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  1. Thankyou sir, I will pass on your kind words to the good professor
  2. I am currently seeking inspiration for more parts so tweaking the size is on the backburner for a while, and i allready have a few mod dependencies for some parts, but we shall see what happens
  3. Hi, thanks for the encouragement , I will look into tweakscale and see what happens.
  4. I found a few days ago when you first mentioned it, and i quite like the ideas there, however I really dont want to plagiarise others work... The parts im making are evolving over time, The color palette is evolving also. I am developing more industrial and victorian looking parts, they will come out eventually I am trying to keep memory usage as low as possible and the reflective textures would bring most peoples pc's to their knees, saying that i might design an alternate version with higher res textures etc for those who choose to try it. I do appreciate the feedback and will take ideas on board and hopefully incorporate them.
  5. will fix bug for next version, cheers! I was going for a modular look, but I was thinking of some intermediate assemblies to tie things more seamlessly
  6. Nothing to do with me sorry, but it sounds like I should check it out for inspiration maybe
  7. Here is a test install link for shared textures version, No new parts from v0.17a, but the file is only 12Mb now... File structure has changed and some part names are different, so this will probably break saves... anyway.... Dropbox Link Kerb-fu v0.18a remember to remove your old Kerb-fu folder before you unpack this.... thanks
  8. I salute you sir!.... There are more parts now, please tell us some more story
  9. Ok, I think I have cracked texture sharing, works on my test install anyway I need testers and feedback if anyone is interested
  10. OK, new release out now.... Dropbox Link Kerb-Fu v0.17a There are some new station parts, bug-fixes and tweaks. Will have a curseforge link up as soon as the site lets me upload the file. Please post photos of your vessels or stations. It could lead to inspiration and more parts!
  11. Not sure yet, I will see. Looking for inspiration at the moment...
  12. That would be an oversight from the quality control department, my apologies
  13. Sorry about delays... I cannot get texture sharing to work I will continue with developement on parts instead
  14. I agree, I will be putting aside some time to try to re-create the claw...
  15. I am currently skinny-ing down the file size to hopefully help it run better, some of the spherical parts can cause framerate drops as they have alot of triangles making up their surface. Texturing is also getting a workover.... its all very tedious... but i will get there soon:rolleyes:
  16. Due to a small setback, a fire most definately not caused by the early detonation of one of the proffesors doomsday weapons.... ahem, anyway.... Once the workshop can be moved out of the crater into a new premises, business will resume as normal.
  17. My dear miss Moore My most effusive thanks for your support of my small venture. Your humble servant, P. Kerbenstein
  18. As soon as i can figure out the suspension heirarchy the legs will get upgraded
  19. I am chipping away slowly... developing some larger parts for more power and stations etc