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  1. My salutations noble sir! a remarkable feat of courage and endurance, I do hope the candle proved sufficient to keep master Sonlong's tea at a respectable temperature.
  2. Now that's what I call an airship!!! yes the collider on the ship hull bow/stern part is complicated and needs revision, water pump and steam prop/screw sounds like a good idea, I will have to see what happens
  3. So, I have been further tweaking.... I have stiffened up the train suspension, and rebalanced a few parts mentioned by others. please tell me if you think something is over/under powered etc, or if you can think of a good placement in research progression for the parts.
  4. Astounding sir! may I assume by this post that you made it back to land safely?...
  5. Hi, is it possible to use the naming convention of "Kerb-fu_vX.XXa" .... where X.XX is the version, as this would better match and identify releases existing on peoples PC's ( as v0.20a could be any mod ) Mainly because I will forget to change it when I update the site Edit: I re-uploaded the current version with v0.20a in the version field as requested
  6. Oh no... now I need to make a hover board and a Marty McFly......
  7. well I have had it up to 140m/s... that's like 500 kph I think
  8. Ok I have boxed up a new version, links are on the main page... Remember to be gentle with the train's boiler I have made the train's command pod have interactive windows as well as a few other things, as always testing continues....
  9. ok I had better release this soon.... just need to work on sound
  10. Im sorry I went to sleep just after my last post and missed this (it was 3:40 am for me)
  11. I agree, it was part of my original plan before I got lost in the world of bat-trains and awesomeness. I will need to do some serious balancing as my parts evolve. I was going to incorporate energy loss through heat as well... I do like the exploding firebox idea ( no idea how to implement that yet though )
  12. Its fly's like a... well kinda like, hmmmm..... It fly's like a train!!!! .....nana nana nana nana BAT TRAIN.....
  13. I am impressed. its a well considered concept ...the professor has already calculated the size of the crater I would make if I flew it...
  14. Well, I made this as a concept today (no IVA yet). I have made the engine half produce steam etc and use basic engine smoke effects. will work on sound and finishing Pod and IVA. As soon as I sort this I promise to crate up a new release
  15. All right.... finally debugged the wheels... made 2 varieties and
  16. When I can get my suspension to work properly I will bag up a new release... soon I hope
  17. I still have so much fun crashing your jetpacks into things ( because I cant fly )