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  1. Question/feedback about the v0.6 MUS changes. I very much like the new single part with the toggle between split tank and common bulkhead, but the vertical scaling possibilities on the common bulkhead seem way off. In the past, the height adjustment allowed for a very Centaur-looking upper stage, but the 0.6 changes have it capped at a pretty squat height. I notice it is the same height as the top tank in the split configuration, so I’m sure that plays into it a bit. Is there any desire to bring back the taller common bulkhead upper stages? Easily one of my favorite parts of the entire mod. Screenshots for comparison:
  2. Haven’t seen this discussed here, and not sure how feasible it is, but have you considered a “densified” containers type (for LOX, specifically), a la Falcon 9/Heavy? Potentially could work similarly to zero-boiloff (consumes resources), but allows more fuel to be loaded than standard containers.
  3. The recent builds have dropped certain textures (examples: blue tank with white intertank, all white cylindrical engine shroud). Are those some of the textures you were referring to with the “Other texture sets are temporarily unavailable until they can be reworked for the new shaders.” comment in the release notes? Inflatables are looking amazing! Great work. I would love the capless inflatable option, as long as supporting them wouldn’t add significant development overhead. I always support your decisions to take the path that leads to less overhead.
  4. I’ve searched this thread and the GitHub issues list, but haven’t found any mention of the bug I’ve been seeing. The nozzle extensions of the RL10 variants are collapsed up into the engine itself. This is seen even on an entirely stock KSP install (OS X). As you can see in the attached screenshots, the nozzle extensions are displayed appropriately in the parts list, just not in the editor or in flight. Screenshots and craft file attached—let me know if you need anything else, or want me to try anything specifically! PS: Absolutely fantastic work. This mod quickly became an absolute essential to me. Craft file: EDIT: GitHub issue opened here: