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  1. It is a kraken egg. On a more serious note, is it possible to move the object and attach it to things? Any other anomalies? How does it behave when launching?
  2. Well, it is not completely impossible. Remember, the cost of labour in China is much lower than in Europe. CERN ended up costing around $9bn. So, the construction itself will most likely be cheaper than this, even though it will be much larger than the LHC. 10 billion will not be enough, no, but it might be closer than you think.
  3. A mun trip, landing and return without gimball or any nodes.
  4. Mods all the way. There is some awesome content out there and I love incorporating it into my experience.
  5. Hey, that is just an excuse to go all out with over engineering a re-entry vehicle for the missile. Launch it inside a fairing and strip the fairing once it has slowed down.
  6. You try to pull up mechjeb for DeltaV stats in your car.
  7. I used tweakscale to make one massive rocket with four 5m antimatter reactors + thermal turbojets. It was a single stage to everywhere. With fuel to spare.
  8. Lovely looking parts. I however am experiencing some difficulties. The cockpit and the tail section refuse to connect to anything. It would appear that when I allow clipping with alt-f12 I am able to connect stuff to them, but only on the wrong side of the node. Screenshots to demonstrate. http://puu.sh/jP3ml/d9a06513c6.jpg http://puu.sh/jP3ll/630904f485.jpg http://puu.sh/jP3l6/80901a926c.jpg http://puu.sh/jP3o2/b62fc68617.jpg Dunno if this is a bug on my end, but thought you might like to know about this.
  9. "Oh look, its a mistletoe!"
  10. I can imagine the kerbal looking out of the window "THAT is our parachute??"
  11. Sadly my PC can't handle many parts, but if you make a vehicle out of mainly physicless parts (cubic octagonal struts etc) and power it with separatrons, I bet you can get super high speeds.
  12. You can see a weirdly placed engine in the last picture. It is a trampoline used to launch kerbals up into the skies. This is Minmus tourist destination no. 1.
  13. So, air breathing engines are out of the question, I assume? A space plane could have been a formidable entry.
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