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  1. I am getting the same issue but with the GUI. I went mucking about in the downloads folder and found that the archives in question were owned by root (I am on linux btw). When I tried to open the archive myself I got a "permission denied" message. UPDATE: Just changed all the permissions on the cashed archives and tried again. Failed again on the same package at the same percentile: 32%. I don't know if that is relevant. Going to check the archive itself next. UPDATE: Infernal Robotics archive is corrupted. Will need to wait till a clean copy is added to the repository. UPDATE: Found the IR Dev's post in this thread asking for a force update Infernal Robotics in CKAN. Not quite sure what is involved with that (literally my first day back to Kerbal in several months). I think we will have to wait on it.
  2. last time I posted general ksp discussion in general it got moved to mods. forget it. I will just curb my excitement and not post next time
  3. Might not sound like a huge achievement to you people, but I successfully launched a heavy lifter with a dummy weight of 135 Tonnes to an orbit of 250,000M. Why am I happy about this? Until now I have only been able to get small things into space. Small space planes, probes and Mun landers. I have never been able to send a 5M rocket with payload into orbit. I did, however, successfully create Kerbin's first ICBM (which I dubbed the Kerbin Missile Crisis). There is still some room for improvement. TWR (going off KER here) is 2.24 at first stage and 2.26 on the second stage when the boosters are jettisoned. From what I am reading around here that is "wasteful" and I could have added more weight or lessened the initial fuel. With the heavy lifter working, I was able to launch an experimental craft I had on the back burner for quite some time. I got screens this time but work blocks imagur. If you guys know an alternative I am all ears. I call it the Orbital Placement Shuttle (OPS). Set up for both manned and unmanned missions. Intended for extended manurers (burns) needed to "tug" a ship or spacestation to a desired location. However, it is designed to be modular and be fitted for whatever task is necessary (refuelling or search and rescue for example) while in space. The OPS is roughly 123 Tonnes w/fuel (unmanned version). Main engine is a KP-XL Pulsed Inductive Thruster resized to fit 5M. Max thrust is 800kN. Additional thrust is provided by 8 radially mounted LF-9 Magnetoplasmadynamic Engines (four facing forward, four back) that add an additional 234kN each. Obviously, only one set of four would be active at one time unless you are running an experiment on how quickly you can run out of fuel/ec. Electrical power is provided by four MX-L Fission Reactors, each with three XR-2000 Standardized Heat Radiators. Under IDEAL conditions they can each produce 3000ec/s or 12000ec/s total. Fuel is stored both radially and in the stack. Four HB-40-3 Radial Hydrogen tanks provide 33,000 units(?) of hydrogen for the LF-9's while a single ARG-100 (resized to 5M) stores 182,400 units of argon to feed the KP-XL. A BK-12K battery (resized to 5M) stores 100,800ec for use when the reactors are off. No RCS on this craft. Instead, it is equipped with an oversized 5M SAS from USI. Manned or unmanned, the OPS has a RC-L01 Remote guidance unit, resized to 5M. The Manned variant adds the M27 Overview cockpit and C125 Axial adaptor. Those are adjusted to 5M as well. After getting the huge monster-hauler up into orbit I was surprized at how nimble and fuel efficent it was. Once I create some nose mounted tool kits from KAS I won't have to worry about stranded kerbals or stations in less than ideal orbits. Can't wait till I can post screens
  4. I know there was a mod for 0.24.2 that gave you the ability to create blueprints and exploded (no, not pile of rubble exploded) view of your rockets. I think it was called KVV and was on Curse (can't navigate to curse right now: work firewall). Anyone know if the author intends to update or if someone is planing on making something simular?
