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  1. Basically nothing, but that's cause I record literally all my KSP gameplay in video form.
  2. Good one. Happy April's Fools to you too, guys.
  3. I did at least probe landings on every stock planet and moon, and a few of the Outer Planets mod too. Currently trying to do 100% reusable manned returns everywhere I can in the stock system.
  4. So, nothing too bad here, and I can live with it, but somehow when using this on my 1.6.1 install I use for my current YouTube series, I get the destruction effects showing up on launch. Presumably from detaching the launch clamps, but I can't really tell. Nothing actually breaks on any of the rockets though, so I'm a bit confused how those effects get triggered. Anybody else got that issue? Otherwise the mod works as intended with 1.6.1
  5. The only thing I've used it for ever since it doesn't do SAS anymore, and requires reaction wheels, was for a Sputnik replica, which I used as payload on my Soyuz stock replica; and as a way to tell FMRS I want to be able to control that dropped stage, on early career reusable launchers.
  6. Yeah, I also just always start with fresh installs for new modded saves. It makes everything much easier.
  7. Oh, that's a fun idea, here you go:
  8. I didn't really implement any personal restrictions, up until my current career, that I have not used a single capsule in, but only the Command Seat. I even made my own module manager config to make the Command Seat be in Tier 0 for that. The set goal is to land on every body in the stock system (except for Jool, for obvious reasons of there not being a surface) manned, and return the Kerbal safely. The ships to Duna, Ike, the Jool moons, Dres, and Eeloo are currently on their way, and the Eve lander still needs some more in-orbit assembly. Again, all without capsules, so the stuff ends up looking real... kerbal. Apart from that I'm planning to do a 100% reusable career next.
  9. It's OK, I keep forgetting what stock Kerbin without EVE and scatterer looks like all the time.
  10. Well, I can't exactly say how many hours I put into KSP in total, as my steam hours are only the shorter time I put into 100% stock stuff, but I'd estimate around 1000+ hours all in all, and I have gotten a Kerbal back off Eve exactly once before. I am currently going for for a second time. It probably is the single hardest manned mission you could possibly attempt in the stock system.
  11. I crashed into it, that's the closest I got. This was back in Episode 28 of my Let's Play, which is up to over 500 episodes by now
  12. I don't know of any currently still running heavily modded LPs, but the ones mentioned above sure are good, and there's also there's HMV's New Horizons series, which was using the New Horizons pack for the Kopernicus mod, so even if it's not incredibly heavily modded, it's definitely significantly modded. Also, of course, there are tons of my own LP videos, most seasons not heavily modded, but there was Season 2 which was the first time I played modded, and that sure had a bunch of mods, then there was Season 4 which I called "Hard Mode", even though it wasn't really overly hard, an Outer planets pack playthrough and my current playthrough which only uses command seats for crew, no capsules, and is also modded, even though not what I'd call heavily.
  13. Dude, it was only 5:30 AM in Mexico when you posted this. It's still only 6:30 AM. Time Zones. Expect it sometime today. Probably more towards evening for us here in Europe. And in general, everyone, stop making new threads about the release time...
  14. I found the same issue today. Looks to me like the it's a problem with the fact that Kerbals can't EVA inside fairings. The mod tries to EVA the Kerbal to seat it in the seat, but the game won't let it, cause the seat is inside a fairing, and then it loops infinitely, ending in the game locking up. Not an expert on what is doable with mods, so no idea if that's fixable on the mods end.
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