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  1. Reentry works, at least. But during the ascent there's not much room for choice. Part of the problem is heat bleeding into them from other parts that tolerate the heat better, so this has issues too.
  2. Is there anything I can do to keep RCS thrusters from exploding during ascent/reentry? Or is it just a matter of luck?
  3. Added a drone core to my SSTO. Took it on a test flight. Hit physics warp to coast to orbit. Explosions due to physics warp overheating.
  4. Four safe landings and a docking, without ever losing a part. I think this SSTO is complete. Yay!
  5. "I guess we can't translate sideways. Huh." - Jeb just now I may have forgotten some RCS thrusters on that SSTO.
  6. Test flights. No explosions happened.
  7. I have no idea what might cause it, or if it's a bug.
  8. Going fast enough got a cyan arrow to pop up on one side of the craft, before things got really bad. I can have an image up later.
  9. Now how did I get lifting body lift to be unbalanced? Questions, questions.
  10. If anyone could provide an explanation, or tell me where it's explained, that would be awesome.
  11. Oh, so we have working (imaginary) built-in fuel lines now? Neat.
  12. It's just so counterintuitive to do that with a plane.
  13. Guess I do have to use the airbrakes, even though they feel cheaty.
  14. I threw this together in half an hour or so, and it flies just great. But, it takes way too long to slow down during reentry. Any advice to help it not explode due to overheating would be great.