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  1. Also to solve some of the mystery on stock converters. As you warp things will move in chunks - the max being about a four hour chunk in a single game tick. So as long as you have enough storage to handle the ins and outs of all of your resource chains to accommodate that, the resource converter system is pretty solid
  2. Just to be clear, CRP makes no provision of what you do with a resource, merely establishes it's existence. There are even handy game configs to reduce your resource multipliers. So 'Dirt' 'Rock' 'Ore' etc. by their nature are not OP - that's purely the domain of the bits that use them. And the bits that use them should be free to make reasonable assumptions. The original design concept of how stock resources were built, and what CRP builds on, are that all configurations are additive, and it will always gun for the most optimistic, with priorities starting at the biome, then body, t
  3. Yes I personally use CTT, but if someone wants to do a PR for KTT I would happily take it. tbh, that approach of killing resources so fundamentally goes against how I built stock (and against how CRP is meant to work) that it's downright shameful.
  4. So the current plan is to move the big nukes out of FTT and move them to the Nuclear Rockets pack (which right now is just the Orion and Medusa). But as part of the move, they get a model rework and a few friends (the stock NERV is shown in the lineup for size comparison)
  5. They copy the stock NERV as far as stats... but that may be changing soon as they are getting a revamp along with some nuke engine friends (that I will likely be modeling on Twitch). Either works as the conversion is lossless in stock per design.
  6. PlanLog nope - OrbLog yes. Though these will (eventually) be deprecated. And there should be an easy ore->fuel option in WOLF.
  7. The problem is that WOLF has zero temporal coupling. So anything related to time is basically a no-go. It really depends on what part of the tech tree you gun for in your career. WOLF Is really one of those capstone things you do as you get into multiple colonies, etc. because once you're in WOLF land - the real question becomes 'what's next?' There's not much space left in the colonization space after that.
  8. For orbit, you would actually need the transport module to make credits
  9. Yep - since you can do ground routes with electric rovers, it's easy to get some initial zero-cost transport routes.
  10. They make a reappearance in the next release (as noted, one that's not public yet - but one I am playing through to test things).
  11. Because they are a permanent resource for that resource chain. For example, 'maintenance' includes mechanics, engineers, matkits, etc. to keep everything operational. WOLF is not automation (except for a couple of low efficiency automated harvesters), it's an abstraction layer over the 'plumbing'. You still have the quartermasters, pilots, mechanics, medics, farmers, biologists, etc. that make everything run smoothly.
  12. Yeah I need to give you guys a variant that does not have the bottom nub of the Atlas bits. Oh... and here's my current career vessel for my manned Jool-5 science mission (Crew of three, with two in the freezer most of the time). Single stage to orbit with the Orion
  13. I've actually moved everything over to the stock system. KIS is fully deprecated in the next release. Which I really want to do sooner rather than later, as there's some good stuff in there. In the interim, I'll probably be doing regular constellation pre-releases.
  14. KSP Version? and try a clean install - I've never seen this cause an issue like what you see above.
  15. More a side effect that came along for the ride for something else I was working on
  16. Just gonna leave this here....
  17. 1. Ahh. yeah, tbh I think the close orbits make more sense lore wise. 2. Good deal! 4. Fair enough - log a github issue and that gets it on it's way to the list. Also completely unrelated... USI-LS is getting a thing....
  18. 1. Just the one. No real need for two, since the only real reason for an orbital biome is the endpoint for your planetary output - either as hoppers or as a leap to the next system. And if there were two you would have the whole mess of being in the wrong one when you expanded infrastructure. 2. / 2a. - Not hard at all - pretty similar to other MKS bits. Bear in mind the hoppers are probably some of the first getting a refresh since right now they are placeholders. 3. Nope. 4. Is there a reason you'd prefer the different status? Once in WOLF it is a one way trip. Not
  19. Yep - to get the boost you need helpers and a foreman. The Konstruction bits are slated to be assistant parts - but for the current test, the only helper is a Salamander pod.
  20. In the constellation test, drop a Salamander pod. Have four Kerbals around. An Engineer in the Salamander. Then right click on the Salamander and there should be an Enable Konstruction button.
  21. Sadly, that would have the same kind of vessel overhead (even as a single part) for the volume of wolfy-ness most saves will have. We're exploring a few options
  22. Yep, @DoktorKrogg and I have waxed philosophic about the lack of a physical WOLF manifestation. The reason they are not vessels as you see now is because those tax a save pretty hard when you end up with too many of them - and MKS / WOLF by it's very nature encourages a LOT of infrastructure. The current philosophy (and where we are at today) is that your physical manifestations are the 'faucets' on the plumbing that is WOLF. That is, you may have a single orbital station for off-world ship construction, or a capstone manufacturing colony to make all of your MatKits, etc. - but the plumbing
  23. Thanks - @DoktorKrogg did most of the heavy lifting on this one
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