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  1. 3 hours ago, Fengist said:

    Did you happen to notice this thread?

    Angel claims to have a cheat by moving things to the wheel collider ignore layer.  Dunno if that'll help.  I'm not a wheel kinda guy.

    I do use that layer on my wheels, and I was considering reworking the rest of my parts to do the same.

    Objects with colliders using the WheelCollidersIgnore layer 26, are not rendered in the game, which in itself is not a big problem, I can make additional colliders which need not be rendered.

    that is a lot of tedious work though... :confused:

  2. well well well, or should I say wheel wheel wheel.

    I have been bashing my head against the new wheels setup, making some progress which is nice.

    I may have to design new wheels and ditch some of the old designs due to incompatibility with the new ksp wheel colliders.


    edit: Huzzah! some wheels work now, others will need revision, or deletion, as their dimensions ensure they will get the wheel stuck bug every time.

  3. 8 hours ago, Fengist said:

    As requested: 

    Fengist's Shipyard and Gedunk Shoppe's tribute to Professor Phineas Kerbenstein and the steampunk community.

    A Mk-1 command pod created in the style of the Vertical Propulsion Emporium.  Complete with airlock, ladder, lights and more.

    Unzip this to the Kerb-fu/parts/Command directory


    Kerb-fu, feel free to do with this as you please.  Consider it to have a, do what you want, license.  Let me know and if you'd like, I'd be glad to pass over the model, textures and Unity Scene.

    And by the way Kerb-fu, you're one of the reasons I created the Maritime Pack.  Long ago I built a sailboat using your parts and realized, I wanted more.  So, I taught myself modelling and how to create plugins. Consider this a 'thanks' for giving me massive migraines, bruises from multiple face-desking's, carpal-tunnel syndrome and a wife who's certain she married a mad man.


    HUZZAH !!!


    I know well the frustration of modding, my face and my desk spent a considerable amount of time pressed together and I have never before or since uttered the word " WHY ! " with so much pain and frustration

  4. My dear sir, I happened to be strolling through the forums where I observed your most intriguing post. The timing is most fortuitous as I have been of late considering a grand reopening of the professors laboratory.

    Please feel free to share any mechanisms, contraptions, apparatus, contrivances and indeed gee-gaws that you have developed, in fact I must insist you release these immediately, the world cries out it!


  5. Hi, my orbital path has taken me far from the centre of the KSP system for some time. However as I swing past again I would like to thank everyone who helped inspire, with ideas and enthusiasm and all the rocketeers who enjoyed the mod. I have had a great time making parts and I will attempt to make more when time and my limited skills allow.


    Please keep pouring on the ideas, and cool pictures too :cool:

  6. Sir Kerb-fu, I was thinking that you should make steampunk brass and wood versions of the Stock Probe cores. This would make it stock-a-like Steampunk!

    So, would you consider?

    *disclaimer, I am prone to brainstorming and dreaming up concepts, so I may come back with more ideas for outstanding mods*

    I have been playing around with this, A cubic cogitator and propulsion parts. I threw a few sciencey bits in to make it needlessly complicated.


  7. If you excuse me, I shall leave a list of things I found grating in your otherwise good-looking mod.

    1. The point at the end of all "Manufacturer" details in the new parts: no stock part has it and it juts out, and with the general feel I've got about the mod, an exclamation mark would work better there, as per bombastic presentation of the whole brass-and-wood steamworks aesthetic.
    2. Badly done attachment points. A lot of the parts have three when they really should have two - or in case of the LAS rocket, one (also, it would be better as a stylish alternative to sepratron with radial attachment instead of the current point). One of the separators has a point too deep and as a result z-fights with the bottom of the wooden pod. Some of the heat shields lack snapping to the attachment point both in regular and in mod-held mode (there ARE parts that only snap to point with Mod key held).
    3. Lots and lots of inconsistent capitalization and word separation. The new "fuel" resource (which I don't agree about, more below), for example, is variously written as "Whale Oil", "WhaleOil", and "Whaleoil", and a lot of descriptions start out uncapitalized, and solar sail-used resource is full on "solarthrust", and boosters are capitalized as "GunPowder". Here also go capacity values in description which are sometimes doubled, are superfluous (since UI shows the amount already) and don't match that value.
    4. A plague of ellipses. They don't work as dramatic pause in the descriptions. They only make the text look like the writer didn't know what to place there.
    5. Typos: like heatshields being misspelled as "sheild" half the time.
    6. Extra resources. KISS applies there - while I get that you likely wish to keep your parts and stock separated, there's very little point in having additional resources for managing when they're functionally nigh-identical to existent ones - whale oil and nitrous oxide can be rolled into liquid fuel and oxidizer, respectively, with no loss of functionality (but some loss of style unless a mod arises that allows renaming fuel on per-part basis while keeping the actual fuel property intact), for example.
    7. On the "pod" wooden parts, wood texture is distorted relative to the "open barrel" wooden parts, and hatch texture is extremely crisp in comparsion, resulting in a bad look. Reducing resolution of the hatch texture would help there.
    8. Maybe it's KER glitching, but a single large gunpowder booster results in considerably higher delta-V than a single BACC solid fuel booster at the cost of very small reduction in thrust/weight ratio for the same payload.

