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  1. Very cool, Rover. Really digging the MEM-style pod. Could we possibly get a version (or perhaps 'molded' radial parts) that has nodes for attaching it to 1.25m (preferably with clearance for 2.5m attachment)? I can mock up an example if what I mean isn't clear. I prefer the look (and at some level the challenge) of connecting a base so that the interior is a contained shirtsleeves environment. I also understand if your vision is more centered on KAS-connected structures (which seems to be the case). Either way keep up the good work!

    Sure, PM me with a mock up or other example of what you're looking for and I can take a look. I *think* I get what you're asking for but want to be sure.

  2. So as noted previously in the thread, the artist concepts for some of the NASA MARS Design Reference Missions have a pretty distinctive look:


    Basically tubular reinforcement around the more fragile tub bit.

    I also liked the look of the Mars Excursion Module, and thought something like it would make a lovely six-Kerbal colony hub, double as a Mission Control for RemoteTech, and be a nice 3.75m module that lets all of the 2.5m MKS modules fit beautifully inside of fairings, with some space for their descent parts:


    Thus, I present to you a series of updated components that pay homage to the DRM concept art:






  3. I'll second that one. OTOH, the game gets kinda glitchy with about 30 modules in play, and more so when they are within the 2.25 km off-rails zone. But on the other hand.... I worked really hard to get all those docking ports to line up right. And the glitching will happen when those modules are connected or not--they just have to be in the zone. I like the idea. but I feel like it's gonna backfire and look more like Command and Conquer or Warcraft 2 than KSP, ya know?

    Figure either way, folks will be free to choose - would be an alternative, just like KAS is not required (though I expect folks will use it) and for me, it just seems unrealistic that I am pouring all of that stuff via a 6" pipe ;)

  4. If you let them go past the 2.5km physics limit, and just have it diagrammed in some sort of toolbar-based UI I'd like that.

    Also, question that I thought of in class today: Would a colony be able to support more than just itself? If I build a colony on Laythe, and put a space station in orbit, would I be able to use the colony to support both itself and the station?

    It will work in a way similar to how RemoteTech works RE linking. I had some other ideas RE orbit, etc. (there would have to be costs involved as well as delay) but that would be a later phase

    - - - Updated - - -

    Are you considering the switch to liters for TAC LS units, such as food, oxygen and water?

    There is a discussion going in its own thread and some people have even done the switching already via cfg edits.

    How will your mod play with that?

    Yep, that's definitely something I'd want to do, so when that hits and TAC gets down to their final numbers, I'll adjust all of mine to fit in and do a rebalancing run.

  5. To me the idea that people would hand carry or use rovers rather than interconnect modules is what hurts my suspension of disbelief it just doesn't seem believable to me, but I may just be the outsider there.

    Interestingly enough, the pics I find of the NASA Mars DRM almost always show non-connected modules with Rovers around them (it's part of what inspired the idea, since the newer models are very DRM like).



    Same with their concepts for a moon base...


    So maybe not so far fetched ;)

  6. MKS Mechanic: Logistics.

    Because of how MKS works and the sheer number of launches, etc. KAS pipes can get just a little bit buggy (with too many random explosions). So I've been playing with the design concept of logistics - basically, the auto-transfer of resources between MKS modules without direct connections. The main rub has been that this can feel too much like 'magic'. so I would like to put forth a design proposal for early feedback that I think mitigates this.

    In the real world, interconnection of modules for a colony should not be required to transfer stuff. Folks would either hand carry, or more likely, use rovers to shuttle resources around. thus, a new part will be created (along with a subassembly) that is basically a cargo rover body. These would be parked in between modules to build and extend logistics chains. Working numbers are 50m from a Rover to the Colony Hub or an MKS module, 100m between Rovers. There has to be a chain from the MKS module to the Colony Hub for this to work, but with enough Rovers, players could build very large supply chains. Obligatory image below:


    Visually, you would see ant trails of Rovers between far flung modules, thus helping in the suspension of disbelief.

  7. I would highly recommend putting this graphic on the front page. This is arguably critical to understanding the supply chain. thank you!

    No debate :) I'll be doing more wiki work while I work on the next version. On a side note, for 0.14, I am putting the bits in an experimentals folder with alternate part names while testing continues, that way folks can choose to play with the new parts separately from the legacy ones. Just be aware that once this goes to the initial release, all of the old parts will be deprecated and everything will get it's final name, etc.

