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  1. I spent a bit more time fiddling with numbers and found that integrating with EL and maintaining a balance between the slow MKS processing and the faster EL processing isn't too bad if you adjust how many rocketparts are created per robot/computer/modularpart, approx 4000 rocketparts/wk right now (also taking into account ColonySupplies production). First thing I built was a rover chock full of KAS fittings and pylons to connect everything so I wouldn't need to have poor Jeb running around hooking up pipes to transfer materials for the next stage.

    Awesome - if you can PM me your config, I can add it as an optional generator for the Assembly Plant

  2. That would be awesome, and make landing bases A LOT easier, while also keeping some realism.

    I tried it last night and it technically worked but the tubes looked all weird - will do some more fiddling and try to PM the mod makers and see what I would need to do to get it tubey.

    I do get all of the sentiment on the invisible transfers bit - although one thing I am trying to avoid is having my base spontaneously explode from physics which I have happen sometimes with KAS and docking ports.

  3. Just a idea i had. How about allowing for construction of KAS pipe end points using some module of MKO?

    These are very usefull and you dont wanna run out of them. And pipes are probably easy to manodacture, its nothing complicated.

    Also, Rover do you plan to make various conditions of planets affect how base works?

    For example duna is warmer than mun and habitat woudl require less energy for keeping kerbals warm.

    To go one step further, it would be interesting to allow the manufacture of anything that is KAS storeable. Also environmental controls are on the super long term list, but not till a later phase

  4. I might just be "old school" but I think direct attachment (docking ports or KAS) is the way to go. Your Idea would greatly simplify base building, but to me seems unrealistic, esepcially if you are running an unmanned outpost.

    One option would possibly be to make it a manned component, and I think having the colony under a giant translucent dome would help with the immersion bit.

    Another would be to see if I can hack KAS enough to make large tubes.

    In either case, all about options :)

  5. So I did some noodling on this, and I have an idea that I am going to try out.

    Ultimately, 'attaching stuff' is a solved problem, but also one that presents issues, whether you use docking ports, really large ships, etc.

    So what if we went a totally different route?

    Say you had a colony of ten separate structures - not attached, but rather just a bunch of stand-alone ships/structures in rendering range. At the center would be a kind of Logistics Hub, that would be able to transfer (automatically, but at a cost) resources between multiple ships in the same area?

    How it would work is this. When a generator kicked off, it would check to see if it had sufficient inputs. If it did not, it would attempt to take some from any nearby logistics hubs. then, once processing was complete, it would attempt to put any outputs in that same logistics hub provided space was available.

    From an immersion standpoint, we'd assume that the Kerbals had rovers, etc. to ferry supplies between the colony's different buildings. And long term, I would want to see if I could cover the logistic hub's range in a giant non-colliding clear bubble ;)

    Granted, I have NFI if this is even doable, but if it is, it's going to either be incredibly easy or crazy hard.


  6. I remember that from the OP, but things like smelting ore into metal wouldn't really be boosted by more people standing around and watching it, but tripling the power use to smelt the ore would surely double the ore to metal conversion rate.

    True, but figure it would be triple the power and triple the people (or, more correctly, going from robotic smelters to having Kerbals keep things moving more efficiently).

    It could also be a secondary converter, or even a separate add-on module (even something radially attached via KAS) that affects this, since I already peek at the attached parts.

    Thinking out loud, maybe the idea of an attachable controller upgrade that you slap on the module, and when present, changes some of the rates on the generator. It's certainly a doable thing, especially if you have KSP I and can work in MegaJoules.

  7. I would love to see the speed of conversions somehow adjustable. If you have massive amounts of power, you can create resources quickly (albeit less efficiently).

    There will be an efficiency mod in the next phase, although it's based on crew count and workspace area. So the more Kerbals you have on-site and the more space you have for them to work in, the faster the modules work. So kinda like dropping in a large construction crew for a year, then pulling them back home once it's done and leaving the scientists, etc. behind.

  8. This is a fantastic mod! I spent some time with it over the weekend and decided to play around with integrating it with Extraplanetary Launchpad. In the assembly array I added another assembler that would create RocketParts for use in EL. The conversion rate needs some tweaking, but it worked. The next goal is to launch a bootstrap to minmus and set up a self-sufficient, self-expanding base.

    I also started testing out the refinery (already have an ore and kethane miner sitting on minmus), though the ore -> metal smelting process seemed a bit long.

    I noticed the secondary and tertiary factory modules didn't have any outputs (and some were missing inputs), there are missing resource definitions and the output line syntax is invalid in the cfgs.

    You can increase the rate by either changing conversion rate or scaling up the ins/outs. I think the length difference between MKS and EL is more that I try to intentionally make stuff slow/hard since you have to feed in life support. That being said, if it seems too slow and there's consensus, these can be tweaked.

    And yeah there looks to be a bug in the secondary/tertiary converters - I'll fix those up tonight and post an update

  9. 1. Actually, I like your idea even better. Does not require my Kerbals to sit at home and be useless. Smart ;-)

    Can't wait to test it, I just hope my other 12 mods don't crash my memory usage.

    Will try to fiddle a bit with Minmus, and report back.

