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  1. Ok, I now have some days off, I hope I can do something constructive with them... I am doing some retexturing and emmisive textures, but does anyone have an sugestions or problems they need fixed while i am back in the saddle
  2. well i just saw this..... thankyou to youtube user KottabosGames for taking the time to post this
  3. I have to admit that I fire both broadsides at once...
  4. I have the latest FAR on my test rig with HL and have had no problems, however the baloon causes an offset drag vector that can cause problems at high speed, and they always want to be on top
  5. Thanks , Im back at work for a few days now so I wont have much time for updates for a few days...
  6. Airship pirates, I mean pilots.... belong in the mountains
  7. I havnt tried for space in a baloon yet, but the poor old "Jolly Jeb v2" with 2 balloons has a max altitude of under 6km up... might not make it accross the mountains near the space base
  8. Ok, first you need the HL Airships mod plugin (only really need the plugin, but he has some nice model blimps to use).... there is a link on the first post in this thread, when/if you have that you should see a small gui window on your play screen ( you can toggle this window by right clicking on the balloon) The gui window gives you the options you need to change the boyancy of the balloon, and to set it to hover on the spot... If you are using the "Jolly Jeb" craft file I included, I have set the solar collectors to action group 3, stern thrusters to action group 4, and bow thrusters to action group 5. You can toggle them on and off for easy movement. Legs are toggled using "G" and lights are "U" as per usual. If you have KAS installed, then attach an anchor and winch etc. And its alot easier to navigate if you EVA your pilot and walk him to the captains chair at the bow, or right-click and control from the cog-jeb on the capsule roof. near top right corner of screenshot is the gui
  9. New Version v0.16a Spaceport Dropbox ---edit--- Airship hull needs to placed first for some reason, then attach command capsule to it... still working on why Let me know if anyone has lag issues with the hydrogen dirigible and get this pack for cool flagpoles etc And finally a craft file for the Jolly-Jeb ....
  10. A new way of sending text messages, write it on a bit of paper and hand it to Jeb... put him in the canon and BOOM!!!... message sent!!!
  11. The Jolly-Jeb is here to loot all your snacks, yaaaargh!
  12. No kerbals in small canon, only canonballs and kerbalsnacks!!!! Have this to launch kerbals at a later stage!
  13. sorry no animation on dirigible balloon , still alot of adventures though! ---Edit--- The canon work too!!!
  14. Ooooh, I like the ships wheel idea Sir you deserve a cookie, and this pirate ship!!!
  15. It does work yes, using hooligan labs mod I was thinking of making the balloon envelope larger to represent its boyancy... still in testing