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  1. 20 minutes ago, modus said:

    Yeah taking a quick look at the parts folder in FTT from the new release and the old some parts are there, some are not, some are new?

    The old FTT_SAS_500 is gone but there is a FTT_SAS_0500 (with different content)

    as I said a few posts earlier: :confused:


    Yeah FTT is getting a few goodies.   For a spoiler alert, it will probably end up split across a few mods based on the USI roadmap (all of the structural pieces are being moved to a new to-be-announced USI mod).

  2. 1 minute ago, Parmenio said:

    As we called it in the Navy....PFM!

    I have one minor problem, station missing the FTT.SAS.500 part and was not able to load. Going to track that down a bit to figure out what is missing. 

    Some parts are being deprecated unfortunately.  You can steal the part config, etc. from an earlier distro.

  3. 2 minutes ago, RookFett said:

    It also seems when you leave the scene, or come back from a save, Konstruction is reset (the count) - going to drill down to see exactly where the drop occurs, @RoverDude is the scene konstruction count a hard variable or  is it a temporary variable?  _ not a big deal, since just pushing the button brings it back.

    It's a temporary thing since it's an EVA activity. 

  4. 33 minutes ago, g_BonE said:

    Okay thanks. What are the current alternatives within MKS then? Is Sandcastle going to be supported? Is EPL viable as it was supported before?

    The model is to use Konstruction (which is bundled).  Orbital is done, ground based is in testing.  As for other options, I have no idea what sandcastle is.   But since we don't directly conflict with any mod, you're free to use what you want - you just won't have as seamless an integration path as going natively with Konstruction.

  5. 14 minutes ago, g_BonE said:

    quick question: is ground construction still integrated with the current v1.4.1 installed via CKAN ? There are some contradictory statements in the wiki about it being there and not anymore. Do i need to download Global Construction? It does not seem to be a dependency when downloading MKS via CKAN.

    We deprecated bundling GC.

  6. 3 hours ago, LusBax said:

    I'm having an issue and i think it is related to this mod. I have a station under 100 parts in LKO. For some reason, whenever I get near the station or switch to it, I get 6 FPS. I tested the station in another save, and got 60 fps. Console log is getting spammed by:

    [USI-LS ]Vessel situation changed, refreshing life support

    Over 120 mods KSP 1.12.2

    Given that it's not a global issue (i.e. I don't have everyone screaming), and given you have that many mods, not much I can do here - either a borked save or a conflict.  This vessel or all vessels?  Which USILS version? etc.

  7. 34 minutes ago, Araym said:

    So, now, each mod that involves some kind of harvesting is it going have its own "Resource Configs"??? I will have to check each of those, one by one???

    Having still installed the "old" configs, will the new one  be compatible/MM patches/have the same syntax alike them??? Have I to remove them and add/wait each mod to develep their own???

    Resource definitions (cost, volume, etc.) still remain in CRP.

    Resource Distributions (where can I harvest/mine stuff?  Is there water on the Mun or not?) is being moved out and down to the mod level.

    Stock resource distribution already handles merging multiple configs really well, so this should not be an issue, and should settle some tussles where folks may disagree with how resources are spread out (and to be honest, the CRP ones were just basic fallbacks - bespoke IMO is always better).  

    This should have no bearing on what you were asking about (that is, resource attributes).

  8. @Araym - You can see who curates each of the resources in the resource definition file.  Those costs were agreed to ages ago by the involved parties, so I'd personally be pretty hesitant about changing them, since it would break a lot of mods that depend on that pricing to set tank costs, etc.


    Also more for the thread in general, there's a bleeding edge CRP out that has the removed resource distributions.  Per prior chats, there was to be a post-labor-day release that would include this change, so I'd recommend getting your resource defs set if your mod includes harvesters (this is not relevant for mods that don't depend on resource harvesting distributions).  Good news is that since stock resource distribution handles duplicate definitions really well, you can mix your custom distributions with CRP either with or without it's own definitions without issue, so no need to time releases (though tentatively I am lookin at pushing this out in the next week or so).

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