    Thx for making this mod. Sounds promising

    If it's any indication, I run with over 35 mods so you should be ok ;)

    If in doubt, try adding a texture reduction mod. I use the BoulderCo one on aggressive.

  10. 2 Questions though then:

    1. Can Kerbitat be populated (actual kerbal getting in) ?

    2. When Kerbitat is populated i assume a Kerbal does the conversion (Food->Waste, Water->WasteWater, O2->CO2). If Kerbal is not occupying Kerbitat, this part of conversion is not happening i assume

    3. Since there could be several Kerbitats used for resource generation, i still think it would be practical to have a single hub to connect your craft to (not to have to pop with my lander between kerbitats to collect enough resources to take to orbit station)

    1. Yes (kinda). the Kerbitat MKS module is not crewed (none are), but it's required cap has a one crew capacity. The actual location of your Kerbals could be anywhere in the base.

    2. Probably another way of thinking of it is that the Kerbitat has storage tanks for Waste/WasteWater/CO2, which are then consumed by other attached modules to convert them, and the Kerbitat in turn can store resources regardless of where the generation module is.

    3. Since all of the MKS bits would have to be linked to operate, once your ship is docked you could just transfer from any Kerbitat, which should all stay at a pretty high net amount due to the closed system - and if you drained one, it would just be the first to fill up again.

    So one way to get what you are looking for would be to have your Kerbitats brimming with food/water/oxy on launch (they hold 500 each). Alternatively, if that number is too low, I could always add in a stand-alone high capacity provisions module specifically to handle this kind of excess conversion.

  11. Will it be possible to also have a manufacture module that would produce some food / water / oxygen and store it somewhere for craft resupply ?.

    I.e. if you look at TAC Fuel Balancer, it is already possible to transfer TAC resources between ships if they are docked.

    I thought of the following scenario:

    Let's say i have a Kethane Refinery on Duna. Assuming I would want to build a base with MKS around it, the situation where i see this mod being awesome, is taking my Lander Craft, or my SSTO, and landing close to base, and just refuel (from rafinery - already exists from kethane), and restock food, water and oxygen, while leaving wastewater CO2 for future reprocessing (in exactly the same fashion - i.e. connect a KAS fuel line between storage hut and lander).

    I was thinking land nearby and use KAS to transfer resources.

    This would cut the Food dependency on Kerbin not only for the Duna base, but for the whole Duna system, making each planetary system self containable from the TAC Life Support perspective.

    If I understood your Tutorial, at the moment it is only possible to have the i.e. Duna base self-sustained.

    Just an Idea, but perhaps it could be more. I will test your mod a bit and give you some feedback later

    that i.e. if I had a Duna base, i could take my lander from the Duna orbit station and refill my food/water/

    Actually, if you had a spare Kerbitat and Greenhouse and enough capacity in your Terraformer water purifier, you could do this with existing modules.

    Just transfer all of your waste to the Kerbitat, and since you're at a net positive with the other LS mods, this would automatically be generated into the other supplies.

    So one scenario I envisioned is to have a near autonomous base, but with several extra Kerbitat/Greenhouse pairs specifically for this kind of resource generation.

  12. FYI - did a recent test to shake through some of the long term effects of converters and make sure the interface with TAC was working properly. My test ship had a Colony Hub, Terraformer for Purify, Kerbitat, and a Greenhouse. It also started with a seed of about 600 TAC LS supplies. I launched this ship with Jeb on board, then set another one to warp and push forward the global timer.

    I let Jeb spin around for a few years without focus until TAC LS had him shown as good and dead for a couple of months and his last update was a few years in the past. Note that to get food, he had to go through three converters - a composter in the Kerbitat, then the greenhouse to BioMass, then back to the Kerbitat for cooking :)

    When I then went and gave him focus, despite being 'dead' for over 30 days, all of his numbers snapped back, and he was in fact quite alive, and dining on snacks. Granted, these snacks had gone from Jeb's digestive track about 600 times, but were no worse for the wear.

  13. Yay, update! Rover, I have read the wiki pages twice and still don't get what that point of the construction hub is. It produces a type of part that I don't see referenced anywhere else. What does one do with these parts, and how?

    No problem

    Basically, each module must have 250 construction parts inside of it in order to function, otherwise the generators will not work. These are also VERY heavy, so one way of saving weight (to the tune of 20T per module) is to build them in place at your Colony. The Construction Hub can take ore and minerals and make these parts.

    Later on, when you want to build your own supplies, one of the supplies you need as a component are ModularParts - these are the secondary function of a construction hub.

    I'm going to draw up an infographic this week to help with this

  14. New models. All 16 core modules are done. Flat form factor, but require the addition of a cap - these are modular so the same 16 modules can be used inline or with their deployed tops. These come in clear round, solid round, and windowed.


    Inline cap (can be used by any module)


    All sixteen cores. Each has a numeric and color code, because trying to find a single module in a colony with 20 identical core parts is kinda hard. Will offer alternate textures for launch if there's interest (mor subduded or without most of the markings).


    Running through a batch of playtesting this weekend with the intent that if all goes well, I'll update dropbox and also swap out the imagery at the start of the thread (and also update the license).

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