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  1. Let me be clear this is just my opinion but - Release it as is. You pound your head against an artistic work too long and you'll hate whatever comes out of it. Just wrap with what you have. Not like NH doesn't have a ton more stuff than stock to begin with - not like 2 of the planets not being just perfect visually is going to be a problem for 99.999% of us. If you just leave it you'll probably do what most of us do and just hate it extra for lingering 'not finished' and want to come back to it even less. Release it, move to the next project, come back to it later without feeling like you have this Planet of Damocles hanging over you. SQUAD released KSP for years without biomes beyond Kerbin and its two moons. You do beautiful work and do it on multiple projects at once. We're all here because we love what you do and what you release and are excited to see it. Please, lemme have what you got. I'll be happy. Like it's Christmas. We all will. Come back and tidy up the corners on two planets later when you've an inclination and it'll be a delightful surprise. Gimmie the NH2. I'll wait, don't get me wrong. However if you're frustrated with it then call it good for now, shift your full attention to the next thing in the pile and we'll be happy as Kerbals with a functioning re-entry capsule until you've a mind to swing back to it. I can't think leaving it hanging is going to make you happy either.
  2. Thank you for all you've done for this game and good luck on your next adventure! Do Grand Things.
  3. Waiting to play 1.1 until NH 2.0 arrives. I'm ~ 1000 hours into KSP. I know where all the biomes on the Mun and Minmus are without having to scan anything, I've built colonies all over, I've done Jool with tier 1 tech in Career mode. I love the game but the regular Kerbol system has nothing else for me. NH is exactly what it's named - it's a whole new take on KSP and while I've got about 30 mods in CKan loaded and ready to go they're there to add to my exploration of NH. I played NH in 1.0.5 but it came down to either leaving out 'quality of life' mods I really love or buying the Unix version and playing the game off a thumb drive... so I decided to wait for the 64bit version to be fully stable. So KillAshley if you're powered by props know that your mods are literally the only reason I'm really excited to play KSP again. Going to start with New Horizons, crawl into every nook and cranny and corner until I can make most transfers from memory and then I'll start on Uncharted, then swing back to Kerbol Plus Remake. That's probably another 500+ hours by which time I'll start over with KASE and when that's done I'll reinstall everything, grab a good interplanetary drive mod and start into Galactic Neighborhood. So thank you for the huge time investment you've done but don't forget that you're essentially refreshing KSP as a game. Regular mods, ships, parts, science, they're all great. Tons of fun. I can't play without the full USI suite of mods anymore, and EPL and several others. However once you've figured out how to do return missions to Eve, set up large self-sustaining colonies on Laythe, mined Karborundum from Eeloo until every ship can run a torch drive there's nothing new to do in the stock Kerbol system. Not trying to rush, no pressure in that way but know it's hugely appreciated and for many of us you're making the game what we are excited to play even after a crazy amount of playtime. Worth waiting for.
  4. Who remembers the early Karbonite Boosters from RoverDudes USI mods? I called this one 'The Morning Commute'. This is how Kerbals get to the Hype Train Station.
  5. It's unfortunate that some people are upset. Sometimes that's going to be inevitable. This is a good choice and good for the game and after 1.1 comes out anyone who feels slighted will be able to move past it. I appreciate Squad taking the time to explain the rational for the decisions. I get that for some people it doesn't *feel* fair and you can't rationalize how something feels. End of the day though this was clearly the best decision for the game and everyone who plays it - regardless of where they bought it. It will make the release of 1.1, the actual release, a better overall experience. Props Squad, really looking forward to 1.1 and really appreciate the extra effort and care being put into making it the best possible experience.