  5. So, yeah.... utter failure. *Aqua*, hammer meets nail: I am over-thinking this by a mile. I think I am suffering from part overload. There are so many awesome parts I want to use I try to use too many at once and turns whatever I am working on into a heavy, unusable mess. I am particular interested in (mostly) electric powered craft. And I made quite a powerful MPV (multi-purpose vehicle, what I am calling the tugs) one using xenon pulse engines. However it could only sustain full burn with ~160kn of thrust for 38 seconds and then took an hour to recharge. Not exactly the model of efficiency. As for the base itself, I can not get it built. Even with constant launches and resupplies it would take over a week of non-stop grind to keep the EP launchpad stocked. I will have to redesign the launchpad to be more efficient. possibly my heavy lifter as well. In other words: rocket science isn't hard, I just suck at it
  6. I cheated. Can't remember if I used Windows or linux to print the tree, but I put the version numbers there by hand. Never used powershell myself. seemed like an overly complicated rip-off of BASH last time I looked
  7. I figured it out (i think) after fiddling around with how the extraplanetary launchpad works and asking RoverDude a question I think I know how I am going to do this. First, I designed and saved my base. When it is in orbit I will take a screenshot as it is too big to see in the VAB (figured out screenshots btw, the button was not bound correctly). Secondly, I designed a heavy lifter with a simple payload of RocketParts and a EP Launchpad. Once in orbit I start building. As it builds I keep it stocked with rocket parts via my heavy lifter. After the base is created I decommision the first EP launchpad. Testing this tonight. Will let you guys know how it goes. As for the tugs idea, I like it. Starting work on the tugs now. I left a space on the station for the tugs to remain docked while not in use. Have an idea for using RoverDude's D.E.R.P. or AES pods as overpowered tugs/transports just because I think it would be hillarious to see a tiny little cockpit straped to a 2.5m engine
  8. So I changed up and started building smaller w/stages as recommended. Now I can get my smaller station mock-ups into orbit but I am still having some issues with payload. To be more specific, choosing payload. The station design I am building right now I intend to use in orbit over all planets (and a few moons) in the solar system. As I stated before, the station is intended to be a refinery, a shipyard, a habitat and a fuel & supply depot. For power I intend to use both solar and nuclear. Also, karbonite detectors and collectors are going to be attached. By the time I add station-keeping engines and thrusters and try to launch (taking all the fuel/supplies out of the storage tanks this time) I drop below 1 TWR, even with boosters. Now I have thought about sending it up in sections but that would mean each section would need it's own control module. Or would it? Suggestions? Once again, I am sorry for lack of screenshots. Steam on Linux seems to be eating my screenshots. When I get them I will post them
  9. We are not specifically talking about mods, more like general gameplay. But who am I to defy a mod . Wherever you think it fits.
  10. Yeah... not just fuel either... Just noticed the storeage/transport tanks on my haulers were full. Thought they started off empty. So 50k+ of dead weight right there.
  11. I think I am startting too big. I was going to create the heavy haulers first and use them to launch the inital stations/bases. However that is just too impractical. Instead I am going to use a smaller launch system to put a extraplanitary launchpad in orbit and then build the heavy frieght haulers in orbit.
  12. Thank you everyone. Reading though all these I realize what I am missing and it is so *ing obvious: Stages. I am trying to do this in one stage. These heavy haulers are so large the final stage is about all I can fit in the VAB. I need hanger extender but that isn't updated for 0.90 yet. There are ways around that. Building in orbit has been suggested. Might try that till HE is updated. I do have Kerbal Engineer. It helps and is a great tool. Let's me know if I am going to break orbit but not if I am going to have any fuel after I get up there. Someone suggested pictures. I don't have any unfortinately. I build a failing craft, deconstruct and try again. Next time I make an attempt I will post a screenshot here.
  13. Hi all. Posting because I am having issues between the game crashing on start (NOT asking for support here. It’s a mod thing. I will figure it out) and having issues getting my rockets into space when it does load. As I only have maybe 4-5 hours a week to play it is frustrating to see my well planned (or should that be NOT well planned?) rockets+payload imitate the trajectories of ICBM’s or run out of fuel before they can complete their primary objective. It’s the math and the mods I am using. I am trying to use Near Future Propulsion, B9 and just about anything RoverDude makes to create a transport system. The goal is to mine karbonite on various planets, use large transport vessels to drop off supplies and pick up the karbonite at those planets, then move on and deliver the karbonite to a refinery/space station/orbital shipyard where fuels, metals and other resources are created from the karbonite and new ships launched. I try to use engines that have a low fuel consumption rate but high electric charge use. One example is the LF-9 Magnetoplasmadynamic Engine. Another choice is the insanely powerful HX-HPD. I have even tried the nuclear GNR-3750. However I can never hit that TWR sweet spot. My rocket is either too heavy to lift off due to fuel or lacks the fuel necessary. Don’t misunderstand. I might not be a math genius but I get the general concept and know my way around excel. I can build rockets that work. I can go to Mun and (crash)land on the surface then return. But the moment I try to make an interplanetary hauler or space station or a rocket with a colony payload I run into trouble. Any advice from those that have more free time than I do?
  14. I am getting various issues with Firespitter and B9 being outdated (or parts of them are outdated). I know this in itself is not helpful however consider this a placeholder to put more relevant information when I get home to my game pc and can get specifics.