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  1. To add on - Computers are one of the bits you need for ColonySupplies - it's the longset chain in the series, as you can see by the illustration below Orange = something you can harvest. Blue = non-harvested resources/output. Grey = an MKS module. Green is the resource you're trying to produce. Orange lines = a resource is consumed. Green lines = a resource is produced.
  2. Yep, a computer factory makes computers. It's very possible you have a bad build - there was a point where those modules did not work right, so you may want to grab the ZIP again and retry
  3. For Construction Parts: You either ship in or create construction parts with the construction hub - these are non-consumed resources, so basically once you have your 250 you're set for life. Think of it as buying a building that's just a shell, then all of the work in kitting it out with plumbing, furniture, wiring, etc. (that'a what construction parts represent). So you can have durable structures but not deal with the launch cost. hrm.. your Colony hub should work (that error you see is basically it saying it's not attached to anything). See if clicking the generator helps.. if not, it may be a breaking change with the different caps. The config for all caps tells what kind it is, you need one that has 'Command' on it - i.e. this in the config file: MODULE { name=KolonyWorkshop PartCategory = Command }
  4. So after a lot of fiddling around, I think I'm going to focus on keeping the look/feel consistent with the NASA parts for the mars mission. They even have greenhouses and ISRU's. so other than the new resource containers I just tossed on github (smaller, inline versions) I'm going to hold off on updates for a week or two so people can focus on gameplay, and so that I can sort through the models (I will post art here, etc. for review). The plus side is that the parts will be, in my opinion, a nice mesh of Kerbal and NASA parts (kinda like the mini shuttle project). The downside is they will not blend as well as stock parts, but then I have no aversion to adding a different model pack down the road if there's enough interest.
  5. Max graphic settings with compressed textures I have a very high end PC, but also a TON of addons
  6. FYI - fun with blender today. Some of the model's original inspiration was the NASA mars mission, so the upcoming models are a bit more true to that:
  7. I am adding textures to some I just got from another modder this weekend The idea of the 'pancake' bins is that they have a huge volume, but are also very stable on the ground - so there will be, in the end, the ground based modules and the inline ones. So next update will include all three bin types - Rover-friendly resource bins, pancake ground bins, and the new inline/narrow bins FYI - here's what I ended up doing to launch these things...
  8. Not quite biome based, but I am considering (in a future phase once the rest of gameplay is done) setting up some intelligent defaults for the resource fields using Kethane, so you'd get the same effect (I.e. some spots where resources always are, like water on the Duna poles), and the rest being randomized
  9. One thing I'd suggest is looking at what other mods already have - i.e. when doing my mod, I looked at BioMass, TAC, EL, etc. with an eye to making sure I played nice, and found some really good consistency with the exception of TAC (which I believe will be addressed in a later release due to the changes in calculation of time). Side note - there is also this thread specifically on unified resource guidelines: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/61296-Unified-Resource-Guidelines-and-Catalog-for-Modders
  10. I think one bit that makes this a little easier is the focus is more on the harvesting (though it is still a lot of launches), the modules themselves are pretty light - they just get unweildy when you fill them with stuff. FYI - no issues with 23.5 so far. I'm playtesting a new base and also working on the wiki as well as some new illustrations and guides.
  11. Starting some WIKI work - let me know if these charts are too confusing: https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/wiki/Life-Support
  12. True - especially since Ike and Duna have the same science multiplier. Super long term I may have to consider ways to incentivize having colonies on other places - possibly tying into the contract system, where there's an appropriate monetary reward for establishing that Duna colony.
  13. KSP Interstellar - one of the bits is that it lets you create labs on planets and in orbit that, among other things, generate science. It's actually the reason I ended up building all of MKS - - - Updated - - - Whoops - fixed!
  14. New version is up - ping me with any issues. This is a breaking change - specifically, the old storage hut is deprecated (new ones are available) and some of the caps have changed.