  6. My first manned launches are always named 'Tin Coffin Mk I' all the way through whatever launch gets me into tier 2 technology. I feel better about that given how often I kill my Kerbonauts. I tend to pick themes. Most recently I sent the Johnny Appleseed probeship to distribute scanning and sampling probes to all bodies in the Jool system. It distributed Appleseed I through Appleseed XVI. The manned excursion I did to Duna a bit ago had the Tom Sawyer with a 3 man crew and 2 in the carry can taking a suite of USI settlement modules to Duna; they were preceded by The Duke and The King, a pair of 3-part probe/scanning ships, each breaking into 3 individual scansats (Scansat mod) and going into polar orbits around Duna and Ike, 3 on each for mapping and resource scanning purposes. The Huck Finn followed 10 days behind with a reusable ferry lander and dragging the core of an orbital resource management station and EPL construction station. They were followed by the Clementine drone mining mothership with 6 White Horse mining drones to get raw materials. The Huck Finn had a built-in smelter so it would land at a White Horse (I-VI), pick up Ore, smelt it and take it to the Riverboat Station (orbital refinery) to turn into parts to build more components. A little over 30 days later the Carpet Bagger showed up with a crew of 6 and a pair of small station keeping/module management/runnabouts dubbed 'Higgledy' and 'Piggledy'. I have a lot of fun with it, I admit.
  7. Need 64 bit up and running. Everything else can be pushed back a bit into other updates. Not like it won't come but the lack of 64 bit update is holding up a lot of stuff. All the mods will need updated by and large and a lot of people are really just waiting to play KSP again until there's a viable 64 bit client for Windows with the new update. 1.1 is fundamentally about the Unity update. That's what needs to happen first and foremost. After that's done then more content patches are awesome. The Unity update though shouldn't be held back for a feature update.
  8. I would vastly prefer this to holding 1.1 back. Smart choice. While the new comm feature sounds like it'll be awesome there's always going to be more awesome features for KSP. 1.1 is a huge bucket 'o improvements, we needs it as soon as is reasonable. Thanks for the update, + 1 for making a good choice.
  9. I admit - contracts really sucked the fun out of Career for me. I love the money limits, I love the concepts but if you play tight to your budget it makes doing stuff other than the contracts particularly egregious. Current restart I have, inexplicably, just decided to skip the Mun apparently. No reason to go there, no reason to explore it, no reason to put up sats or anything like that. So do I just play and ignore the Mun until later and then build an entire unpaid mission to go there because..... giggles? Missions need to be thresholds that trigger when passed. Not some hit or miss magic mark that then leaves them dangling forever. If I manage to punt some guy into deep space and get him back with just boosters then good on me. This isn't a good reason to decide nobody wants to explore Minmus or the Mun. I want to love Career mode, I do. I just really dislike the logic system it uses to create and award contracts. Honestly? Contracts for celestial bodies should be available from day 1 and never expire. The idea that you don't get a mission to the Mun or Moho or whatever because you managed to trip some flag while doing a 'test this product in X situation' mission is a real irritation.
  10. '1.1 has been delayed, possibly to the end of the year'.
  11. Simple version - 32bit only lets you use 4gb of ram on your computer. As more stuff gets added to the base game it uses more of that 4gb. More than a handful of serious mods (some are big enough to chew the rest of that up alone) will chew up the rest of that and give you out of memory errors. Take me for example. I've effectively quit playing until the 1.1 update is out because with the mods I want to use I can't stay under 4gb and still play without crashing. 64bit means you don't have the 4gb limit. It means you can load KSP, new texture files, one of the expanded system mods, the whole USI suite of mods, Infernal Robotics and whatever else you want and if you've got a 8-16gb system you're going to be fine. On your system you're likely running the graphics on the motherboard; that means that the graphics are chewing up that 4gb limit as well (it's a bit more complex than that but that's close enough) where as someone with an independent graphics card may be running 2-4gb of graphics content offloaded to their video card. That's the super-simple version. Also, physics calculations. The more you're doing the more memory it uses. It's the biggest deal for the game. More important than anything else coming with the new Unity because it fully unlocks the massive list of mods you can (and probably should) be playing the game with, freeing up players to really play this massive sandbox however they want.
  12. There will always be fussy people. I've been pleased and excited about every announcement they've made. I'm a hype-train hobo. As soon as the one I'm on stops, I jump on the next one.
  13. I would wait months for every feature coming in 1.1 save for 64bit. That.... without that I can't really play the game anymore. I've fallen in love with all these mods but we just don't have enough available memory to spend the time together we need. It's a tragic love story, really. They're all so pretty! So smart! So charming! You can't ask me to choose!
  14. I love KSP. However I just can't play it without 64bit support anymore. The mods I want to play are what still draws my interest but they can't all fit on 32bit.... so I'm locked out of my favorite game until 1.1 :( Wants it. Wants it so bad.