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  1. hype Hype HYPE!!! Where do I sign up for the beta????
  2. No quicksaves. I started playing that way because I didn't read the fine manual, and I like the suspense. If you mess up, it's back to the launchpad.
  3. It's just a jump to the left...
  4. It's spelled "Mun" but it's pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove".
  5. I like that one because of all the wheel troubles.
  6. So what you're saying is they're gonna put a patch on the patch for the patch? Sounds pretty Kerbal to me.
  7. Heh. I like that "feature". Can we keep it?
  8. That would be quite unortunate. What'd I miss?
  9. Strange. Seems to work for me, I just checked. (copied the files to another folder and started a mission) Did you delete the original steam install?
  10. The patent application for the wheel thingamajig still hasn't cleared. P.S: Aww shoot, I'm not a Bottle Rocketeer anymore. Can I get my old title back?
  11. Well... Populating this thing via multiplayer would be easy I guess: Any volunteers for my next Eve mission?
  12. Gee. Bought mine in 2014. 2 years wasted not playing KSP.
  13. Yep. Just plop the exe in your KSP main folder (not GameData), it'll adjust to your setup.
  14. There's a bunch of mods missing on CKAN, but it's a start. Also not sure about the mods that claim to work with all version, haven't tried them all
  15. Everything on CKAN seems to be up to date, except 1 single mod.
  16. That's how I used to build my rockets. Works like a charm
  17. Version 1.5 will bring launch delays und budget overruns.
  18. I can try. Don't think they'll allow it, though.
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