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  1. I've successfully installed RSS countless times. What seems to be the issue?
  2. Great to see this back up and running. It's invaluable for quick cfg edits!
  3. Will you be continuing development on your CSS to realism overhaul and all of its dependencies? Ferram aerospace is basically mandatory in a regular RO build.
  4. That'l keep em happy! Nice work Felger/all contributors!
  5. Orbit is easy. Its the re-entry and glide-scope that will have you burning the midnight oil. Feel free to use the RO config for the most part. Its a little outdated, but it will get you near the base values.
  6. Well, there are some fundamental flaws included in the CSS pack. The node position and coliders for the control surfaces are misaligned, therefore seriously hampering any FAR config. The delta wing is also impossible to model with one single part, as its a complex shape that FAR can't emulate if it's monolithic, afaik. I've helped with the current CSS RO config, I am currently contributing to a CSS fork along with a few others. It is focused exclusively for release with Realism overhaul and all of its dependencies. You are doing some cool work here, and the modeling is nice(I especially like the cockpit); however the configuration is a little hazy, such as xenon, an inert gas, being used to somehow generate electricity? -Just read it was a placeholder, disregard! You will need alot more than a MM config, but its possible of course. You will definitely want to familiarize yourself with realism overhaul and dependencies such as Ferram Aerospace. If you put the same effort that you have put into the current release, then you should end up with a decent config, and I honestly wish you the best! - - - Updated - - - Heres two links that will certainly come in handy, if you chose to do it.
  7. It takes alot more than trial and error to set up an RO config. Believe me.
  8. HNGGGGGGG!! This looks amazing! So when will this be available on git? Please excuse my impatience!
  9. Hey Saab, Id be willing to make a smokescreen real plume config if you want?
  10. I never really understood why you would want to build "boring" prop planes, as I used to go strait for the biggest meanest high powered cutting edge jet engine to make craft. I've found it to be alot of fun getting it right and flying the old war bird prop planes. This pack makes them alot more ascetically pleasing to boot.
  11. So I made a Seadragon config for THIS Made in accordance with astronautix specifications It wont perform well enough to launch the proposed payload, but its pretty fun to launch and has a low part count. Try using PP tanks and see how much payload you can squeeze out of the big dumb booster. DOWNLOAD
  12. This latest RO release also contains configs for Raidernick's Salyut & Soyuz pack As well as some fixes and additions to his R-7.