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  1. yes there will be steam power available to drive machinery and rockets directly, still hammering out the details.
  2. My ideas started as steampunk... and got a bit lost along the way, I have new models etc in the pipeline to bring me back on course, I hope.
  3. awesome... its never too late, your art skills look like they far surpass my own, i look forward to seeing your work.
  4. oooooohhhhh... nice spider ok, im getting ideas, thankyou ;D
  5. I am currently working on landing gear and batteries/generators etc, any ideas or inspirational pics would be appreciated.
  6. no reason for sub assembly window, just coincidence... heres one i was just flying textures are just paceholders at the moment, but i do like some of them =)
  7. My brain hurts so much from the learning curve over the last week. I started off with a steampunk idea, and managed to drift wildly...
  8. PLease check out release page Hi all, I have been lurking around the forums for some time now and have recently tried my hand at modding. My mod is currently in early developement, I am aiming for a parts pack and some themed resources etc. I look forward to feedback and ideas... I am developing/implementing some ideas for resources: Rockets and gadgets etc to be powered by "Steam" ( Steam rockets have an isp of around 200s, for steam @ 1100 deg Kelvin ) Some devices powered by burning "Whaleoil" directly... ( I was going to use dodo oil... but its a lot harder to get ! ) Burn "Whaleoil" and some oxidizer in a boiler to produce "Steam" from "Water" "Steam" cools over time, reverting to "Water" Probably throw in some "Coal" in some form (solid rocket fuel???)