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  1. Of course! Obviously we can already do that on our own but I feel the mission builder will almost certainly be cloned and most likely enhanced.
  2. Im definitely a little annoyed only because I missed the cut off by one year. Ive been playing since January 2014. I have been playing since .22 but I have gotten alot of enjoyment out of this game and I really will be glad to pay for an expansion after I see how it is of course. I also want see whats stopping the community or the creative members of the community from basically making their own version of the expansion? Especially parts.
  3. What about on space stations and colonies on moons s planets without or limited atmospheres? I did consult the wiki I couldn't find the answer.
  4. I know this might be a stupid question but I'm still looking for answer please.
  5. Kinda off topic but it's just a personal issue I have been having. How do you produce nitrogen for habitats and space stations. Is there a module or someway to make nitrogen that I stupidly just can't figure out? Or do we just have to keep re supplying our bases and stations with nitrogen?
  6. Will this be compatible with Kerbalism?
  7. Woah!!! Ok now I'm excited!! Will the other shuttles be maintained? I mean I understand they won't be part of the pack but they are too beautiful to just discard. Also the station parts will still be part if the pack?
  8. There is a third shuttle being made?! Wow! I understand it's not coming soon but still that's cool. My interest in the whole pack was always the beautiful station parts. Anyway take your time I was just wondering if this was still being maintained and updated because it's just one of those glorius packs that would be a shame to die. But such is life with ksp. Thank you guys.
  9. I've been using it seems like it's all good. Beautiful parts and super useful for colony building.
  10. Add me to the list of people curious about the progress of this mod is. I am gonna throw it into my save to see if its working, i don't forsee it not because its just a parts pack but I would like to know if its still being developed because its so beautiful.
  11. I hate to be that guy but...... any recent developments on this?
  12. Im sorry what did you need? I posted my logs. I am running a MBP Late 2014. I am running the most recent version of KSP. All of the mods are up to date as far as I know. I have 8gb of ram. This is everything specific I know about my computer. Let me know if you need anything else. These are all of the Mods I am running.
  13. I think there might be sizing issues with some of the containers/fuel tanks. The cluster fuel tanks seem to be smaller than they should be. Just for a comparison I attached a 3.75 ball underneath whats supposed to be the 3.75 ball cluster. I thought it might have been the size wide but then the 5m cluster is no where near 5m so i thin it might be a sizing issue. Also had quite a few null exemption errors. KSP.log https://www.dropbox.com/s/tr9vbsf8e97uqwm/KSP.log?dl=0 Player.Log https://www.dropbox.com/s/ap33bfyrpq0thwp/Player.log?dl=0
  14. Thank you I love it and I haven't even played with it yet.
  15. Is it a WIP or is it another Umbra mod? I can't seem to find the command pod in the OP that looks like the Hermes from the Martian. I really want to behold that part please.
  16. Has anyone updated this for 1.2 or has something replaced this for 1.2? I have been away from ksp for a few months.
  17. I have been playing KSP SINCE .21. It wasn't until .23 I started modding my game. Now there are alot of nice fancy features included in ksp now but honestly it just doesn't run like it used to run. Even when I run a moderately modded game it lags and is almost unplayable. I really want play ksp like i used to but I just can't anymore because the game runs so poorly. Now I know people will undoubtedly comment about settings but I swear to you that I used to run almost 40 mods and the game performed flawlessly. Hundreds of hours of play time. As every update came my mod list got shorter and shorter because the game would crash. I figured maybe it was computer? Nope even though it wasn't I added 4 more gigs to my computer still the game just doesn't run like it used to. Now I admit I have a MacBook but again I used to play with ALOT of mods. BIG mods all together like the Soviet Pack, FASA, KW, and NOVA Punch, ASET ALCOR, laztek spacex mod, kethane, kso shuttle, chaka monkey, better atmospheres and or ksprc, for anyone who remembers the good old days. I once over the course of a few weeks launched everything from sputnik to the space shuttle in order. Way before Bob Fitch using the soviet pack, skylab, american and soviet prob packs, fasa, iss pack, compent space shuttle and an atmosphere and texture pack. I once launched the KSO on top of the FASA Saturn V....honest... What I am saying is that these were REALLY big packs. All used together and honestly I can't imagine using any of them simultaneously anymore. My interest over the last say 3 months has diminished greatly and it was diminishing before that. It makes me sad but I just can't play the game like I used too. I know I can get a better computer but honestly why should I since I have played the game the way I wanted even when the game was inefficient. Plus I can't afford a new computer. I just don't understand I can play it on 64 bit with 8gb ram and it just doesn't run right. I tried playing with just BDB and the game just runs really slow. Is there a mod like Active Texture Management out there because thats was what made me able to play with so many mods. Any way just wondering if there were any old dogs out there like me experiencing this same feeling and experience. I love the community and seeing all the wonderful creations but it makes me sad I can't use them like I would like to. Sincerely, A KSP Veteran who learned to fly with prop planes (firespitter) and learned to dock blind
  18. Does anyone know if there is a Mod like ATM that works in 1.2? I feel that had alot to do with me being able to play with alot of mods in the past.
  19. you said it first!!! But now that he said it ummmm is there a possibility of that maybe happening?
  20. legacy shaders helped. Still not the way it used to be but I will take it for now. I also don't like the colors but i don't spend much time on kerbin lol.
  21. This is a wonderful day for KSP!!
  22. Has anyone done a compatibility file for BDB?
  23. Dear Alexustas, 

    You are a legend to the KSP community. We miss you and your incredible work. Thank you. 


  24. Hero's get remembered but legends never die. Like Bobcats mods they will continue on being shared privately and rebooted publicly some how. The only real shame is that KONQUEST was never finished and all of the interplanetary stuff he had planned like a proper capsule to match ALCOR. What is sad is the stuff that wasn't completed.