  15. An excellent question! WIKI article covering this at https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/wiki/Manufacturing Bear in mind Colony Supplies are like the end-game of MKS - they are the end of the entire logistics chain. One balance thing I am looking at is making sure that it's more effective to ship out Colony Supplies than it is to ship out food, etc. This is (currently) not the case, simce, to support 10 Kerbals for 500 days, I either need 12.7 tons of Life Support supplies, or 20.8 tons of Colony Supplies. So building the colony is a long game - i.e. if your mission is a single trip and back, even at several years, just haul LS supplies. But if you want a permanent residence that can even generate spare food for return trips, etc. (say, a colonization of Laythe and exploration of Jool) then MKS makes sense. (FYI, I've chopped the Colony Supply requirement in my dev build by a factor of 10 to make it more inline with TAC for all MKS modules, otherwise it was just too much of a swing - over 10:1)
  16. Ok - you can get the planning spreadsheet here: https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/blob/master/MKS_Worksheet.xlsx
  17. 30 input / 30 output for Colony Supply I actually have an Excel spreadsheet I used during design - it includes a nifty calculator for setting up colonies. I'll clean it up and add it to the GitHub repo
  18. Hmm... Can't seem to replicate this (I buit the same ship, no issues). Can you PM me a craft file?
  19. Aha! So some quick things That cap will not work with a Colony Hub - has to be the command style cap (the one with windows). Also it gets sad if it is not directly attached Let me go see if I can repl the screen issue now
  20. New rover-style cargo box. Two side-by-side hex pods. Comes in two varieties - Ore/Minerals (5K cap each, 10K cap total), Substrate/Water (5K cap each, 10K cap total) Front view:
  21. Let me try to replicate. Can you toss a screenie of your ship in the VAB? I just want to confirm which cap you're using.
  22. Depends, probably more likely to use Ike, although with Duna you could (in theory) just mine your stuff on Ike and parachute your raw materials in. Probably the better use case for a Duna base would be if you were using KSPI and wanted to drop bases on more desireable planets for science.
  23. FYI - you inspired me to make a specific 'Rover' version of the storage tank optimized to have axles and wheels attached Wide and flat with a low (relative to a Rover) center of gravity. Going to sneak this in before the next update since I am changing up the storage tanks and the current ones are not as Rover friendly as I would like.
  24. You probably want a site that has both minerals and ore first, because these two together make ConstructionParts via the Construction Hub, and you will need those for every single module (unless you feel like hauling an extra 20 tons of stuff for each module). Figure that colonies are built more for long term use, so ruggedness is more of a consideration than being lightweight. You would need to manually haul in Life Support until you can get that up and running, so you want a Terraformer (to make your soil) and that module needs substrate and water. So you either have to hope that your initial site has substrate, minerals, and ore (and haul in water), or you have to set up a secondary site and relaunch stuff to your first site (which is what I have to do on Minmus on my save). LS wise, for each Kerbal you will need a single Greenhouse and a single Kerbitat. And the water purifier of the Terraformer can support up to 10 greenhouses. Not yet, the supply chain (outside of life support) is geared to create Colony Supplies. To do 100% of the chain, you need substrate, ore, and minerals, and a lot of modules (from refining through manufacturing then through assembly). The end game is that you can recycle used Colony Supplies back to metal/polyumers/chemicals, and the entire thing acts as a giant closed system, so you can, at the end, have a 'Green Colony' where you no longer have to mine for resources. FYI once TAC changes I'll change to stay in sync. My net effect is that water will get a lot heavier Right now my resources are in line with things like EL, etc. and I expect TAC will end up being in line with the other mods at 200 units per cubic meter. I spent today making some very large visios showing the different supply chains from the perspective of several small closed systems (life support, supplies, etc.). It should be up in the next couple of days, since I also want to write some narrative to go with it, and show the supply chains from simplest to hardest.
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