies are consumed. Think of ConstructionParts as the walls, bulkheads, and initial fitting out, whereas ColonySupplies are the things that break due to normal wear and tear.
  19. I'll take a look - the vessel type is set to be a base, that might be part of it. I assume you have the ColonyHub as your root part? Also, crewed or not crewed?
  20. 750 actually, and they are just a resource, so no worries on lag. Basically MKS adds a plugin that will not allow modules to function unless a certain number of resources (which are not consumed) are in the specific part (they do not flow). Kethane and TAC-LS. FYI there's a new walkthrough (link on the first page) that takes you through three missions to get your first colony up and running. That should take the edge off the learning cliff. Yep, all parts are under Advanced Science Tech for now, although before the official release I'll spread them out a bit.
  21. Another PSA - efficiency just got really interesting, since it takes into account Kerbals crewing the different modules, as well as the relationship with disconnected ships. So a connected colony with several modules will tend to spread out the Kerbals more, while a series of small, disconnected clusters will tend towards more extremes - so doing a skeleton crew on construction while concentrating on life support can yield some interesting results. I am also going to, just for fun, add in the use of the Stupidity trait. i.e. smarter Kerbals will have a marginally positive effect on efficiency while overly stupid ones will have a corresponding negative one.
  22. Large update incoming: Workspaces and Efficiency Logistics (short range auto-transfer of resources, including Life Support - can be turned off if you so desire) New (final?) model set Updated generation quantities (makes bases a bit more manageable - now Kerbatats/Greenhouses support 3 v 1 Kerbal, so less mod duplication) Teaser screenshot - going through another round of tests on my dev save before I stick a fork in it. Kolony below can support 9 Kerbals. Air dropping a Kolony onto Duna....
  23. Tutorial Walkthrough So I'm starting a walkthrough series that goes through a Duna colonization from start to finish. If folks could take a look and provide feedback (i.e. is this clear enough?) that would rock. https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/wiki/Walkthrough
  24. Depends oj definition of save breaking. At a minimum, there will be a reworking once TAC-LS updates how they handle consumption. Model wise, I'd guess stability in a week or two. Personally I've launched and scrapped more colonies than I care to even mention Basically every thime I set one up, if something bugs me I stop, rework it, and plug it back into the mod (although I feel that for parts it's mostly going to be for additions). That being said, starting with the next version I will be numbering the parts by version so that you can choose to either do a side by side, or wipe out your old parts and build anew (i.e. I will not break existing parts, but the old versions will not receive updates, and will not make it into the public release).
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