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  1. I will be revisiting the play balance of the parts, the original specs were based on some research papers on steam powered thrust and a small amount of flexible thinking , and the whale oil rockets were roughly equivalent to stock rockets.
  2. Hmmmm, errors can be most discombobulating, I will look into this phenomenon and attempt to divine a perspicacious solution to this most peripatetic of problems.....
  3. I must admit, I could make better textures (so that texture management programs could reduce then back to basic renderings). I don't think I will drop the barrels, however I do have a slowly evolving plan for tech level improvements affecting the materials and visuals of parts as they evolve. Mostly this mod is just for fun, as I enjoy the challenge of getting ideas ( my own and some cool suggestions from you guys) to work in the esoteric world of KSP modding.
  4. hmmm, I will delve deeper into this, My resources are fairly basic and require no plugins, however I do not yet know what changes will be made by squad. thankyou for heads up
  5. Edit : Corvette is 100% vertical propulsion emporium Frigate has one part from firespitter (biplane struts, emporium struts were too big) I'll post the craft files later An excellent start on your global domination/exploration fleet.
  6. I am installing stock bug fixes now. Thankyou for following through on this
  7. I am glad it worked out well , lucky it wasn't the alien parasite.....
  8. I will go on a hunt for the "Jolly Jeb" and include in the next release
  9. I have not heard of this problem before, I suppose it is possible the download got corrupted, perhaps downloading again might help, or deleting your ksp install and starting again with a fresh install (and then add your favourite addons) Also in increasing order of unlikeliness you might have: a nasty virus, a dying hard drive, corrupt or failing RAM, an alien parasite...
  10. Well played sir!!! well played indeed. a very fine vehicular conveyance
  11. The idea of dozens of thermocouple joints in a thermopile bolted together and being heated by the sun is appealing, and I may end up making one. At the present I am still working on a design for a large parabolic solar steam heater. The lighthouse Fresnel lens idea has fired a few brain cells up (however they soon got bored and wandered off...). Thanks for the ideas
  12. The professors kerbal test pilots have always completed unexpected landing sequences well before the jetpacks fuel reserves had been significantly depleted, thus rendering the need for refuelling to be unnecessary, however in the interest of science he agrees that such a need is theoretically a possibility... however funding cutbacks and the suspicious running away of all his test pilots has made any further research impossible.
  13. my small solar panel uses a similar theory.... the curved mirror reflects the suns rays onto a pipe located at its focal point to heat a liquid circulating within it which is used to produce steam and at the moment ( through the magic of the config file) produce electricity. I was/am toying with the idea of the panels producing only steam from stored water and having a separate turbine part to convert the steam back into water and produce electricity also, I may need some fast talking in the config file to have the panels use water as I am not sure if the stock solarpanel module can work as a generator (and use resources) also. I like the idea of the "Klockwork Kerbal"....
  14. Cool, thanks for the input on that, saving seems like a small price to pay for jetpacking goodness
  15. the jetpack is a bit experimental, and I have not really tweaked it at all. the disconnection thing I know about, but am unsure if it is related to one of the plugins (KAS or Kerbolquest) or stock rules.
  16. still working on solar panel concept, but I did waste some time on more landing legs etc...
  17. ok, I will get a giant solar panel onto the drawing board and see what happens
  18. I love this!.... I have so much smiling and laughing to do now I have this top stuff!!!
  19. Behold! the orbital farms of tomorrow..... Today !!! They are suntracking, produce snacks for fermenting into munshine and have docking ports on the outside end!!!!
  20. Definitely have a go, there are a lot more tutorials around now to help you get started
  21. I am brainstorming some probe and rover cores, will hopefully be out soon
  22. Monstrous sir! you brought a tear to the professors eye..... he is so proud!!!
  23. An excellent landing good sir. It is good to see that you survived and did not need to make use of the professors new concrete warranty!!! ( warning warranty expires upon leaving the concrete! )