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  1. I can say with absolute certainty this has nothing to do with this mod.
  2. Zero, sorry. Rebuild the craft maybe? Unknown, maybe someone else has done this with RO?
  3. It's as simple as putting a config file in your gamedata folder. Community Resource Pack's current (not bleeding edge) release includes resources that do this.
  4. Sure, ModuleManager is your friend.
  5. See if the problem replicates itself on a new save, then with a new save only using the USI suite.
  6. Your WOLF resources are going to have the same ratios as resources for extraction, so a standard resource scan will reveal these. Which also means the distributions are based on your game seed. If you always want resources somewhere, the best way to do that is with a .cfg file and a biome override and leverage how stock works. I would not recommend Rational Resources.
  7. Can all be done via module manager configs - but remember you'll need a way to get something *into* WOLF - either a harvester or converter of some kind.
  8. Nothing specific for this is added or removed - I've had no issues using the stuff as-is for stock contracts though.
  9. Yep the constellation preview is pretty close to the next release (still have a few more textures to do!).
  10. hmm... they should be volume scaled - likely a config goof.
  11. All things USI are now in the UmbraSpaceIndustries repo not my personal one (anything in my personal repo is a fork off of the official ones).
  12. KSP version, and what version of the mods? Also let me know what that error is.
  13. They are science parts. They are balanced against stock. Just that there are more of them. Great if you use CTT and need more science experiments.
  14. No need to connect them, since if they all have resource storage, stuff can be shared. Hab space is also shared automatically.
  15. Yep. the downside is it puts you outside of the stock chain (which is temporally coupled). the plus is that it's really really good for giant multi-body and multi-installation chains. And with hoppers as the faucet, it dovetails pretty well.
  16. Likely need to set them up as a cargo part with the stock system for EVA construction to work.
  17. Because you have to have all of the ingredients available to do a recipe.
  18. It's part of Konstruction, but likely still in pre-release. And nope - specialized parts require space. Early on, it's really better to just drop off a box of machinery.
  19. I like having a terminal right off of the runway since I tend to not use it a lot late career anyway.
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