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  1. Resource definitions (cost, volume, etc.) still remain in CRP. Resource Distributions (where can I harvest/mine stuff? Is there water on the Mun or not?) is being moved out and down to the mod level. Stock resource distribution already handles merging multiple configs really well, so this should not be an issue, and should settle some tussles where folks may disagree with how resources are spread out (and to be honest, the CRP ones were just basic fallbacks - bespoke IMO is always better). This should have no bearing on what you were asking about (that is, resource attributes).
  2. @Araym - You can see who curates each of the resources in the resource definition file. Those costs were agreed to ages ago by the involved parties, so I'd personally be pretty hesitant about changing them, since it would break a lot of mods that depend on that pricing to set tank costs, etc. Also more for the thread in general, there's a bleeding edge CRP out that has the removed resource distributions. Per prior chats, there was to be a post-labor-day release that would include this change, so I'd recommend getting your resource defs set if your mod includes harvesters (this is not relevant for mods that don't depend on resource harvesting distributions). Good news is that since stock resource distribution handles duplicate definitions really well, you can mix your custom distributions with CRP either with or without it's own definitions without issue, so no need to time releases (though tentatively I am lookin at pushing this out in the next week or so).
  3. Yeah, the SAS modules are in the middle of a balance/revamp.
  4. hmm - good point on that one. log a github issue, as Konstruction is due for an update anyway.
  5. Start with calculating cost of the matkits used for the mass. Then if there's cost left over, start going through the remaining parts, least expensive till most expensive (SpecializedParts to Prototypes) until the cost is covered.
  6. Short version, matkits cover mass. The other resources cover cost.
  7. For the former, I'll happily take pull requests. Range would be based on the containing vessel's location.
  8. Yep, it will. Several of the parts have an 'Enable Konstruction' option that tallies up the konstruction bits and weight multipliers, also having an engineer around significantly helps.
  9. Unintended consequences of having them be the same part. Holding off any changes until we do an upcoming Konstruction revamp.
  10. Pretty stable, better than the last pre. Fully ready is always relative
  11. So would I No idea, ask in the Kerbalism thread if anyone has done it.
  12. Not us. Either the host mod, Or a separate mod by the community.
  13. 37.5% less bees. But I have to fix a bunch of wheels....
  14. We're looking at a tech tree revamp Konstruction has orbital out of the box and I'm testing a new balance pass currently.
  15. In the short term, KSP Recall sorts it as it fixes Firespitter. In the long term, we've been looking at a rewrite of that code.
  16. Do some Module Manager magic and prune what you don't want.
  17. Thanks - yep, I have to do a bunch of wheel config updates.
  18. That's still just a matter of proper cooling and config value settings (and how much bleedthrough you want). Most of the MKS stuff, for example, is due a revamp - basically relying more on core heat and removing most of the bleedthrough for reactors for example.
  19. Stock thermal is not janky - just folks were not reading the instructions - killed it to mitigate support questions.
  20. tbh, the next release is pretty much the pre-release minus a few Nuclear Rockets bits, maybe an extra part or two - nothing save breaking, and definitely worth it
  21. Possibly. But low on the list. Higher on the list if someone does a PR.
  22. Item 1 - Stock bug. KSP Recall fixes this. Item 2 - use the pre-release, it has our own orbital shipyard and construction code
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