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  1. thanks. With the 1.3 release, I'm fed up and just want back to 1.2.2 as well. This helps a lot! I have literally given up on Kerbal because updates keep breaking my progress, I always come back because the mods make it so fun, and just before I leave Kerbal's influence, update drops and I must start over. (I'm not one to cheat and mod my game files to jump ahead. I like to follow the contracts and earn the science)
  2. I am running only one mod, MechJeb, and the current KSP build updated from steam. I can not return to the space station either, nor can I quick save, though I am in normal career mode. I can switch easily between my 3 satellites (two at Kerbin, one at mun) but every time I click on "return to Space Center" nothing happens. I am not docking, and did not dock. I did switch between two craft that I was trying to position within the same "day" time frame. No problems returning to KSC before this time. Anyone have a fix for this? I am actually running the game right now, hoping I do not have to force close. Airogue - - - Updated - - - oh great... I finally Alt-f4'd to restart, and now I can not "resume game". Nothing happens when clicking on it, but I can click on Scenarios and Start New and they both work. Like no saved games exist. I'm going to try and save my data file (if it's still there) and then redownload the game from steam. Hopefully that fixes it. Airogue - - - Updated - - - RESOLVED - at least mine was. I feel very dumb, but only after troubleshooting after all was lost did I realize what my problem was. While I was playing KSP, I had a torrent downloading of a significant size. I didn't realize but it had used up all my disk space. So KSP could not save it's progress. I only realized this when closing the game and seeing the "low disk space" warning, and my career files were 0kb in size. I felt pretty dumb after that. Needless to say my entire career was lost. Kind of a bummer, but glad I wasn't to far into the game. Anyways, moving some files off the drive made everything ok again. I will try to get my solid state installed on this comp now so I don't have those problems in the future ;-) I hope this answers at least one other person's problem.
  3. anyone have a screenshot of their homebrew SR-71 or U-2?
  4. you're right, and since the SR-71 isn't in service anymore, the only pilots dressing like this are U-2 pilots. But the patches are SR-71. If you'd like a U-2 version, that is easy to do.
  5. That would be awesome. I can't wait to see them. I was trying to do an SR-71 with stock parts, but I think it looks better with some B9 aerospace sparts ;-)
  6. I did change one of Proots. It said squad on the suit so I thought it was a squad texture. But I will gladly give him credit. Didn't know about the license because I'm not trying to get money for it. It's still under the creative commons. Anyone can do what ever they want. If I stated otherwise then it would be a problem.
  7. thanks guys. I am a fan too and thought "if there was a test pilot for all these super fast, high alt planes, he'd look like an SR-71 pilot." So the suit was created. I have two guys that are assigned as my "pilots", and leave them in this outfit.
  8. Oh! THank you for pointing that out. I corrected my mistake. All due respect and apologies Shaw!
  9. Hey everyone, after multiple requests I have created and want to release to you all a custom EVA/IVA suit for your custom Kerbals. Get it here: Airogue's SR-71 Pilot Flight Suit -!NI8BwRrZ!Pw20OMO9DQdIhqxTaIteasZirNMFGmxUOg_hJULKr5k This pack is a custom designed EVA and IVA suit for your Custom Kerbals. Used with the mod Texture Replacer by Shaw. The suit is almost identical to that of an SR-71 pilot. Many have discussed pilot uniforms and this one is especially suited due to the space helmet worn by aircrews on SR-71's and U-2's. Test those Mach 3, 4, 5 aircraft with your very own experimental test pilot! _____________________________________________________________________________________________ *This skins package has only been tested with Shaw's TestureReplacer. To use, create a folder in Custom Kerbals folder (Game Data / TextureReplacer / Custom Kerbals / ) with the title being exactly that of the kerbal requiring the uniform. Capitalization matters (ie. Bill Kerman, not bill kerman)* Feel free to pick a custom Kerbal head from the many customized packages out there, or leave blank for the default. This skins package has only been tested with Shaw's Testure Replacer. To use, create a folder in Custom Kerbals folder (Game Data / Texture Replacer / Custom Kerbals / ) with the title being exactly that of the kerbal requiring the uniform. Capitalization matters (ie. Bill Kerman, not bill kerman) make sure to restart KSP if it is open when inserting and creating the folders/files. Upon restart the named Kerbal should be dressed appropriately. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you to Shaw for all his work with TextureReplacer which makes these custom suits possible. Thanks to Proot and his textures! Thanks to Green Skull Inc. for providing us with other great realistic suits! TextureReplacer v.1.2.2 by Shaw-!?highlight=Texturereplacer Custom Space Suits by Green Skull Inc. - Pimp my Kerbals by Proot - _____________________________________________________________ This suit was created under the fair use of creative commons -
  10. I can do that. The Amarr was by request. Can you send me images (links to them) and I can easily make the rest.
  11. This is very easy to do. All I would need is the emblem or symbol of said companies. Often there are OLLLLDDD companies, now defunk'd that have great emblems to manipulate or even barrow in their entirety. There are also TONS of emblems and symbols on the public domain created by people past and present. A quick google search will provide them. An example is the Scorpion tail symbol I made into one of the flags. I just typed "symbols" into image search and many many sheets of random symbols and emblems were brought up. First thing though would be someone willing to compile a list of every company, then the creators of said company chosing or providing an emblem. Before that, I feel it's only a dream ;-) FASA has a fantastic part that I use to put my space agency emblem on my planes and spacecraft. It takes the flag and generates it as a raised "panel" on the craft. It looks great. This is an example of the largest flag panel (the x4 size). I chose the largest just to show it easier