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  1. Hi! I'm sorry, but I've got a really dumb newby question. Where does the K&K OSE Workshop workbench actually put the printed parts it creates? I have created 6 EVA Repair Kits, they show up in the recycler menu, but I can't seem to find them any other place in my base. I would like to add them to my kerbal's inventory, but I can't locate them anywhere. Thanks much, and sorry for the dumb question.
  2. I downloaded and installed an update today from CKAN and the GUI is there now! Yeay!!!!! I love this mod! Thanks SO MUCH!
  3. Hey folks! First off, thank you VERY much for trying to bring these mods up to date. I loved using them a few years ago. Now the reason for my post: I installed the mods via CKAN and it "appeared" to install everything. It installed the Heisenberg main mods and it installed both the FL Airships core and 2 Wild Blue mods. All of the parts seem to be present in the game, but when I go to launch my airship it just stays on the ground. I seem to remember that earlier versions had a GUI available that was used to adjust the amount of "lift" generated by the gasbags. I no longer see this GUI anywhere and am unable to fly the craft. What am I doing wrong, or what am I missing? Thanks VERY much! - Bob Stewart
  4. That would be totally awesome! I really enjoy this mod and would love to see it being enhanced with more base structures. Great work and THANKS!
  5. What ever happened to this effort? I see a whole bunch of partially completed structures in this thread that I would LOVE to add to my bases. GREAT add-on and I hope that more content will be created and released! PS: I also asked this question at the spaceport as well. I REALLY like this add-on and hope that it has not been dropped...
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