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  1. ok who knows about wheelCollider values to stop my suspension behaving like a rock!!!! All linkages and steering, drive works but suspension sits at full extension and wont bounce...
  2. Wheels and better landing legs are a high priority for me, I am still researching and testing suspension setup, however I hope I will have something to share soon.
  3. It seems to be a recurring work in progress, it was behaving perfectly for me, and now sadly it is not . I will continue with development, but thankyou for the feedback
  4. realistic? what is this thing you call realistic? I am launching barrels into orbit and you want realism? shame on you sir! I wish I were a better texture artist, however time and skill level deny me that oportunity
  5. I have got a fair bit of work concentrating on learning the ropes and making parts at the moment so I will hold off from that for a bit, unless I get a lot of requests...
  6. Thanks for the link, I have updated the main page with the info
  7. Salivation is good for the digestion process... anyway, I put out the new release yesterday . links are on the first page post
  8. OK just made some solar sails.... they work as thrusters, power depends on angle to sun, and you can throttle them and turn them off (who needs logic and physics!)
  9. Tested airships still the best way to explore the base in 0.25
  10. just a pic of my telescopic docking port test in orbit...
  11. Nice snapshot. I must admit I have been occupied elsewhere for a bit, However I have a few new parts on test, and repairs for a 0.25 compatibility fix, so I will be putting a new version out soon
  12. I cant promise anything, I haven't tried modelling anything like the grabber, looks like it would be fun (and painful) to work it out
  13. Thankyou for that, Im currently trying to force myself to improve the suspension on the legs and make better wheels etc...
  14. well, its complicated, but here goes... 1... make sure you have the mods KAS and Kerbolquest 2... attach pack radially on ship with clear access 3... approach pack with intrepid kerbonaut, and right-click on pack and select equip 4... have RCS and SAS on 5... Turn throttle all the way off for safety (whats safety you ask?).... 6... right-click pack and select activate engine 7... if in gravity throttle up to approx 50% (if outside gravity, wait untill floated clear of vessel and use less throttle) 8... right-click pack and select decouple 9... fly 10... crash 11... win!!! Disclaimer: I just flew it 5 minutes ago on ver 0.24.2 and it worked ok, however I understand KAS does not support 0.24.2, i downloaded a version from the KAS forum that worked for me in this situation. edit: its probably a good idea to right-click and select control from here, so that navigation is simplified.....
  15. Got a few ideas for station parts. And some better interiors are coming .... Post any pics or ideas you like too please
  16. Am also in early stages of distillery developement... All input welcome, just let me know...
  17. Well, its been a while, I still have a bit to do to fit the parts into career/contracts modes.... However I have been messing around with munshine developement.
  18. I see that I will have to purchase a copy of this interesting manuscript. who knows what scientific discoveries await within. We can put it the lunchroom where our engineers can peruse it during their breaks from dodging exploding boilers and munshine stills.