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  1. I found the same issue today. Looks to me like the it's a problem with the fact that Kerbals can't EVA inside fairings. The mod tries to EVA the Kerbal to seat it in the seat, but the game won't let it, cause the seat is inside a fairing, and then it loops infinitely, ending in the game locking up. Not an expert on what is doable with mods, so no idea if that's fixable on the mods end.
  2. You know your rockets are REALLY big when...

    When you arrive at Gilly and IT starts orbiting YOU.
  3. My only reaction to this is: Holy *** that looks good. Looking forward to having that in the game.
  4. Achievements

    To anyone going "No I don't want the game to tell me what I should do for achievements" you do know you can just freaking ignore that they're even there, right? Most people do this for most games. Also, you don't have to lock a game to steam for it to have steam achievements. And if you launch a steam copy outside steam it won't trigger steam achievements, but that's about all that does. As I said, any argument against adding achievements on PC is invalid with the consoles getting them. End of story.
  5. Achievements

    +1 on that. If there's already trophies in the PS4 version, and the XOne version has achievements too, then adding steam achievements would just be logical. And yeah, ideally also in-game, so non-steam people can have them too. Really, with the console versions having them, any argument against them on PC is invalid.
  6. Commonly used acronyms

    SRB (solid rocket booster) is one that comes to mind as weill. Apart from that, all I can think of right now, has already been named.
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    Finally did my next polar landing. This time on Pol's north pole And yes, that's the entire interplanetary stage used as lander.
  8. By that logic the dark side (currently facing away from the sun) of every moon / atmosphere-less planet would also have to be pitch black, which it isn't in-game thanks to ambient lighting, making the game playable on the night side. I have no problem with the planet/moon turning to night-side dark in an eclipse, in fact that's a great thing to implement, but in terms of gameplay it NEEDS to be still visible. Realism good and well, but having "planet/moon without atmosphere faces away from sun" and "planet/moon without atmosphere gets eclipsed" being different makes no sense. Also it looks stupid if the eclipse in any way affects the already-night-side, like in the screenshot of Ike I posted. That's not realistic. And, yeah, theoretically Mun and probably Ike too should turn red in an eclipse, like Moon does IRL. But honestly, that's details that don't need to 100% be replicated in.game for me.
  9. Well, the feature sure has the side effect of the moons not being able to be lit up at all, so it kinda ends up looking like they turned into black holes xD I hope this ends up being less "let's turn the texture entirely pitch black" in the future.
  10. So, I haven't seen this mentioned in the last few pages of the thread or in the known issues, so here is my problem: Moons seem to turn their entire texture black/invisible if they are eclipsed by their parent body. (see screenshot of Ike being only half visible in the second spoiler below) This already happened to me on the Mun and Minmus before( see video in the first spoiler tag for it happening in orbit around Mun) I first thought it was another mod, but after testing today it turns out the bug disappears if I remove EVE. SO somehow this mod seems to be doing this. Anyone else have this problem, and are there any solutions? This is happening on the latest EVE release, as well as the pre-release, on KSP 1.1.2
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Did the 3rd landing in my Polar Landings Operation. This time on Eeloo:
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Another polar landing, this time on Minmus
  13. I didn't use the workaround much, but it sure had a few really nasty bugs that the official 64 bit doesn't have anymore. It never crashed for me though, as far as I remember. Neither did the official 64 bit version, apart from one in the pre-release and 2 caused by mods.
  14. I wish I had time to do this myself, but does anybody feel like making configs for the SpaceY mods Engines?
  15. What did you do in KSP today?

    Landed on the Mun's North Pole, as the second landing of my Polar Landings Operation.