  8. One more quick simulation.

    Computer hub, solid cap, probe core, batteries. I set all consumables in the VAB to full, except colony supplies to 50. Launch, run "Assemble", and fast forward. This is the result:


    Notably, it doesn't seem to "assemble" anything, it just consumes resources. It seems that a module called "computer factory" that performs the function "assemble" ought to make computers, not require them (and "assemble" nothing").

    I seem to be missing a critical concept here, and it's not on your wiki or explained in the flowchart you did for the food cycle. What exactly am I missing?

    Yep, a computer factory makes computers. It's very possible you have a bad build - there was a point where those modules did not work right, so you may want to grab the ZIP again and retry

  9. couple of error codes for you:


    How do you supply construction parts?


    What is missing from the colony hub?

    For Construction Parts:

    You either ship in or create construction parts with the construction hub - these are non-consumed resources, so basically once you have your 250 you're set for life. Think of it as buying a building that's just a shell, then all of the work in kitting it out with plumbing, furniture, wiring, etc. (that'a what construction parts represent). So you can have durable structures but not deal with the launch cost.

    hrm.. your Colony hub should work (that error you see is basically it saying it's not attached to anything). See if clicking the generator helps.. if not, it may be a breaking change with the different caps. The config for all caps tells what kind it is, you need one that has 'Command' on it - i.e. this in the config file:




    PartCategory = Command


  10. So after a lot of fiddling around, I think I'm going to focus on keeping the look/feel consistent with the NASA parts for the mars mission. They even have greenhouses and ISRU's. so other than the new resource containers I just tossed on github (smaller, inline versions) I'm going to hold off on updates for a week or two so people can focus on gameplay, and so that I can sort through the models (I will post art here, etc. for review).

    The plus side is that the parts will be, in my opinion, a nice mesh of Kerbal and NASA parts (kinda like the mini shuttle project). The downside is they will not blend as well as stock parts, but then I have no aversion to adding a different model pack down the road if there's enough interest.


  11. Quick update. Your new storage bins are WAY too massive. even in a new save I can't incorporate them into my designs. They look really cool, but the smaller modular ones were much easier to build with. Maybe you can compromise?

    I am adding textures to some I just got from another modder this weekend :) The idea of the 'pancake' bins is that they have a huge volume, but are also very stable on the ground - so there will be, in the end, the ground based modules and the inline ones. So next update will include all three bin types - Rover-friendly resource bins, pancake ground bins, and the new inline/narrow bins

    FYI - here's what I ended up doing to launch these things...


  12. I was wondering if the resource system could be tied into biomes at all. Say for instance your best chance of finding water would be at the poles. Of course only kerbin mun and min have biomes as of now, I was just curious.

    Not quite biome based, but I am considering (in a future phase once the rest of gameplay is done) setting up some intelligent defaults for the resource fields using Kethane, so you'd get the same effect (I.e. some spots where resources always are, like water on the Duna poles), and the rest being randomized

  13. One thing I'd suggest is looking at what other mods already have - i.e. when doing my mod, I looked at BioMass, TAC, EL, etc. with an eye to making sure I played nice, and found some really good consistency with the exception of TAC (which I believe will be addressed in a later release due to the changes in calculation of time).

    Side note - there is also this thread specifically on unified resource guidelines: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/61296-Unified-Resource-Guidelines-and-Catalog-for-Modders

  14. Rover, what is the Interstellar planet-based science stuff you referenced? I am not aware of it.

    KSP Interstellar - one of the bits is that it lets you create labs on planets and in orbit that, among other things, generate science. It's actually the reason I ended up building all of MKS ;)

    - - - Updated - - -

    all the old modules are still in the download RoverDude

    Whoops - fixed!

  15. Sooooo..... what makes colony supplies then?

    An excellent question! WIKI article covering this at https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/wiki/Manufacturing

    Bear in mind Colony Supplies are like the end-game of MKS - they are the end of the entire logistics chain. One balance thing I am looking at is making sure that it's more effective to ship out Colony Supplies than it is to ship out food, etc.

    This is (currently) not the case, simce, to support 10 Kerbals for 500 days, I either need 12.7 tons of Life Support supplies, or 20.8 tons of Colony Supplies. So building the colony is a long game - i.e. if your mission is a single trip and back, even at several years, just haul LS supplies. But if you want a permanent residence that can even generate spare food for return trips, etc. (say, a colonization of Laythe and exploration of Jool) then MKS makes sense.

    (FYI, I've chopped the Colony Supply requirement in my dev build by a factor of 10 to make it more inline with TAC for all MKS modules, otherwise it was just too much of a swing - over 10:1)

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