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  1. That clears up my confusion as to why the missions are somewhat oddly numbered. Speaking about STS-1b: if the fuel pod's orbit is below 1999km, there can only be a difference of 100m between the Ap and Pe? Example: Ap =80000m Pe = 80100m I'm not over thinking it or anything?
  2. I've been sitting on this shuttle design for bit over a year now. Last week I had recorded and edited most of the video for STS-1a. The only thing left to do was record the booster separation and landing. So, instead of doing that, I had the bright idea to binge on Age of Empires 3 for a week straight. Because I haven't played that game enough over the past 10 years... Without further ado, here’s my go at STS-1a. In video form, because I didn’t feel like taking screenshots. Mods Used: Ferram Aerospace Research Kerbal Engineer Redux Realchute Smart Parts Surface Mounted Lights A mission breakdown/flavour text is found in the spoiler tab below. The orbiter is equipped with 2 jet engines for “insurance reasons”. However, they have only been used once during previous test flights, when I forgot that the shuttle was carrying cargo. Invicta is fully capable of taking off from the runway on its own power and can fly around happily like a normal aircraft at about 0.6 mach. I’ve been working on shuttles since 2013, and I’ve been toying with this design (mainly the wings) since 2015. And after a rather sizeable redesign a few months ago, I’ve finally reached a point where I’m happy. And for completion’s sack, here is an album of the same shuttle from a year ago. And yes, there are decouples on the Nerv engines. And no, they don’t serve any practical purpose. If I've missed something, please let me know.
  3. Thank you! Does that mean CommNet needs to be enabled?
  4. Slap some wings on a brick and you're pretty much done. My BAD-T IV entry was influenced by my shuttle design. Thank you!
  5. Been looking at this challenge for a few days now and I just wanted to confirm a few things about it. Firstly, FAR is allowed? Because I don't think I've seen anyone use FAR for any of their missions. Second, while the Orbiter has to have crew capacity, is it required to be piloted by a Kerbal, or can the piloting be done remotely/via probe core, with the Kerbals acting solely as passengers? I've seen -maybe- only one other person forgo a dedicated traditional cockpit.
  6. Noir

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    What about a match up between you and @aleksey444, so it would be a battle between 1st and 2nd? The 2 top tire(r) aircraft.
  7. Noir

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    The new icons look good. My only (minor) issue is that they don't display the distance like the old one does.
  8. Noir

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Also, Snowpiercer is meant to fire it's cannons in burst(?) mode (firing all 3 at once), but it looked like it was firing it in the other mode (whatever that's called). Not that it's a big deal, the guns aren't working the way I wanted them to anyway.
  9. Noir

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Good luck me... The Dummy is remarkably stable, making a pretty good gun platform.
  10. Noir

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Opps, I had mentioned that in my original write up, but forgot to add it back in. Yeah, I knew that wasn't the case when I was testing the craft, which was disappointing, but it makes sense to keep the AI as simple as possible.
  11. Noir

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    So I wrote a somewhat long post, but ended up accidentally clicking on one of the many links on the page, deleting all my work. It would be nice if there was some kind of conformation popup when you are about to leave the page when you have stuff written in the reply box. Lets try this again. Heh. I don’t really have high expectations for Snowpiercer. There are many issues that I either couldn’t fix or couldn’t be bothered fixing. My match against the Bot has been the closest so far, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out. Images and details about the craft in the spoilers. Maybe someone will find my ramblings interesting or helpful. The Guns: The wings: The fuel is only located in a single wing segment.
  12. Noir

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    That went slightly better than I expected it to go. Although that last round was rather funny.
  13. Noir

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Calling it now - both bots won.
  14. Noir

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    I was dealing with the stuttering while building my plane. It's extremely annoying because I almost never get/notice any major stuttering in my main game, which has more mods installed. I think it might also have an effect on the AI, as I noticed during testing that the AI would fail to fire or straight up miss during the stutter period. With what Pds314 said, I know a lot of Cities Skylines Youtubers slow down the in game speed with mods to help with smoothing out the video. Good fight either way. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out.