    I apologise for intruding upon your life with this mod, and I agree that you do have some very valid points that others have been far too polite to wave around.

    1. I am sorry but I do not understand this point, I am sure this is a failing on my part.

    2. Multiple attachment points on some parts are so they can fit multiple other parts with different shaped ends (i.e.. the LES rocket fits both rocket cones etc. ). And the offending separator has being culled from the part roundup.

    3. There is no excuse for this so I will not provide one.

    4. Possibly true, although your opinion is relative. These may be read as asides to the reading public or as additional editorial commentary.

    5. Unfortunately true, I have not counted them and worked out the average but I will accept your arithmetic as flawless.

    6. This would indeed simplify the issue, however what then would be the point of making a mod in the first place.

    7. In this I agree, I am not a talented texture artist so I apologise, perhaps I will get better as time passes and with practise.

    8. Balancing is an issue which is getting tweaked and adjusted as I progress, so I hope this improves to your satisfaction with time.

    I hope I have made some headway toward addressing your concerns. I do actually care what users enjoy or disagree with, I have been taking all comments as valid criticism and attempting to build upon these experiences.

    If I might add in conclusion, Please take my mod as it is intended, which is as a fun addition to the game. The parts I have cobbled together are intended as an aesthetic modification rather than as an increase in the mechanical variety of the game.

  8. There seems to be a problem with "module = Winglet" (likely in general). Used on the winglets, of course ;p

    Fourth/Fifth time attempting the decent: Previously I changed that into "module = Part" and increased the lift to be 2.0 (it says 0.5 Lift surface and 1.5 winglet) and managed a successful landing going dreadfully slow at 30m/s to pass the ~6000m barrier.

    I changed it back to a winglet, did that dreadful 30m/s landing, ~5m/s horizontal and the lift vectors rocked back and forth until they tore the ship apart.

    Haven't tested in general to see if the problem lies in how the ship was built.

    You are correct sir, and may I say well spotted! :cool:

    This has been corrected, I have kept the deflectionLiftCoeff the same as it relates to surface area (which is close enough to the small delta wing) and I don't want to OP the part

    Thankyou for your most perspicacious suggestion

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sir Kerb-fu, I was thinking that you should make steampunk brass and wood versions of the Stock Probe cores. This would make it stock-a-like Steampunk!

    So, would you consider?

    *disclaimer, I am prone to brainstorming and dreaming up concepts, so I may come back with more ideas for outstanding mods*

    The professor would indeed like to manufacture an elegant, high quality probe cogitator core. and will expedite its creation will all due promptitude :)

  9. On the subject of primitive resources: I'd just use KSP's vague "call it what its for not what its made out of" style of resource naming for the sake of compatibility with other mods(some bare metal textured tantares parts might fit in well alongside these) if it doesn't feel primitive to you then I'd suggest implementing Hybrid rocket motors (solid fuel/liquid oxidizer) as an intermediary between solid and liquid engines

    On the subject of the new pod: If you do an IVA you should keep the forward visibility of the pod from its internal view in mind when placing its windows. People tend to value that

    Fuel progression is still a work in progress, I have more fun making parts :cool:

    my train pod and this new one have bubble windows that can be left clicked upon in IVA to get a better view of the proceedings, but I do however make some effort to line up the visuals.....

  10. Well met is what this would be, especially seing as how the Hooligans seem to have been left behind on the progress of history. Word on the street is that they have not fully arrived in the 90'ieth century yet...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, on a different tangent, are you aware of the sterling work this chap by the name of nightingale is doing over here: ?

    I might have started some little discussion about how the good Professor would give out Contracts to build vast Whale-hunting stations on the Mun and asteroids :)

    ....minions to further my path to world domination, and all I need to do is provide contracts and distribute coinage.... I am becoming increasingly interested...

  11. My dear Professor, might I humbly draw your attention at the Procedural Airships ( ) a certain Radar Guy From Teh Mun has let loose on creation?

    Might they not even be an alternative to those Hooligans who provide uplift to your water-and-air-going ships?

    I have seen these leviathans of the sky, and it is easy to imagine the vessels of conquest and destruction that could be wrought, flying citadels and fortresses.... hmmmmm